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Although the title may sound scary but just imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere without a knife!
Even though tactical folding knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different types of steel being used to make them, the ideal knife is one that is sturdy, holds a good edge and cuts easily.
The only problem that I find with this knife is that due to its holed handle, there is a lot of dust and dirt that accumulates in the gap. 2nd on my list of the best tactical folding knives is the Spyderco Military G-10 which is regarded by many experts as the best military service knife. Like I said, it’s a fairly long knife so some people might not prefer that but apart from this, it’s a fantastic tactical folding knife that you must have in your consideration set. And finally, completing this list of the best tactical folding knives is the Kershaw Blur that has an extremely good edge and in fact, it is claimed by the makers that the edge will hold for at least 6 months! For all those looking for a knife that has an amazing grip, look no further because the Kershaw Blur can be used for almost any occasion, survival or otherwise. Remember that these knives may often be the difference between life and death and a lot of people are now realizing that tactical folding knives and survival are becoming a reality. Best survival knife all purpose IYO?This is a discussion on Best survival knife all purpose IYO? One of the things I look for is (obviously) a strong, thick blade, a handle that has a good grip, and the ability to pound on the spine or the handle if I need to drive it into something. The main problem with a knife of that design is that the compartment in the handle negates any of the strength that would be had from a full tang. All true, but having redundancy in all of those things by having an extra in your knife handle is also a good idea. THere are only two hollow handles I would consider (in order): the Reeves and one of the old hand-made Vaughn Neeley Timberlines. It's amazing that so many people don't have seeds in their long term bug out bag or survival supplies. Before I give you my detailed pick of the 5 best bushcraft knives, I think it’s only fair to the newcomers out there to fully understand the meaning of the term “bushcraft” and why one needs a good bushcraft knife. Mostly used in the Anglo Saxon countries such as the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Bushcraft is a term that signifies and represents wilderness skills. The term came into existence when it was coined by the “Bush Tucker Man”, Les Hiddins and Mors Kochanski. One of the key skills in bushcraft is choosing the best bushcraft knife as it will form a key tool in any outdoor situation that you encounter. However, before I move onto the list, it’s extremely important that one understands what common mistakes to avoid while choosing the best bushcraft knife. A lot of young people watch movies and think that the “Rambo” knife is the ultimate bushcraft knife because it looks so cool. Another common mistake that people make while buying bushcraft knives is that they go in for a folding one.

And the best part is that the price tag it’s available at makes it the “best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars” by a mile! This fixed blade knife features a 3.2 mm thick carbon steel that is coated with an anti-corrosive so you don’t need to worry about rust and corrosion. I liked the fact that it came with a high friction rubber grip because mostly the conditions that you’ll be using this knife will involve some amount of sweat and for such situations, you’ll want to have a good grip on your bushcraft tool. The spine of the blade has very sharp 90 degree angles and this is extremely useful when you are scraping tinder or working with fire steel. All in all, the best bushcraft knife you’ll ever find so I suggest you pick one up at the earliest! The 2nd knife on this list is the SOG Seal pup and it’s one that you should buy if you also want to go in for the “cool” look. I loved the rugged and durable zytel handle and the fact that this one comes equipped with a MOLLE compatible nylon sheath. The sheath is a good size and has a nice compartment that can hold a multi-tool or a sharpener. Another one of my personal favorites that makes it to this list of the top bushcraft knives is the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife. This survival tool has been designed by Ethan Becker who is a survivalist, mountain climber, and chef and is an expert at designing these Busse-style ultra-thick high-quality steel fixed blades.
A true bushcraft knife in every sense, this full tang knife can be used in a variety of situations from filleting fishes to gutting out game. Remember not to carry this knife scout style as it will drop off due to its size and weight. And finally completing my list of the best bushcraft knife is the Spyderco G-10 that has been designed exclusively by the famous expert Chris Claycombe and is truly one of the top bushcraft tools in the market at the moment. The best part about the knife is that it features a Scandinavian grind along with a 0.14 inch blade thickness which means you won’t get any micro rolls or chipping after a heavy Batoning session.
I hope you found this discussion of the best bushcraft knife review and selection guide to be useful.
That’s why I’ve saved my readers the trouble of finding such knives on their own by listing below three of the best in class knives that fit my stringent requirements and pass all the quality checkpoints. I’ve been using CKRT knives for quite some time now and they really do produce some high quality knives.
Of course, it can be cleaned easily but I’m just a little finicky about cleanliness although overall, this is a great functional folding knife that you must pick up! Not only does it have all the benefits of a folding knife, it also has the edge and durability that comes with a straight blade. I’ve used it personally myself and can vouch for the claim and razor sharp edge of this knife that has a really firm slip resistant grip. If you wanted to be prepared for anything and everything, throw one of these knives in your bug out bag, hunting bag or survival kit.

With so many different types of Kershaw Knives to chose from you should consider the following information:.
It’s all about living in the wilderness (or natural surroundings) and learning the skills to survive in that kind of environment.
Unfortunately, that’s not the case because usually these “Rambo” knives are cheap and of low quality and serve no real purpose in outdoor survival situations. Always choose a full tang bushcraft knife and keep the folding one as a secondary tactical tool. Made in Sweden, these knives are of the highest quality and truly have the biggest “bang for the buck” for any type of bushcraft knife.
The Mora bushcraft knife performs all types of tasks such as dressing game, cutting wood, preparing feather sticks and cutting cordage. This partially serrated tool is the ideal size for hiking, backpacking and more and features a 4.75 inch AUS8 stainless steel blade. This one is no short sword or silly Rambo knife and you can baton through a piece of steel pipe and then go skin a rabbit or fillet fish or whittle an oak spear with this knife if you want to. Overall, it’s a perfectly balanced knife and the polished micarta handle is easy and comfortable to hold. This is an extremely delicate situation that may end up costing you your life and that’s why it very essential to carry a good tactical folding knife with you. The CKRT M1614DSFG is no exception to the rule and provides one of the most solid grips I’ve ever seen in a tactical folding knife.
Featuring a 10 inch long blade when extended, the Spyderco Military G-10 sure takes up a fair amount of pocket space!
I would advise you carry your navigation and firestarting tools in their own pouch, case, or pocket, and don't compromise on the knife. So for all the budding survivalists out there, Bushcraft means that you need to learn essential outdoor survival skills such as tracking, hunting, skinning, building fires and shelters along with using important survival tools such as axes, machetes and survival knives!
Yes, there are some good “Rambo” knives out there but sadly, that’s an exception and you should avoid this kind of knife. You really need to be careful while handling this knife because it’s super sharp and I’ve cut myself on quite a few occasions without intending to do so. I myself use a small compass that slips over my watch band - there are many ways to carry what you need but still have the best tool for the job. Another thing about CKRT knives is that they all come with a patented auto locking system that provides you with security against the blade closing upon your fingers. It is full tang, with a good grip, decent steel and sheath, and was cheap (about $40 on e-Bay).

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