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Percy Jackson (affiliate link) is a five book chapter book series about a 12 year old demi-god boy whose dad is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.
AJ loves the books and so we planned a Percy Jackson themed birthday party for her 10-year old birthday. I found as much blue food as I could – and totally forgot blueberries, the obvious choice. Alas, I didn’t get around to invitations but I bet you could use a Greek-font, aged paper, and make some seriously cool themed invites.

More Camp Half Blood camp ideas and a printable birthday party kit from the author, Rick Riordian.
Melissa is mom, former elementary teacher, literacy trainer, and writer who loves reading, writing, & kids books.
The kids sugar-loaded on blue punch, blue corn tortilla chips, blue jelly beans, blue Fruit By the Foot, blue Peeps, blue cereals, blue yogurts, and also, pizza – the only non-blue food. To help, I found a printable Greek God Go Fish game for the girls to play as a way to learn about the gods.

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