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Puppy is here to teach little ones their ABC’s – all 26 letters – with words, music & lights, too. Every time your little one turns the pages of this great first baby book, Puppy sings the ABC song for the letters shown. Press the “ABC” button to hear Puppy read baby each letter and the name of an object that starts with that letter.

Wykorzystujac ja w latach 90 nauczylem angielskiego blisko 100 dzieciakow (w tym 4 wlasnych), z ktorych 10 jest juz anglistami. Poszukuje drugiej i trzeciej ksiazki, niestety nigdzie niemoge znalezc, raz widzialem na allegro ale od tamtej pory cisza.
Or push the “Music” button to activate 8 fun songs – and watch Puppy’s nose light up and dance to the music!

The Laugh & Learn® Puppy’s ABC Book is a letter-perfect first book for babies – and a fun refresher for toddlers about to start school.

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