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As long as there have been medical doctors prescribing treatment, there have been holistic approaches to health care. One of the benefits of a holistic approach is that there aren’t many negative side effects.
Introducing an active exercise regimen for bipolar patients actually dates back to the Victorian era when physicians would often prescribe swimming in lakes for bipolar patients. In bipolar patients, that never-ending cycle of manic thoughts can trigger harmful behavior. Although holistic treatments have been found to be a successful supplement to treatment, they are not a total substitute for medical care. As I was building the layout of this feature article, I found myself unprepared for the iconic beauty I encountered in the photos by Asia Kepka on Meg Hutchinsona€™s website.
A phone interview with Meg uncovered some of the unique elements that went into the creation of this fiercely dedicated poet and songsmith. Meg affectionately referred to her parents as a€?hippies,a€? [extremely bright hippies] and said that their record collection included all the classic stuff, including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Browne. When her grandmother passed away, an uncle sent the grandmothera€™s guitar, a beautiful old Martin, to Mega€™s family.
In eighth grade, Meg wrote a song, a€?Freedoma€™s Ocean,a€? about apartheid in South Africa for a geography project. In spite of the revelation that came after singing her apartheid song at the talent show, Meg, overwhelmed by the culture shift and her parentsa€™ unraveling marriage, put her musical ambitions aside in high school and concentrated on athletic pursuits.
By the time she was 17, while attending Simona€™s Rock, Meg had her own apartment and worked at an organic farm. Meg experienced many mood swings during her early years that she attributed to a€?artistic temperamenta€? but they became more pronounced as she got older. Her first self-titled album grew out of her college poetry study, working on the farm and dealing with her varying emotional states. Her next album, Against the Grey, was more formally produced at a studio by musician Robby Baier and released in 1999.
Meg had been a a€?huge Martin Sexton fan,a€? and wanted his producer, Crit Harmon, to produce a CD for her. Passim, the renowned folk club in Boston, runs a fundraising festival each year called a€?The Cutting Edge of the Campfire.a€? Meg was grouped with fellow songwriters Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton and Natalia Zukerman. Moods can range from severe depression all the way up to feelings of extreme elation, called mania.
Extreme episodes of mania or depression may be accompanied by psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.
Unfortunately, there is no physiological test such as a blood test to diagnose bipolar disorder. Substance abuse, anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as thyroid problems also commonly occur in individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder. In Type 1 Bipolar disorder patients experience episodes of both depression as well as mania at different times. Treatment for bipolar disorder includes medication as well as psychosocial strategies such as behavioral and cognitive therapy.
Medications commonly used are mood stabilizers such as Lithium, anti-psychotics and anti-convulsives.
Psycho-social treatments aim to change negative thought patterns associated with the extreme mood swings. Bipolar disorder is a long-term illness and lifelong support and medication may be required to control it.
You Can Earn Money HereYou can earn some easy money from this site simply by telling others about it! In fact, long before the modern prescription drug era, the only kind of method to treating bipolar disorder was through various holistic approaches. As a result of the interest and ongoing research in this field, there have been many bipolar disorder treatment centers founded that specialize in the holistic approach to well-being. Among the beneficial supplements, fish oil capsules’ rich omega-3 fatty acid has been found to make positive improvements on the symptoms of bipolar disorder.
Learning to quiet the mind through meditation helps reduce the stress brought in from those negative thought patterns.
Ita€™s the aural equivalent of having very expensive imported chocolate melt on your tongue a€” a velvety, bittersweet tone that carries with it all the pain and all the dreams in her life.

The picture I chose for this first page reminds me of a George Hurrell Hollywood photograph from the 1940s. Mega€™s father has been an English professor at Simona€™s Rock College (now called Bard College at Simona€™s Rock) all her life. She remembered, once, after playing in the yard, she came stomping into the kitchen in protest while her mother was playing Bob Dylan. She went to the Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School, one of the network of Waldorf schools.
Simona€™s Rock College had an early entry program for students with good grades, so she began her college career at around age 15 and, because her parents worked there, got free tuition. She said that she had no idea how serious things were, but attempted to express the depths of her feelings through poetry and music. Meg was now being managed by the same woman whoa€™d helped her earlier, and a€?was teaching me about the music business,a€? Meg said. Shea€™d met him at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, but was too shy to present herself as a prospective client.
After my early infatuation with a€?Everything Familiar,a€? ita€™s difficult to pick a favorite.
She was hospitalized by July of that year, and after several months of treatment and therapy in and out of a mental health facility, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She was signed by Red House Records and in 2008, Come Up Full, produced again by Crit Harmon, was released.
This time around, she ponders both the depths shea€™s plunged and the heights to which her bipolar disorder has taken her. Theya€™d been on the same circuit together and quickly realized how good the combination was and how much fun they were having. In quelling her bipolar symptoms, Meg lost the manic creative highs, but forges on, banking on truthtelling for inspiration.
It is characterized by extreme mood swings in the sufferer, far more extreme than the ups and downs in moods experienced by the general population. Between these extreme moods patients may experience a whole spectrum of moods ranging from depression, mild depression (also called dysthymia), periods of normal mood, a mild form of mania called hypomania and full-blown mania. During manic episodes delusions of grandeur may be experienced while in the depressive phase patients may hold deluded beliefs that some horrible catastrophe has befallen them. However, recent studies in brain imaging have shown that the brains of manic-depressives may have physical differences.
In Type 2, depression may occur alternating with mild mania (hypomania) but never progresses beyond hypomania. Many sufferers can lead healthy and fruitful lives as long as an appropriate treatment regime is followed. Quite often, these two distinct forms of therapy will be combined into one comprehensive treatment plan. Many studies, including a recent one conducted by the Psychiatry Department of the University of Toronto, have found that “structured exercise programs alleviated bipolar emotional and cognitive symptoms.” This definitely falls into the category of “it couldn’t hurt!” At a holistic treatment center, everyone will be put on a broad exercise program that they can continue to utilize once they return to their daily routines. Part of a diet overhaul for a bipolar patient also includes kicking bad habits such as smoking and caffeine.
You can find out more about these forms of treatment by calling the toll-free number on this page. This is unlike her first song to get its hooks in me, a€?Everything Familiar,a€? from her previous album, The Crossing. Her mother would go on walks and play the recorder and both her mom and dad sang lullabies to all three kids. Her mother stayed home to raise the children and later became a writing teacher at the same college. The family didna€™t have enough money to visit her often, so she remained an elusive revered figure. Their grief for the loss of their matriarch seemed to transfer to the guitar and everyone wept upon seeing the damage. She sat onstage in the auditorium, calmly playing for the very first time in front of an audience. There were manic periods of great energy where shea€™d write and perform, feeling very powerful. The album, named after watching Maine fishermen pull their nets from the water, is full of new self-awareness.

Given the many and varied symptoms, diagnosis of bipolar disorder is not always easy and is often confused with other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Where depression and mania alternate rapidly it is called rapid-cycle bipolar disorder and such patients may experience many cycles within a week or even a day.
Scientists believe it is partly genetic but is the result not of a single gene but the interaction of several genes. However, it would not usually be used on its own without a mood stabilizer due to the risk of triggering a manic episode. Those who do best are patients who are diagnosed early, receive suitable treatment and have the support of family or community.
These have shown to have an adverse impact on the symptoms generated by a bipolar disorder. You’ll find that many holistic treatment centers have daily guided meditation sessions for their patients. They encouraged children to be creative a€” allowing them to move their bodies, draw, build stuff and make gardens a€” a path to letting the child be a whole person. The entire family suspended their normal routine and made a pilgrimage to the Martin guitar factory in Nazareth, Pa., to get it fixed.
She laughed as she recalled how, at one point, shea€™d fallen in love with a champion high school wrestler and lost him to a cheerleader. One friend had a four-track recording setup and allowed her to use his living room as a studio and put the tracks together. Studies of identical twins have shown that where one twin has the disorder the other identical twin has a significantly increased likelihood of developing the disorder, but it does not happen in a hundred percent of cases.
Electro-convulsive Therapy too may be used where drug therapies are inappropriate such as in the case of pregnancy. One main teacher acted as a a€?a€?corea€? teacher and a€?that teacher would become like a third parent,a€? Meg said. Meg said that this was a powerful, extremely moving experience for her, bonding her with her family over the value of music and this particular instrument. She wrote an unrequited love song that was the extent of her song production during high school. She finally met Crit at a Folk Alliance conference and he agreed to allow her to demo a song for him. You did a good job!a€? Meg was actually overwhelmed with the sudden knowledge that she had just experienced what she was meant to do. The song demo grew into a series of a€?living room sessionsa€? where a€?hea€™d rip my songs to shreds.a€? Crit would dissect each song Meg presented and send her home with pieces that were like a puzzle for her to put together again.
They left the guitar there, and it was later shipped (safely this time) back to Massachusetts.
She walked out of the school, into a snowy day, carrying her guitar case, feeling that she was a€?home.a€? The song was so well-received that later she performed it at a number of open mics in town.
She told one interviewer, Bob Edwards (Sirius xm), that it was possible some days, between tips and selling CDs to make $200 in a few hours. Crit may not have known what he was dealing with, perhaps expecting Meg to dissolve and run away in tears. During this period, shea€™d express elements about her recurring depression, but not own it as being about herself. Meg accepted every criticism and rebuilt her songs, her lyrics becoming leaner and more concise, less dense than her earlier work. My tendency to get swept up in melody and rhythm led to a late-blooming awareness of Mega€™s poetic lyricism. Similarly, my knowledge of Mega€™s journey through the dark landscape of bipolar disorder came only after my online discovery of other interviews shea€™d done. As I continued listening to her music, each bit of knowledge gave the songs greater weight.

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