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Nobody wants to experience those little wedding day mishaps but a little pre-planning can allow you to take them all in your stride! The Bride and Bridesmaid Mini-Bag is made up of essential last-minute items that are always good to have on hand for your big day. Some Bridal Emergency Kits DIY guides that I have found online seem to assume that the bridal party is heading into the Andes or diving with sharks based on the list of items they suggest. This entry was posted in All Blog Posts, DIY Bride Tips, Gift Ideas, Survival Tips for Brides, Wedding Ceremony & Reception and tagged Mojuba Bags Canada, Mojuba Canada, Wedding Day Emergency Kit, Wedding Day Survival Kit. is pleased to offer Mojuba Bride and Bridesmaids Wedding Day Survival Kit in Canada.

You want to be armed to tackle minor bridal mishaps and this bride mini-bag will come to the aid of the bride as well as her bridesmaids more times than you could imagine. It should be expected that by the end of the evening you will have blisters, your makeup will be less than perfect, your hairstyle will be a bit battered, your shoes will be scuffed and your veil and hems may be torn- relax and let these things go! It can stashed with at the church, in the limo, near the head table or any spot that is discreet but accessible.
You have likely planned for this all year, hugged everyone you know, dribbled food on yourself and danced the night away. Inform the Bridal Party and Parents of the Couple of its location and contents so that they have access as well.

You want to be prepared for the basics but also keep in mind- you will be exhausted and a bit worn by then end of your wedding day.

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