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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Let your favorite girls prepare for the worst while looking their best with our super chic Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit. Fashioned in matte satin and featuring zip and snap closures, each sleek mini purse may also be personalized free of any extra cost to you. This project is a fun new trend we’ve been seeing lately, the Bridesmaid Survival Kit.
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With its over the top trend appeal and ultra functional nature, this is one wedding day detail your bridesmaids won't want to go without.
Bridesmaid clutch includes the following survival kit items: 2 band aids, 4 bobby pins, towlette, matchbox styled sewing kit, breath mint and travel size Kleenex pack. Today officially marks my 3 year anniversary of making, shooting and writing DIY tutorials. Make and give your bridesmaids a sweet gift box full of inexpensive items that will help them personally survive your long and wonderful wedding day.
Keep all your girls informed of the days activities and your timeline by including this important information inside the box… also include helpful phone numbers for them to have, just in case.
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Equipped with all the right survival accessories - from band aids and bobby pins to sewing kits and breath mints - and designed in plush matte satin, it's no wonder why this unique gift is such a well anticipated product!

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