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A veterinary hospital northwest of Edmonton is holding a blood donor clinic for dogs to raise awareness about pet blood donation.
Similar donation clinics are held throughout Manitoba, and the Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic in Toronto also takes blood donations.
In less urgent cases, veterinarians can turn to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank in Winnipeg. Many Canadians are unaware that a blood bank for pets even exists, the bank's laboratory director Beth Knight told CTV Edmonton.
The animal blood bank also has an office at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, which holds donation clinics three times a month.

Donation clinic organizer Lynn Fontaine said she's pleased to be helping to raise awareness for such an important cause.
Dogs eligible to donate must weigh at least 50 pounds, be between one to eight years old, have an even temperament and be up-to-date with their vaccinations. Edmonton's Animal Blood Clinic is in urgent need of four-legged donors, since this March, the clinics have not been able to fill themselves. Shauna Lesick, the clinic co-ordinator, said that this time, the aim was set for 25 dogs to donate each month. She said that the required number of donors might be not very high, but the same was also difficult to be got.

But, with the Edmonton clinic closed for the summer, the staff at Tudor Glen decided to help out. And animals could run around as well as could enjoy the time afterwards just like they did before.

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