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Trapped behind curtains, their old life swept away by age-related frailty, disability and dementia, older people in the UK have never been lonelier. For 20 years Food Train volunteers have been passionately committed to bringing friendship, fun and smiles into the lives of older people alongside a range of weekly support services; over 80,000 contacts in the last year adds up to lots of smiles. One 93-year-old lady told us how “life was over with nothing to look forward to” but now she has new friends and is busier than ever. From Ghostbusters to Theresa May to Serena Williams, women are increasingly leaders in their field.
But unlike Sean Connery (with his simmering brutality) or Burt Reynolds (I could never get past that ’tache), Roger was a gent. Hard-edged, no-nonsense, gloriously B-movie action adventure flicks in which men were men and women were, well, woefully underwritten. I ask him about his work as a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador but even when it comes to this, a real-life role he’s played beautifully for more than 25 years, he simply talks of the “great things” done by others, like David Beckham and Michael Sheen.
So runs the quote from photographer Nick Hedges under one of his period documentary photographs on display outdoors in the heart of Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square. Most of Hedges images are nowhere near as cheerful, but each carries the essential humanity of their participants in affecting fashion. Although 1,000 of these images were donated to the National Media Museum in Bradford in 1983, it’s only in the last year they have begun to be displayed in public, over concerns that many of the images featured then-children.
Although this selection of head-high photographs, presented here by Shelter Scotland, features only a dozen shots selected from Hedges’ time in Edinburgh and particularly Glasgow, that they form part of an essential and moving social history which must be remembered is beyond doubt. In one image of Glasgow, a group of children play in front of a bombed-out and derelict row of tenements. It’s the details Hedges has captured which elevate these monochrome prints above their surroundings, especially in the children; like two youngsters wrapped in net curtains happily playing ‘weddings’, or the innocent smile of a toddler alongside its weary parents.
There’s a certain sense of relief that post-war decrepitude is a thing of the past, but the humanity Hedges has captured brings on a sense of overwhelming sympathy. The results also confirmed the improved overall survival and disease-free survival in women given goserelin. Loneliness is a deep, creeping sadness that fills you with dread when you wake up, knowing the day ahead, and the next, will be filled with your deafening silence. Our befriending service provides trips out, activities, regular clubs, home visits and phone calls.
So this Christmas, share a cuppa with an older neighbour, and I bet it will bring a smile to your face as well as theirs.

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But while the likes of Lee Marvin, the Richards (Burton and Harris) et al would chew and snarl their way through exotic South African locations, Roger always kept that Savile Row ’70s sangfroid. He once said that his “acting range has always been something between the two extremes of ‘raises left eyebrow’ and ‘raises right eyebrow’.” And today he says his success and longevity “is just about being in the right place at the right time. In fact, the only time any steel enters those mellifluous tones is on the subject of manners.
It’s a striking and beautifully fun image of a young girl on a swing, poised at the apex of her flight, sunlight and crane-strewn skyline of Glasgow’s long-gone dockyards behind her.
Between 1969 and 1972 Hedges, who was fresh from a similar project with Birmingham Housing Trust which he completed for his degree project while studying at the city’s College of Art, worked with Shelter documenting slum housing conditions across the UK. There’s an emotional charge to watching them, a familiarity with the subjects even as their locations are alien to us. In another, a heavily-pregnant woman pushes her pram through her front door on an empty, dystopian street (and, we’re told, up the stairs to her flat). There is rawness in the accompanying text too, especially in the story of the family living alone in their block, who were woken by the sound of wrecking balls demolishing what was presumed to be an empty street, including their home. After seeing these, hearing reports of the bottom end of the HMO market or seeing the equally wrecked scenes of Syrian residential neighbourhoods draws these unthinkable-for-many experiences closer. According to the study authors, women beginning chemotherapy should consider this newer option to prevent premature ovarian failure during cancer therapy.
Two of the women are currently in complete remission (for 15 and 22 months, respectively), after a single T-cell infusion.
Immediate versus deferred initiation of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients with PSA-only relapse. That less than desirable accolade belonged to Jacqueline Bisset and her Atlantic-drenched T-shirt in The Deep. But you got the feeling that he never took things (flooded gold mines, double-crossing merchant bankers, oil rig-routing terrorists) too seriously. Next thing you’ll be telling us, Han Solo was pretty cool and The Watcher in The Woods was shit-yer-pants scary.
What if his hard-earned reputation for being one of the good guys – charming, chivalrous and ever-immaculately mannered – is all one Spectre-sized sham. Along the lines of, ‘Why should Sir Larry Olivier be so reclusive, and Marlon Brando have such appalling manners?

I don’t pretend to be anything else than an extension of my personality.” This is no mere thespian false modesty, rather a philosophy he’s espoused since the start.
And it also creates a strong urge to see many more of Hedges photographs, and hear the stories which went with them. Because this study was observational, the results still need to be confirmed in a randomized trial, said Xabier Garcia-Albeniz, PhD. The study, which included 257 premenopausal women, was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. But when it came to Roger George Moore, it was certainly abject worship, one hero to rule them all.
The quizzically raised eyebrow, the twinkle in his eye, the self-deprecating aside – he was a mixture of ideal uncle and international superspy. But although I adored him as Bond (Octopussy was my first cinema Bond in the Bournemouth ABC, and Live and Let Die is still top three), I was more excited by the likes of Shout at the Devil, Gold, The Wild Geese (pictured below) and North Sea Hijack. There are only two proper stars with manners,’ said Lee-Potter, ‘who make the whole damned profession worthwhile.’” He pauses and laughs. Dizon, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, who was not involved in the study.
The results are exciting for a disease that has a typical median survival of only 3.5 months. Randomized comparison of adjuvant aromatase inhibitor (AI) exemestane (E) plus ovarian function suppression (OFS) vs tamoxifen (T) plus OFS in premenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive (HR+) early breast cancer (BC): Joint analysis of IBCSG TEXT and SOFT trials. Comfortingly unthreatening good looks, cut-glass delivery, a mean right hook and pretty smooth with the ladies too.
Seriously, what sort of spy is known by name in every bar and restaurant in the world?” And his choice of the new post-Daniel Craig Bond? Phase III trial (Prevention of Early Menopause Study [POEMS]-SWOG S0230) of LHRH analog during chemotherapy (CT) to reduce ovarian failure in early-stage, hormone receptor-negative breast cancer: An international Intergroup trial of SWOG, IBCSG, ECOG, and CALGB (Alliance). Efficacy and safety of continued zoledronic acid every 4 weeks versus every 12 weeks in women with bone metastases from breast cancer: Results of the OPTIMIZE-2 trial. Ipilimumab versus placebo after complete resection of stage III melanoma: Initial efficacy and safety results from the EORTC 18071 phase III trial.

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