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As noted by many of our readers, one of the key topics omitted from our article on the inevitability of economic collapse was the petrodollar system. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for last few years, you know that something is deeply wrong with our world today. Would you like some valuable information before you purchase a new survival knife for yourself or as a gift? In this article I have done all the work for you and compiled a brief review of my top 5 Survival knives available for less than fifty bucks. To save you (or the person you are buying the knife for) such an experience, I have compiled this short but important list of the 5 most essential features to look for in a survival knife.Full Tang ConstructionFull tang construction refers to the actual size and orientation of the piece of metal that composes the blade. There are adequate knives that feature a tang that extends sixty, seventy, or eighty percent toward the butt of the handle. This is something that I would have never considered without the input of other experts and people who have been in situations where spine thickness is an issue.
Imagine being in the woods when your four wheeler breaks down eight miles from camp amid dropping temperatures and a setting Sun.
A good handle is one that fits your hand naturally and is textured enough to not slip away when you are swinging the knife or using it to chop wood.
A balanced, no-frills, solid knife that includes a plastic sheath and you can open a bottle with the hand protector. The Morakniv (Mora) Bushcraft Black is made in Sweden, and is known for its quality and durability. Whether you are hunting, hiking, camping, or making a long journey through wilderness or wooded areas, a survival knife can be an indispensable tool.
If you love to write and would like to make some money doing so, sign up to infobarrel today, so you can start earning cash for doing what you love. Not surprisingly, almost half of candidates for the best survival knife with small fixed blade (between three and half to four and half inches) under $50, turned out to be made by Gerber.
I’m pretty sure that a lot of you would have had a tough time searching for the best survival knife under 50 dollars at some point of time or the other! Normally, Amazon has the cheapest deals on these survival tools and keeping in mind the holiday season, I thought it would make your job all the more easier if I linked out to the relevant Amazon page because of the holiday season deals. Some of you might be short on time and if that’s the case, then I highly recommend that you go with my #1 choice for the best survival knife under 50 dollars as it’s been personally tested and recommended by me and other fellow survivalists.
So my pick for the best fixed blade survival knife under 50 dollars is the KA-BAR US Marine Corp Knife. You’ll get an excellent grip thanks to the leather stack handle and I found the balance on the blade to be perfect. Coming in close at #2 is the SOG Seal Pup M37N-CP that features a corrosion resistant, partially serrated 4.75 inch fixed blade. I’ve abused this knife a lot and can vouch for the fact that it holds its edge very well. It also comes included with a black nylon sheath that has a nice compartment to hold a multi-tool or a sharpener. Another great pick for this list is the Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife that features a 4.75 inch, 420 HC stainless steel blade. The handle is comfortable to hold and comes with a rubber groove to take care of sweaty or rainy conditions. All in all, a great survival knife that costs less than $50; although if you have a little more money to spend, you might want to check out its big brother – the Gerber LMF II. If you’re looking for the best 7 inch survival knife, then the Schrade SCHF9 should be on your shopping list. It’s beefy, the handle is comfortable and provides numerous hold positions while the knife itself retains its sharp edge even after a year of abuse. All in all, a great knife to own at this price range and comes highly recommended from my end. One of the best bushlore knives at this budget price, the Condor Tool and Knife Bushlore features a 5.25 inch blade made from 1075 high carbon steel. Whether it’s batoning hickory for a cooking fire or simply cutting and trimming branches, this knife will hold you in good sway.  The history behind the knife is also a fascinating one and you’ll always have a good story to tell people about the how the knife is made in El Salvador.

We’re mid-way through this list of the 10 best survival knives under $50 and at #6 on this list is the Ontario SP1 Marine Combat Knife. It also comes with a black sheath that has a Cordura covered front panel and has leather fillers or spacers between the front and back panels, along the top and the bottom of the blade to help protect the edge and the clip. In at #7 is a Tanto style boot knife from Cold Steel that is not only lightweight and sleek but has a reinforced point that’s highly resistant to bending and breakage. The blade length is about 5.5 inches long and the AUS 8 steel holds a very good edge even after repeated usage.
One of my favorite hunting knives is the Buck 105BKS Pathfinder and this one is sort of an upgrade on my old 102 so yes, I’m a little partial towards it.
With that said, this is a great low budget quality hunting knife that comes with Buck’s 4-Ever Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. One of the biggest knives on this list of the best survival knife under $50, the Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto is perfectly suited for big, tough jobs. However, for those who love a reliable and tough knife (or a machete for that matter), then you can’t go wrong at this price. The first version of this knife was panned by survival experts and outdoor enthusiasts alike because a lot of people complained of broken pommels and steel quality. For all those on the fence regarding this knife, I can vouch for it from personal experience.
The above list is pretty exhaustive and covers all of the top survival knives under the 50 dollar price range but in case you feel I’ve missed out a particularly good blade, then do let me know via the comments below. I’ll also try and update this list from time to time to include newer and better knives so that you can truly find the best survival knife below $50!
I have never come across a budget survival knife that could compare to the Gen 2 SP43 by Ontario Knife Company.
True the firestick is concerning, but the one that I got my hands on did not have that problem. Did you have an early release of it while it was still a new knife and did not have all the field time James?
Anyways, I am looking at it a lot closer now and I do think that it is a great starter knife to learn and practice skills. To help you choose the best knife, we listed the top folding pocket knives, bushcraft knives, survival knives and machetes, organized by knife type and blade length, with price indicators. Before you dismiss this as hype or paranoia, take a few minutes to review the facts outlined on this page. A full tang is one that extends beyond the cutting length of the knife, and into the entire length of the handle. The thicker the spine, the more sturdy the overall knife (particularly when we consider how far that thickness extends toward the knife tip). In a survival situation speed of fighting with a knife is usually not the most pressing matter.
It is also a welcomed feature when hammering the top of the blade in the process of splitting wood (batoning).
This company produces a wide selection of quality bushcraft knives in that price range, so as expected 4 out of top 10 knives (including the Top Pick) in this price range and blade length, belonged to Gerber company. The full-tang, drop-point blade has a fine edge and an ergonomic, glass-filled nylon handle that’s covered with a textured rubber overmold. My last post featured top survival knives under $200 but I got a lot of mails from my readers saying that they would love to see a few cheaper options that would not cost them more than 50 dollars. With a 1095 Cro van steel, the USMC is one of the most famous knife designs in the world and has a 7 inch straight edge blade. The blade has a very sharp point with a sufficient belly to make all your skinning and dressing tasks all the more easier.
Not only does it serve as a combat knife, you can even use this for survival and hunting purpose. It’s one of the best tactical knives I’ve ever used and just the right size – big enough to use in combat and small enough in confined spaces. It’s a full tang knife so you don’t need to worry about the pommel breaking off plus the sheath is very secure.

With an almost 7 inch blade (6.4 inches actually) and with a 1095 steel body, this is one of my favorite under 50 dollar survival knife.
It has a convex grind that extends all the way to the heel and this wilderness tool is beautifully balanced with just the right amount of weight.
Again a strong contender for the best 7 inch survival knife, the SP1 is .125 inches thick and is made from 1095 carbon steel.
It also features a checkered, nonslip Kraton handle that offers an extremely good grip and I’ve not had any problems with it in cold or sweaty conditions.
Because the blade is a bit on the longer size, this can easily be termed as a mid-size knife and is great for carving and cutting. With a 5 inch fixed blade made from 420HC stainless steel and a comfortable phenolic handle, you really can’t go wrong with this survival tool.
You’ll realize how easy it is to field dress a white tail deer and it works even better when it comes to large size catfish. I always feel very comfortable when I have this strapped to my bug out bag because I know it’s a dependable knife in rough situations. It features a stainless steel titanium coated 8.06 inch length blade and has very good edge retention.
However, Gerber listened to those complaints seriously and took out a new version in 2011 which eliminated all the known problems. I have also included informative videos so you can see some of the most important aspects of each featured knife. The 5 Most Critical Survival Knife FeaturesWant To Know What's Most Important? The best sheaths should have some way to keep the knife secured to prevent it from being accidentally lost as you walk, hike, climb, or ride through the wilderness. However, while it may be perfect for some applications, due to its smaller size and weight, it may not be a complete one-tool option for deep survival.
Originally designed as a hunting knife, it’s become a popular choice as an all-purpose, fixed blade camping and survival knife. That’s why I decided to create this dedicated resource that features handpicked survival knives under the $50 price range. True, you can always spend more money to get a custom made high grade combat knife but if you have only 50 dollars to spend, then this knife will never let you down. The AUS 6 steel might attract a little rust but that problem can be solved by applying a little oil from time to time. The sheath has strappings on the back to attach other relevant items such as ire starter, first aid, sharpener, 50′ of paracord etc. One point to know before-hand is that the whole handle is made from molded Kraton and this includes the pommel and quillions (I wasn’t expecting that when I bought the knife).
Also, the profile is slender so you won’t have problems carrying it around and all in all, a great self defense knife for under $50. However, I wouldn’t suggest you to try this knife for either prying or batoning because the thickness of the blade is on the lesser side at 3mm.
Remember it’s a heavy duty knife so for all those who don’t like weighty knives, this might not be the right choice for you.
This knife is thicker and features a 4.8 inch long blade that is made from 7Cr17Mov stainless steel.
Also the Condor Rodan is great too having a slightly longer blade than the Bushlore and coming with a coated blade as well as a synthetic handle, also comes in two other length as the Varan and Kumunga.
This legendary knife will not let you down… it is the best survival knife for less than 50 bucks! The sheath could stand some improvement but over all this is the best deal on a survival knife I have ever seen.

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