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With the Super Bowl and March Madness just around the corner, many of you are inevitably planning that pilgrimage to Las Vegas for some serious sports action.  Below are three of the best sports book around for all your parlay action - Good luck! Las Vegas, dubbed a€?The Entertainment Capital of the World is a site that really has to be seen to be believed. Many visitors to Las Vegas plan not only where they are going to stay for the duration of their vacation, but also which casinos they will be giving their gaming action to!
With this in mind below we have listed the top 10 most rewarding comp clubs found at many of the casinos in and around Las Vegas Strip and the Downtown area. Please be aware that the following comp club offers and promotions were valid at the time of compiling this guide. You are going to find the payout percentages of the games on offer at this casino very generous, however you will also get showered with lots of little extras when you sing up to their comp club and play their slot games. A recent promotion saw members getting a t shirt for free after accumulating just five dollars worth of comp points on their player card. This casino is going to offer you all manner of little extras when you sign up for their player loyalty card. As soon as you sign up for a players card at this casino site you will be randomly awarded with free slot play. The value of the free slot play can and will vary due to the random nature of the draw and the prizes allocated, however you could be very lucky and win up to $500 in free play credits, so this is a comp club you ought to sign up to! There is a very generous offer up for grabs at this casino, and as soon as you sign up for their loyalty card you are going to earn comp points twenty times faster than usual! Make sure you give them as much slot play as you can, for those comps will accumulate rapidly and will soon give you lots of comps dollars back when you redeem them! There are two casinos run and operated by the parent company of the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas, one if on the Eastside and the other in the North Las Vegas area.

You will be able to claim back up to $100 of your first day’s losses in the casino, if you lose that is as a cash rebate. Be aware both comp clubs are run separately so if you visit both venues then you are free to use this special comp club promotion at both sites! A set aside bank of slot machines can be found at this Las Vegas Casino, and when you sign up to their comp club you will be given an amazing $50 worth of free slot play on their range of slot machines. You will want to sign up to this Las Vegas Casinos comp Club once you find out that you can instantly and randomly be awarded with up to $1000 worth of free slot play! If you do not win the highest amount of slot free play fear not as you are guaranteed to be awarded some free slot play just for signing up to their comp club. You will be given the options of taking $10 worth of free slot play when you sign up to this casino comp club, or you could opt to spin their special bonus wheel.
There are not many high valued prizes and rewards instantly given away to you when you sign up to this casinos comp club, however the long term benefits are worth taking note of.
As soon as you sign up as a new member of their comp club you will be given a free deck of playing cards, and you can claim a free bag when you amass a certain minimal amount of comp points in your first 24 hours of becoming a new comp club member.
You are going to be fed and watered should you decide to sing up at this casinos comp club. For as soon as you sign up and start playing then they will give you a free breakfast, dinner or lunch buffet once you have reached a very modest number of accumulated comp points.
The rewards will then keep on coming your way as the more you play the more pints you will earn and then can have the option of cashing in and redeeming your accumulated comp points for cold hard cash if you so desire. In fact, this glittering entertainment mecca located in the middle of the Mojave Desert at the southern tip of Nevade is famous for its glamour and glitz. The reason why players will pre-plan where to play is that all casinos in Las Vegas have their own comp clubs, which can see lots of extras being bestowed upon those players playing at these casinos.

Have a look through this Las Vegas Comp Club Guide as there are always lots of little extras on offer to players. However, due to the every changing nature of the comp club environment the offers listed are subject to change at any time. However, it doesn’t matter which one you choose to visit as they both are offering the very same value packed comp club. The prizes on offer do vary in value and one thing you may end up winning is a free buffet, ideal if you are hungry at the time of singing up to their loyalty scheme we suppose! It's a gaudy fantasyland full of 24-hour casino's, glittering entertainment and unbelievably fantastical hotels.
Please visit the respective land based Las Vegas casinos website for full details of their current comp club promotions. You can win or lose a fortune, get married - or divorced - in the time it takes to order and consume a pizza.
Since the 1940s, when the city's first hotel, the plush Flamingo Hilton was built, Las Vegas became a popular entertainment hub, with stars like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Liberace drawing in the crowds. Although the city started as a gambling mecca, today it's much more than that - entertainment of every kind is available, and families come here to enjoy the theme parks and go shopping in the glittering malls. But nothing beats a trip along the Strip, which is lined with some of the largest and most elaborately decorated hotels in the world.
For everybody comes to Vegas to party, and there is no shortage of jetset visitors.If you can pull yourself away from the abundant entertainment, there are some breathtaking sites nearby worth visiting - and if you visit just one sight, make it the spectacular Grand Canyon.

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