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I’m starting with this beautiful picture I found on an Italian Bridal company website. Hi, I’m Derek!I make book covers, blog about self-publishing and book marketing, and build resources to help indie authors publish better looking books.
I believe all of us are capable (and thus responsible) of utilizing our creative abilities to become masters of our own lives, generating more money than we need, and reinvesting our new-found time and resources to make a meaningful and powerful impact.
More specifically, I help authors and artists produce, promote, and sell more books and paintings. I stumbled across this blog post on Stacked, which led me to this Yalsa – The Hub post where I found the Wordle. If the Summer is making you wistful, why not channel that nostalgia into your seasonal reading list with a few YA books? Michael Gerard Bauer's book Ishmael and the Hoops of Steel, which should also be in his top 20, although that would be weird. With The Hunger Games movie coming out in March, the frenzy for young adult (YA) fiction has reached an all-time high.
For those of you who still haven't read young adult books, I have a few suggestions below to help ease you into this ever-growing genre. 2) Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi -- The fantasy side of things in this novel is not so weird that non-fantasy readers would be freaked out (I don't think, anyway). 3) Incarceron by Catherine Fisher -- Incarceron has such a unique storyline that I think whoever is reading it will be pulled into the book. 4) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins -- Actually, I think a lot of people started reading this series because it became ridiculously popular.

5) Divergent by Veronica Roth -- With its dystopian setting and fast-paced plot, Divergent will especially appeal to The Hunger Games fans.
7) Wither by Lauren DeStefano -- I really loved the subject matter of this book (genetic testing that results in people who don't live past the age of 25), and I think it will appeal to non YA-types across the board.
8) Incarnate by Jodi Meadows -- This book's originality is striking: the same million souls are reborn (in different bodies) in the land of Range until the first new soul in a thousand years appears.
10) The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson -- The Girl of Fire and Thorns has so much going on. The books I listed above are some of my absolute favorites, and hopefully one of these will help get you started in the exciting world of YA fantasy. I look through my photoshop brushes for something that can work; I add one design to the top, flip the canvas around, and do it again to the bottom. I believe when we dedicate ourselves to what we enjoy, and refuse to compromise our time by doing things we loathe, we’ll become exceptional, and have something truly valuable to offer others. Thank you for your gracious words, your patience and your conscientious commitment to ensuring that in spite of my reticence and fumbling, I got the cover I want. People stopped and had their friends take a picture while they held it beside their face, the cover truly sells the book. BOTH are worthy reads to add to your RSS feeds, and I love the Wordle so I’m sharing it here.
Every week, a new author, illustrator, bookseller, publisher or person in the know will share their top reads. With series like Harry Potter and Twilight, young adult fiction has gained so much attention that those outside of the typical "young adult" age group have taken notice.

Instead, just put in half her body somehow… Then, blend in a background that means something to the plot, and a good font.
With a mix of timeless coming-of-age novels, must-read sci-fi books, and contemporary classics, here is a range of sweet, funny, and inspiring reads you can bring to the beach and beyond. Although the main character is in her late teens, the book's mature content could easily appeal to a wide range of readers. I want a flowery, script-like text for this book – but adding text is difficult because of the extreme contrast. He helped me conceive the cover, created several rounds of designs, took cover changes like a champ, and never gave up on helping me as an independent author to produce a quality product. I’ll either have to do it in black with an outer glow (1), or in white with a drop shadow (2), or fit the whole thing in a patch of homogeneous color (3). He was also incredibly patient, easy to work with, and tirelessly answered questions or helped me problem-solve months after he was technically “finished”. Not only is he an amazing artist, but the guidance and problem-solving help he freely gave was above and beyond. I will definitely be hiring him for my next publication and recommend him highly to other authors.

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