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In this film, we’re following more characters than the family in peril in the original film. Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez, Zoe Soul, Justina Machado, John Beasley, Jack Conley, Noel Gugliemi, Castulo Guerra, Michael Kenneth Williams, Keith Stanfield, Roberta Valderrama and Niko Nicotera. In the scene where Sergeant’s ex is visiting him.  She looks at the wall with articles and photos but when he looks at the wall, the articles and photos are arranged differently and the photos are different. I love being haunted by creepy little girl ghosts, I love solving insanely hard puzzles, and I love that most games have multiple endings, ensuring that there are consequences for your actions whether they are good or bad. Anyone that read or watched Jurassic Park in the 90’s knows that dinosaurs can be seriously cruel and frightening. Technically, this Clock Tower is the second in the series after the original Super Famicom game was released only in Japan. One of the reasons I love this game so much is because Square took survival horror and RPG and made a perfect hybrid baby with them based off of a Japanese Sci-fi horror novel.
While some of these other titles scared me, Silent Hill was the first game that made me so uncomfortable that I had to sleep with the lights on. While I am sure this list isn’t entirely surprising, there are some games that didn’t make the cut that were wonderful, yet slightly more obscure, as well.
Best Adventure Movies to Watch - Good Movies List Explore best adventure movies of all time. Best Action Movies Real Steel is a live action - adventure movie based on a 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson. The 100 best Bollywood movies: the list - Time Out Explore our list of the best Hindi movies ever made, as picked by leading Bollywood experts, and including the best Bollywood actresses and actors. Halloween is just around the corner, and we're celebrating with a little something we call Halloweek. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is a wonderfully simplistic side dish of Resident Evil fan service. Due to a pretty engaging marketing campaign, the film had a very successful opening weekend and surpassed its budget on its first Friday of national release. The Purge is an annual social policy that seems to have brought great prosperity but at a deadly cost.
Getting the most exposure is an unnamed sergeant played by Frank Grillo who is using  purge night to enact revenge on someone who has wronged him. It’s October, Halloween is around the corner, and if you guys are anything like me that means it is time to dust off some of the old survival horror favorites and game until we scare ourselves silly. While the genre has admittedly been lacking for a few years, the passion of fans has yet to disappear, leaving most of use excited about the possibilities the next-gen consoles have in store for the resurrection of survival horror. Resident Evil was the origin game for the golden years of survival horror and it is responsible for taking the genre to a whole new level. The game takes a different approach to survival horror, utilizing the point and click approach. I truly feel that the first Silent Hill brought together all of the elements of survival horror and did them justice.
Koudelka had a seriously creepy storyline, centering around three main characters who try to discover of the hellish history surrounding the Nemeton Monastery, but the tactics based gameplay made it hard to get a really intense experience. I love those games that get your heart racing, you cursing your head off (c'mon we all do it), and possibly throw your controller as you shut off the console.5.
It's a terrifying jamboree of all things spooky and sinister… a phrase that perfectly describes Resident Evil. It's a light gun shooter originally released for the Wii and later given an HD facelift for the PlayStation 3.

Every March 22, for twelve hours, criminal law is suspended and all crime, including murder, can be committed without legal consequence.  For some, it’s a time for people to unleash the beast within and go on a violent rampage and for others to lock up and ride it out until The Purge is complete.
With games like Silent Hill 2 and 3 being remade in HD, to games like The Last of US bringing a fresh approach to the style, there is a new excitement in the air about what is to come. Now I know that a lot of fans out there have a preference for Dino Crisis 2, which was a great game also, but I feel that Dino Crisis was a more true survival horror game, where as Dino Crisis 2 could be considered more of an action based horror game at best.
Gamers knew there was something special about it the first time Chris or Jill sets foot set foot in that mansion. The main character, a girl named Jennifer who is coping with the horrors and murders witnessed in the first game at the hands of her soul tormentor, Scissorman, who is an eerie creep who chases her with a giant pair of bloody scissors. You play as Aya Brea, a NYC cop, and you spend six days trying to figure out how to defeat a crazy mutant named Eve who is hell bent on creating the “ultimate being”. The controls were difficult, which only added to the panic you felt while trying to escape the grotesque enemies. Echo Night was a decent point and click ghost story themed game, but unfortunately the horrendous graphics were the scariest thing about it. For the latest on all that’s epic in gaming, movies, television and cosplay, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook!
Capcom's classic survival horror sprang to life in 1996 on the original PlayStation, and it released at a time when the survival horror genre wasn't even really a genre.Since that original game, the Resident Evil series has seen some incredible highs and crushing lows. The scares aren't that scary and the action's not that intense, but what this game lacks in style it makes up for in substance. Sure, you could sit down and watch a horror movie and it would be scary, creepy, and uncomfortable. Some of my all time favorite survival horror games were from the Playstation One era, so with the Playstation 4 release right around the corner let’s take a look back at some of the most frightening games ever from Sony’s first gaming system! Think of it as Resident Evil with fast, extremely vicious (and difficult to beat) dinosaurs instead of virus ridden zombies. The game set the tone for future games of its kind, including character controls, the lack of save points and health, and tiny inventories that forced you to make tough decisions about what was vital to remain alive.
The game leaves you to fend for yourself using your environment to hide and disguise yourself against the creepy predator and if you are attacked you have nothing to defend yourself with. It makes for a unique gaming experience and though at times the active battle system can take you out of the element of the story, this game still provides some incredibly spooky moments and it deserves its spot on the list. The game features many puzzles and multiple endings, and the mysterious story keeps you engaged and confused all at once.
These games all set a new precedent for future games full of torment like the brilliant Fatal Frame series, Dead Space and even Bioshock, which had many elements of survival horror incorporated into its story.
They have intriguing stories, but I have to chose the original because of how they started the series and found a way to make it work.4. Even today it continues to pivot back and forth between action and survival, excitement and terror, always searching for the perfect middle ground. The wonderful thing about playing a scary game is that you are literally interacting, making things happen, forcing yourself to turn that corner knowing in your terrified heart of hearts that a zombie dog is probably going to crash through that window at any moment to make you crap your pants and yelp in terror. Much like Resident Evil, you are a part of a special forces team on an island full of prehistoric creatures who run at you with such intensity that you have very little time to think about your next move or the fact that you have little ammo or health.
Instead you go into “panic mode” and just hope you can mash the button fast enough to get away from the bastard. The town itself was a full character, weaving in and out of the abandoned, yet unsettling town and its nightmare version while Harry tries to find his daughter without succumbing to complete madness from all of the atrocious things he witnesses. Many of us are hopefully that the arrival of the Playstation 4 as well as the Xbox One will give the genre a reboot, and with titles like The Evil Within, the future looks promising and frightening.

Dead Space 2This game was one of my absolute favorites mainly because of how it scared me and the plot. You feel like you are living every second of panic and that is what truly makes the survival horror game experience so fantastic.
You spend a lot of time being terrorized by a menacing T-Rex who continuously eats all of your buddies one by one. Though the series has taken a turn away from its horror roots and become saturated with action and very little horror atmosphere, (much to the frustration of old school fans), there is hope that the developers will get back to the roots of the resident evil series and start scaring us again. You are given the chance to control several characters throughout the game and depending on your decisions you can get up to ten different endings. The game isn’t perfect; the story can be hard to follow at times and the controls are frustrating when you get into a panicked situation, but that isn’t unusual for a survival horror game. The way the game unfolded made it work for me along with the zero gravity sections, limited lighting, and the variety of enemies to fight.3. No matter your age or favorite film genre, there is a perfect Halloween movie out there just for you.
What makes a great survival horror game, in my humble opinion, is when a game places you in a horrifying situation and a lack of ammo (be it bullets or film a la Fatal Frame) when you know you are about to be surrounded but hordes of enemies with nowhere to go while you stand there trying to map out how you will make it through.
The game has multiple endings that are dictated by your decision late in the game about what to do with Kirk, your human nemesis in the game. This game is terrifying in a less conventional way, playing on the psychological fears of the player rather than the “zombie jumps out and devours your face” approach that are more common.
This is considered by many one of the scariest games of all time and it paved the way for many more in the series, though Silent Hill 2 and 3 are by far the best.
The game is unforgiving in the best kind of way and you truly have to work hard to survive, which is why it is one of the best old school horror games.
Unlike many others on this list, the sequel to this one stays on board with the genre and in some opinions outshines its predecessor, even introducing one of the most feared villains in the survival horror universe, Pyramid Head. The way the game reinvented itself with new enemies, new weapons, and being able to carry two primary weapons made the series better. The Silence of the Lambs[source]Anthony Hopkins made audiences uncomfortable in his first film as the cannibalistic Dr.
Silent Hill was essential to the Playstation One era of spooky games and remains a fan favorite. Resident Evil 1-4For this one I couldn't chose just one game because the first few were awesome. I included RE4 even though it started to be more like an action game than survival horror, but it was highly praised as one of the best in the franchise.1. The Evil WithinWith this being the game credited with bringing back survival horror to its roots I chose this as my favorite.
To add to this there are insanely overpowered enemies, scarcity of ammunition, claustrophobic areas, and large amounts of enemies ambushing you at a time. Monsters, Inc.[source]The best way to help kids get over being afraid of creatures under the beds or in their closets is to show that those beasts are just doing their jobs, which is exactly what Monsters, Inc. Halloween[source]John Carpenter's Halloween (1978) had an iconic villain and a creepy soundtrack, introduced Jamie Lee Curtis, and established the director as one of the most important horror filmmakers of all time, and it all happened on Halloween. Any of your favorites that we may have missed? When he's not writing for his own blog and ours, he spends his time with his wife and his brother, watches Ghostbusters for the millionth time, and dresses his dog Bela (named for Lugosi, not Twilight) in various costumes.

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