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Leigh Richwood about this book: When you find out that your spouse is cheating, you may not know where to turn to get help. Leigh Richwood's book covers all the ways to get support as you navigate through your spouse's affair. DrScott — An Internet community for the support of couples, families and survivors of infidelity. Rebuilding trust after an affair is not easy and requires a special kind of support and clear guidance. The Bachelorette starts today--which begs the questions:is it better to have 25 dates to choose from? Leigh Richwood about this book: Leigh Richwood wrote this book as a way to recover from her husband's affair and to help others survive infidelity.
While an affair is a devastatingly emotional event, Leigh believes that it's vitally important to deal with it as practically as possible.
While Leigh's marriage did survive her husband's affair and is now thriving, the focus of this book isn't on saving a marriage.
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He is a graduate of Brown University and received his medical degree from the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University. Leigh shares her experiences as she gives good advice to attack an affair from a position of strength and power. Not letting emotions rule your decisions will put you in a stronger position as you work through the issues and problems you'll face when dealing with a cheating spouse. Leigh focuses on protecting yourself and your family through the decision making process whether you divorce or stay married. Taking advantage of every tool available to you will serve you well no matter if you divorce or stay married. Once the initial shock of discovering your sweetheart is a cheat sinks in, you'll likely ask the big question - why?
How do you keep from spilling your story to anyone and everyone just to get it out of your head? There are, however, some guidelines that will help you figure out who to trust and how much to share.
The honest, warmhearted, and wise insight Scott Haltzman provides here can bring you hope and much more—a path forward.

He completed his psychiatric training and chief residency at Yale University, and then practiced psychiatry as part of the Brown University faculty for more than 20 years. The decisions you make when you're emotionally unstable or very angry will likely shape your future. Reasoning away the infidelity is a kind of coping mechanism that helps our bruised egos deal with the rejection we often experience in these circumstances. From 2012-2015 he served as the senior outpatient psychiatrist at The David Lawrence Center, in Naples Florida, where he was appointed a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Florida State University.
However, they should not be construed as describing all men and women or husbands and wives.

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