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SA’s problem started in 2006 when she felt a pea-sized, painless lump in her left breast.  She went to Singapore for evaluation. After surgery SA underwent six cycles of chemotherapy with FEC (5-FU + Epirubicin + Cyclophosphamide). SA was then advised to have chemotherapy but she decided to return to consult with her Singapore doctors. Subsequently SA underwent another round of palliative chemotherapy with Herceptin + Vinorelbine and Xeloda. MRI of thoracolumbar spine showed no evidence of enhancing mass lesion in the distal spinal cord and conus medullaris.
SA was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in March 2006 and about two years later, it progressed to Stage 4 – with metastases in her lungs and liver.
I must admit I feel a chill in my spine whenever patients come to me after being treated with Herceptin for their breast cancer.  I have two patients like SA before this.
Fransiska, an Indonesian lady, was thirty-two years old when she found a 1.6 cm lump in her breast. The analysis of 231 patients who received trastuzumab as first-line therapy and 61 who did not receive the drug showed that patients who received trastuzumab  (Herceptin) had nearly a threefold higher risk of developing CNS (central nervous system) metastases  compared with patients not receiving trastuzumab. A posting in the internet by Gregory Pawelski said: In regards to Herceptin, you might want to note that past studies have suggested a potentially very serious weakness in the drug, the problem with central nervous system (CNS) metastasis.
Herceptin combined with standard chemotherapy will have as many as 4% of women who take the regimen develop symptoms of congestive heart failure, compared with less than 1% of women given chemotherapy alone.
Japanese researchers wrote this: A high rate of brain metastases has been reported among patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2)-over-expressing metastatic breast cancer who were treated with trastuzumab (Herceptin). Brain metastases are increasingly reported as a site of first relapse in breast cancer, particularly among women receiving trastuzumab (Herceptin) for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. In the earlier stages of treatment, SA seemed to have won some battles but she lost the war against her cancer.
A new experimental approach to treating a type of brain cancer has been developed by researchers. Medulloblastoma targets cancer stem cells - critical for maintaining tumour growth - and halts their ability to proliferate by inhibiting enzymes essential for tumour progression.
The process destroys the cancer cells' ability to grow and divide, paving the way for a new type of treatment for patients with this disease. For their research, the scientists tested the effectiveness of cell-cycle inhibitors in a specific type of brain cancer called Sonic Hedgehog (SHH)-associated medulloblastoma.
These cancers have mutations in components of the SHH pathway that regulate cell growth during normal development.
The mutations cause cell signaling to go awry, triggering the creation of cancer cells that grow uncontrollably and establish tumors. AXA’s research found that 79% of people were able to correctly identify breast lumps as a potential indicator of cancer. Finally, when the scientists combined SHH inhibitors with cell-cycle inhibitors, they found that the combination worked together to produce results that were greater than either inhibitor alone. The research findings are described in an online paper published September 25 by Cancer Research. Tattoos are not only style statements they are also meaningful symbols that say a lot, sitting on your body parts. Cancer ribbon tattoos are worn by survivors, patients and those who have lost someone to the disease.
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Creative and inspirational, this ribbon tattoo motivates the cancer patients and also creates awareness. This cancer ribbon tattoo looks creative and has a got a spiritual touch in the form of little cross dangling at the corner. Pink cancer ribbons created as heart shapes and initials of the dear one makes for a touching portrait. The girl got a grey ribbon tattoo for her grandfather who died of brain cancer and the anchor symbolizes the memories that are firmly placed in her mind. Symbolizing cervical cancer, this tattoo shaped up as a butterfly makes for a lovely cancer awareness piece. This tattoo having a butterfly with the pink ribbon as her body symbolizes that one can lead a free life if one gets diagnosed in time. The girl has a cancer ribbon on her forearm, carved in the memory of her grandmother, who died of breast cancer. The girl got this tattoo in loving memory of her mother who died of cervical cancer and is no longer in the world but continues to live in her heart.

This tattoo is a symbol that some dear one of the wearer has passed away due to cancer and now she wishes for the soul to rest in peace. Breast cancer ribbon with stars symbolizes the light awareness can bring into millions of lives of the women. Cancer ribbon tattoo that motivates the cancer fighters to feel every beat of life and never lose hope. The woman got this butterfly cancer ribbon tattoo as a tribute to all the women who fought cancer with courage. The colorful cancer ribbon tattoo with butterfly and stars makes a cool portrait that also generates awareness.
The twin colored ribbons are for diabetes and polycyclic ovarian syndrome and this girl has dedicated them to her mother. This memorial tattoo with a small heart inside conveys the love of a sister to her sibling who died fighting cancer. This is a different style cancer ribbon tattoo that displays a cute look and sends out the message of love for cancer patients. The red cancer ribbon and the initials of the mother carved in black ink create a lovely tattoo piece.
Plain cancer ribbon on foot that says our steps must be oriented towards creating awareness about the disease as this is the need of the hour. The cherry blossom flowers, a symbol of temporary life and the cancer ribbon say that cancer patients must enjoy their day with full passion. The wearer of this tattoo has gone through the pain and came out victorious after the fight.
The grey ribbon is for brain cancer and the pink ribbon for breast cancer and the angel wings say people need to be aware of both the threats.
An inspirational cancer ribbon tattoo that speaks about faith, love and hope; the much-needed elements to fight cancer. The boy got this cancer ribbon tattoo in memory of his mother and wants to express his belief so that her soul may rest in peace. This pink ribbon tattoo carved on the edge of palm symbolizes the tough fight the wearer gave to the deadly disease and came out trumps.
Dedicated to all cancer patients and survivors, this somber cancer ribbon tattoo looks different and has an ethereal touch. Plain and small cancer ribbon tattoo that the girl got in memory of her father who died from cancer. The pink ribbon is a symbol of breast cancer and worn as a mark of support for patients and also for creating awareness on the topic. Blue cancer ribbon with the initials and dates, carved on the upper back, in the memory of a close person who died of colon cancer.
This tattoo depicts the faith and hope of the patient that saw her through the fight against breast cancer.
The girl got the cherry blossom flowers and Kanji symbol that stands for strength, in memory of her grandma and mother, symbolized by the fallen petals. The pink ribbon is for the dear mother who is a survivor and a lovely inspiration for the wearer. The pink ribbon with a golden arc over it and wings on both sides symbolizes that timely diagnosis and proper care can let you fly above the fear of cancer. The Unconventional Cancer Ribbon Tattoo I think the best in this collection of cancer ribbon tattoo collection. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The pathologist report indicated a poorly differentiated invasive ductal carcinoma with lymphatic and vascular infiltration. The result showed a reduction in size of the pulmonary and liver masses and resolution of the mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathy (see below).
Do you see a common trend?  Fransiska – with Stage 2 breast cancer with some node involvement – underwent surgery and received chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Herceptin, Tykerb and Xeloda. She underwent chemotherapy – FAC,  and later taxane- based drugs, and lastly Navelbine + Herceptin – at different stages of disease progression.
Patients receiving Herceptin as first-line therapy for metastatic disease frequently developed brain metastases while responding to or stable on Herceptin at other disease sites.
Barry Boyd (in The Cancer Recovery Plan) said: Once cancer treatment is completed, most patients are left on their own to cope with the rest of their lives.
Rashid Buttar, author of The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away, “Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer-Step Outside the Box, is an extraordinarily thorough and courageously well written book, brought to fruition by the dedication of a son for his departed parents.
By using small-molecule inhibitors to stop the action of these enzymes, the researchers were able to block the growth of tumour cells from mice as well as humans.

SHH-associated tumors account for 25 percent of all human cases of medulloblastoma, and the SHH pathway has been implicated in other tumor types such as lung, breast, prostate, and skin cancer. But a lump or swelling in any part of the body, including the armpit, neck, abdomen, groin or chest area, is worth having checked by a doctor. Early studies in humans with these new drugs have offered some hope for patients, but many do not respond and most patients who do respond develop resistance to the drug. In-vitro studies of mouse tumor cells showed that cell-cycle inhibitors caused tumor cell death. When the researchers treated these human tumor cells with cell-cycle inhibitors, they also observed a significant reduction in tumor growth and progression. Our hope is that the combination of these inhibitors will prevent tumor progression and drug resistance, and improve the overall effectiveness of current treatment options. There are people who make noble use of the body art to generate awareness and express their feelings. Some get it just with the purpose of creating awareness and as a mark of support to those who are fighting cancer or as a tribute to those who fought bravely. The Memorial Ribbon Tattoos and the powerful meaning behind them is a wonderful tribute to their loved ones.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. However, there was abnormal soft tissue enhancement seen in the interspinous space from L2-L3 to L4-L5 levels. There’s currently no easy way to tell in advance whether the drug will work for each HER2-positive patient. Anyway, let us give everyone the benefit of the doubt (let’s say that you need chemo to live for two years, without chemo you are dead right away). For this reason, it is essential to develop alternative, or additional, therapies that are more effective than current treatment options," Wechsler-Reya said.
In vivo, mice that were treated with the inhibitor had smaller tumors that weighed less compared to mice that were not treated, essentially halting the progression of the tumor. We look forward to clinical studies in human medulloblastoma patients as well as other cancers that are suitable for this approach," Wechsler-Reya said.
Since, cancers are of different types, there are different colors assigned to the ribbons representing them. It showed metastatic adenocarcinoma consistent with a primary from the breast.  The tumour was strongly positive for HER-2.
That helps to explain why some treatments don’t work against breast cancer, even when they seem like they should. The idea that after treatment the tumour has shrunk in size is very attractive indeed – to both doctors and patients alike. After surgery, Yee received six cycles of FAC chemotherapy (5-FU, Andiamycin and Cyclophosphamide). The point not clearly told to patients is that the shrinkage of tumour may   eventually turn out to be meaningless.
Many men and women die of cancer everyday just because of lack of awareness and therefore, it is very important to tell them that they need to attend to the threat of cancer looming over them which can take anyone as its victim. Below, we have presented a collection of 35 cancer ribbon tattoos that will give you more insights. Often patients are told to go home – eat anything they like and live the old-lifestyle that had brought about their cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and received six cycles of Taxol plus eight injections of Herceptin. A PET scan in July 2009 unfortunately showed that the lung nodules had increased activity and had grown in size. In January 2007, she noted a swelling in the right side of her neck. The cancer had spread to her lungs. Yee was given eight cycles of taxane-based chemotherapy but the treatment was not effective. Yee received 28 times of radiation treatment while at the same time continuing with Tykerb. A CT scan done on 19 December 2008, indicated multiple brain metastases.

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