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The father-of-one has even spent 24 hours living in the hole - which features a kitchen, infantry room, and officers' dugout - as part of an overnight re-enactment of trench warfare in the garden in Charlwood.Mr Robertshaw - who acted as a military advisor on the Steven Spielberg epic War Horse - and a band of volunteers dressed up in replica uniforms and used rifles to fire blanks into the countryside during their stint in the trench. Visit our new World War One resource, featuring over 500 historical sources, 50 articles by historians, teachers' notes and moreWith an aggressive Germany looming large, Europe's major powers had settled into opposing sides through defence treaties. When the soldiers weren't fighting this is how they were living.'The most common experience was living in a trench and trying to be as comfortable as possible while living in a hole in the ground,' he added. On 28 June 1914 they suddenly came into play when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip. Although most of the wars in history have had individual reasons of occurrence; they somehow seem to have a connection, at least a few of them and moreover some of the important ones if we study carefully.
The Allies (mainly Britain, France, Russia) were rapidly at full-scale war with the Central Powers (Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria).
The similarity can only be seen if we make a small shift in our gaze; from all the useless killing, towards the funding or the supportive causes of the wars. Their various colonies became involved too.A The conflict between them was to involve 70 million in combat, and result in 15 million deaths. Death Toll: 10 million  people were killedAll together and only in the First World War, more than 65 million men fought from over 30 different countries. Germany and Russia were defeated, and the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires ceased to exist. The Allies lost about 6 million soldiers and the Central Powers lost about 4 million of them. Society and values changed too, leading to the radical new world of the 1920s.A This photograph was taken on the western front in France, 1916.
If we add that up with the 15 million dead civilians then it gives us a total of 25 million dead people. This was one of the bloodiest battles of World War One, claiming over a million casualties in five months.

Along with that around 20 million were wounded severely and a lot of them died while in treatment. Most of the weapons the armies around the world possess today were either built back then in the First World War or have been built using concepts derived from the blueprints of those weapons. Germany and its allies were declared responsible for the war and all the loss and damage that had been caused.
That set aside all the 30 countries had to fund the war to keep its pace, although none of them had anything to pay at that time. It cost the United States a total of 30 billion dollars to fund the war and keep its armies fed and aided. One thing however, to think about is which group really profited from all the buying and selling.7.
The Best Fighter of All It is a bit hard to believe but as it seems records of even something like the most successful fighter of the war and how many men he killed during that period has actually been kept.
According to the post war global conferences the most successful fighter of the entire war period is believed to be Rittmeister von Richthofen (1892-1918).
He fought from the side of the Allies’, and shot down almost 80 planes before being shot down near Amiens.
He was one of the best pilots of WWI and certainly one of the most skilled in the ‘dogfights’ that happened during the war. The term ‘dogfight’ originated during WWI, as fighter planes would turn off their engines in mid air, while taking sharp twists and turns just so the engines wouldn’t stall and then start them again in mid air. Artillery barrage and mines used in 1917 blowing up under the German lines on Messines Ridge at Ypres in Belgium could be heard all the way in London 140 miles, over 200 kilometers far away. Even though the U.S government didn’t grant Native citizenship until 1924, over 13,000 of the so called illegal residents served in world war 1 as soldiers. As the conditions of the war was the harshest environment a person could survive in, millions of them suffered ‘’shell shock,’’ or posttraumatic stress disorder, due to the horrors of trench warfare.

These men usually had uncontrollable diarrhea, couldn’t sleep, stopped speaking, whimpered for hours and twitched uncontrollably. New War ScienceWWI gave birth to a new era of warfare and changed the way the leading countries dealt with war. The most significant development in warfare at that time was air power, which brought civilians in the line of fire. By early 1918, it was clear that the days of cavalry as a realistic fighting force over with the introduction of poisonous gas.
The enormous scale of all those that needed medical care in the world war 1 helped in the process of building a specialized and professionally managed medical industry that we have in today’s world.
Poland picked up German territory in the east, and other territories were handed out to Belgium and Lithuania. The key Baltic port of Danze, the industrial region of the Saar Basin, and the strategically important Rhineland were also taken from Germany.
Its armed forces were strictly limited and its colonies were made League of Nations mandates.
The 1921 Reparations Committee decided that Germany was liable to pay $33 billion in compensation to the Allies for all the damage it caused. The war also drove Germany into a deep recession, setting the much needed groundwork for the world war 2. That’s just the anti-elitist scapegoating that is the actual problem behind conflict.

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