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Norwegian Vikings or 'Norse' sailed to Scotland, where they made settlements in the north and on the Orkney and Shetland islands.
The Byzantine (Eastern Roman) emperors in Constantinople hired Vikings guards, called the Varangian Guards. The name 'Slav' for the people of eastern Europe and Russia comes from the Viking word for slave. Viking women liked beads, but strung them from brooches, not round their necks as necklaces. A person who finds out about the past by looking at old objects or buildingsthat are buried under the ground.
A natural feature that helps a traveller find his way, such as a mountain, a rock, an island, or a group of trees. The Viking Store is proud to present our vast range of products, These leather items are  designed in mind with the average adventurer who needs extra pouches, spell books, belts and more to  get the mission done!
Rajasthan books, completely made from camel leather The inside pages are thick handmade white paper with a lovely parchment feel, perfect for caligraphy and ink pens with over 60 pages. There's a 2-part comic just named Vikings or maybe The Vikings which follows a Saxon woman taken as a slave during a Viking raid. Also, if you can find the old Prince Valiant comics, he often had adventures with or against Vikings.

I thought Northlanders was OK, but I think it has the problem Phelot mentions, which is the overly colloqial modern dialogue.
Never read it myself but this is the only other comic I know of about vikings that isn't mentioned yet.
You are truly a champion among the weak I shall soon peruse your Jesus Loves Scat Porn Library and find them. During this period many Vikings left Scandinavia and travelled to other countries, such as Britain and Ireland.
About AD 1000, Vikings sailed to North America and started a settlement, though it did not last long.
He wrote that each Viking carried an axe, a sword and a knife - and would never be parted from these weapons. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Until your account has "passed" your posts will only be visible to yourself (and moderators) until they are approved.
It's a pretty good take on the fish out of water theme as she slowly learns the language and culture.
What I loved is how he used modern military terms and planning and tactics in that series about the Irish guy who killed Vikings.

That little faggot kid running around with a straight face while he cuts huge warriors in two is just too glaringly dumb for me. Not much action though, as it often stops for few pages to explain cultural stuff to the reader. A weird universe where RPG games and trannies seem to come together in a strange quantum juncture of eerie discontinuity.
Once you have passed the moderation period (think of it as a test), you will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards. Even if the Vikings were all a bunch of impious asshole hard cases surely they can be a bit more interesting than this.
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