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Best survival knife all purpose IYO?This is a discussion on Best survival knife all purpose IYO?
One of the things I look for is (obviously) a strong, thick blade, a handle that has a good grip, and the ability to pound on the spine or the handle if I need to drive it into something.
The main problem with a knife of that design is that the compartment in the handle negates any of the strength that would be had from a full tang.
All true, but having redundancy in all of those things by having an extra in your knife handle is also a good idea. THere are only two hollow handles I would consider (in order): the Reeves and one of the old hand-made Vaughn Neeley Timberlines. I read bushcraft as a voluntary experience where you're consciously choosing to head off the grid but into a situation within your comfort zone. Survival on the other had is a situation you've been thrust into with no idea of what to expect. I think the biggest difference is the fact that bushcraft users want to be able to do more fine carving activities. Survival = short term, improvising and doing whatever you have to do to stay alive until you are rescued.
So, even more simply, the goal of survival is to get out of the wilderness, the goal of bushcraft is to stay in the wilderness.
Bushcraft knives in my mind are Mora-esque scandi grind blades in the ~3-4in size range, usually in a carbon steel.
Bushcraft knives excel at crafting primitive tools, objects from wood, tinder for fire or cleaning game. Another point too is that since bushcraft works with the environment what makes a good choice in one location won't do the same in another. One only needs to look at the TV survival shows and folks with a military lean to their survival would tend to choose a bigger heavier knife and ones more prone to bushcraft survival tend to use a lighter more nimble blade and tend to be pointy for drilling holes. They say that the best survival knife is the one you have with you when the need presents itself. If you are looking for something like his, you came to the right place, because I will present you 5 best Survival knives in 2014-2015. I am member of some hunting and fishing forums and I noticed that everyone who is nature lover need one of those knives.

Quote: ""Batoning is done with wood - not rocks or metal anything" I agree unless the purpose IS to shatter the rock. Ok, to give the benefit of the doubt here, I've thought a bit on this and can't think of a single scenerio. Last thing I want to add and I am done with this thread, TV and Films excel in making the impossible seem possible. Using a rock to flake off shards from the round side, you use a hammerstone (watch for relative hardness of hammerstone vs. These flakes utilize the concept of the Hertzian cone, or simply put, the conical fracture of say a BB hitting a windshield and displacing glass as it enters. Not being circular fractures when knapping, but only semi-circular as it is the rock edge, it is shell-like in appearance. And throughout this whole process, a knife was never needed to pound on and risk destroying.
The only time, I mean the only, that I would consider hitting a knife spine to rock is to produce a spark if all other resources were gone. But more importantly because they think that a $700 knife will give them the confidence to be just like him. I could go out with a simple flake of flint and carve a hook and catch a fish and make other tools, but who would relate?
They want a simple answer to achieve the same, that can be bought and owned, and they think it is found in the knife.
Now, I have picked up a few knives that actually have hammers in the pommel, and I've hit all kinds of rcks with them. Way better than a trowel for digging rocks, and the hammer is tough and convenient if awkward. A knife that large, heavy, and does not excel in the cutting area should at the least be a good knife to batton with. Being a folder fanatic I'd have to say that my emerson commander has seen the most edc time out of all my knives. I am by no means an expert on knives, I don't even play one on TV In fact you'd be fair in saying that I know very little about knives. My two favorites for the past 20 years have been the Blackjack Knives AWAC, and the older Cold Steel R1 Military Classic, which is a copy of the old Randall Model 1.

My step father in law was instrumental in helping design and refine the TOm Brown Tracker knife.
I'd speculate he's using a smaller dense rock cylinder or even a hard wood baton to hammer flakes off the stone. If you're going to embrace and accept survival techniques and equipment based on what you see on TV or in the movies, then I wish you lots of luck - you're going to need it. If you take a rock and hit it with another on the narrow edge ( or rock spine, if you will), you can split it in half, right? Sometimes you don't have a hammer with you (left in the car because you're just getting out for a minute to look at a road cut, and you're lazy), but you want a look inside the rock, or you want a little piece of it.
It is awkward, and the knives themselves aren't very good except as digging tools (at which they are very good actually). I've taken a good swing at a hard piece of granite loaded with quartz and heard pieces shooting past my ear with a whining sound, like bullet ricochets in Western shows. He cut ties with Brown and doesn't do Trackers any more but he does make a hell of a blade. I would advise you carry your navigation and firestarting tools in their own pouch, case, or pocket, and don't compromise on the knife.
Perhaps someone could use the back of a heavy knife for this role, but for god sake, use some eye protection and expect the blade to develop tiny micro fractures that would eventually cause the blade to break. Putting a rock in a fire is another way to temper rock that is too hard or not flaking correctly when knapping. So here we have numerous ways of splitting rock, based on skill and resources by use of even the most base elements.
I like the fact that I don't have to remove the knife from it's sheath to cut say, Paracord, because of the notch in the sheath. I myself use a small compass that slips over my watch band - there are many ways to carry what you need but still have the best tool for the job. It is full tang, with a good grip, decent steel and sheath, and was cheap (about $40 on e-Bay).

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