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The year 2014 saw the launch of excellent Survival Horror games like Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within, these game were at the top of the most scariest games of the year. This a PlayStation 4 game developed Supermassive Games and published by none other than Sony Computer Entertainment.
This time around you can expect increased suspense and horror elements fuelled with the next gen PlayStation console resulting in stunning graphics.The Until Dawn demo which was recently released showed a distressed you girl, Sam, scared and nervously looking for the unseen forces which exist in her surrounding.
The adventure horror video game will be reintroduced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in Summer 2015 and is created using the same engine which gave life to Killzone: Shadow Fall. The game's mere teaser caused such a huge stir among gamers, that I feel Silent Hill is going to be one of the record breaking Horror Games ever made. This PT was directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.The idea of Playable Teaser impressed me in the first place, what more impressive was, the spine chilling PT itself. This one is for the gamers who love blasting zombie brains along with the creepy feeling of love for horror games. They will be apathetic, easily visible, and will allow the player to make their way past them. The development of this game took a backseat and the developer's main focus turned to Dying Light. This Deep Silver creation will feature a amazing unique world including the virtual cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and an undisclosed third location in California. The basic plot of this game is, the player is the lone survivor of a plane crash who should take shelter inside the forested island to protect himself from various woodland creatures, tribe of nocturnal and cannibalistic mutants who dwell in deep caves beneath the island. Grave is an open-world survival horror game by Broken Window Studios in which your character is killed in a home invasion. At the moment not much is revealed about Grave but we know that players can use defensive fortifications is order to survive the forces that stalk you until dawn. In Turkey, in a small town called Selcuk, a young man kills himself after a long, night he spends on the Internet. This movie looks like the Turkish version of the J-horror "Kairo (Pulse)." Not as good, but entertaining. Hunting Season is written & directed by Will Bowes and stars Carleigh Beverly, Shannon Kook, Will Bowes, Mairin Piccinin, Candice Mausner, with Geoffrey Bowes and Mike Kirby.
As horror games bite back, we trace the long, dark path through the genre's frightfully illustrious past.
Not wanting to fall into laboured metaphor too early on, the horror genre is the reanimated corpse of the videogames industry. What if there was no thumping of the blood pumping organ, our heart, no beads of cold sweat running behind your ear in the fear of the sound you just heard when you know you are all alone. Now that we are about to happily say good bye to yet another year of wonderful games, lets take a look at what 2015 holds for fans of Survival Horror genre.
Until Dawn was available on PS3 a few years ago so some of us may already be aware of exactly what this game has to offer now. If you have played the P.T (Playable Teaser) of Silent Hill you would guess the level of magnitude I am talking about.

If the mere teaser was so terrifying you can image what the entire game would be, at what levels would it test our fears. They will be able to attack you by every possible method, sprinting, jumping, climbing buildings and much more. Gamers will not have to wait for grabbing the copy of this game as it will release on 27th January 2015. Players can expect intense action which will be more brutal and featuring deadlier, but more fragile zombies as compared to the first Dead Island game. The developers Endnight Games are working towards making this game compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. This game will feature a lot of deadly creatures which you can escape by finding your killer.
The game will also include the use of various weapons to defend themselves against the horrific elements.
It can sometimes be a bit hit and miss, and I must say that I am on the fence with this latest film Hunting Season. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges. Not twelve months ago, years of increasingly stagnant gaming conventions had reduced enthusiasm for traditional survival horror to practically zero. Gamers will need Night Sense to locate zombies in the dark and stay out of their way.The days will be a tab bit simpler, you have to scavenge for supplies to send back to the safe zones, set up traps, save random survivors.
Dead Island 2 follows the event of its predecessor Dead Island where United States military has put California under a full quarantine restricted zone due to a new zombie outbreak.
The developers promised dynamic, procedural desert inspired by the early wild west landscape of America. The gore and scare factor is considerably increased to turkish tastes and the whole movie is kept short and on the go. With genre kings Capcom completely revitalizing its Resident Evil series with RE4, it seemed we'd seen the last of wonky camera angles, super-restrictive gameplay mechanics and, sadly, one of the purest game forms out there. No innocent unknown small girl playing in your backyard when you know there was a death of a girl just a few blocks away. If you like what you see, please Subscribe to or Follow Us to be updated on new posts and features. Wow I never thought I would say that a Japanese horror movie was horrible but its true Pulse sucked ass!
If you are an artist or photographer and would like to have your work featured on Art Nectar, or have any questions please send us an email by clicking 'Contact Us' under our logo. Meanwhile, developers continue to adapt established western genres to deliver their own take on the horror game - witness EA's Dead Space and Monolith's Project Origin, for instance. To celebrate this revival of fear, we take a tentative, if far from exhaustive, peek at horror's frightfully illustrious gaming past. Considered one of the earliest examples of survival horror, where evading enemies and solving puzzles took precedence over violence, 1982's Haunted House charged players treasure-hunting in the eponymous homestead with an urn, using one of three items at a time to avoid such nasties as a spider, a bat and a ghost.

Elsewhere, the 1988 arcade beat-'em-up Splatterhouse gained notoriety with its very visceral form of horror. Its home console port would earn it a parental advisory warning for excessive gore and violence, long before the ESRB and PEGI ratings existed.
In 1989, a Capcom RPG called Sweet Home served as the inspiration for what would later become its flagship Resident Evil series. Set in a mansion, it focussed on using items to solve a variety of puzzles and escape the myriad creatures within. It also contained the tense "door opening" scenes that would later serve as Resident Evil's loading screens.
The Japan-only game contained many unique features for its time, including five playable characters with their own special skills, and a risk of permanent death should they fall foul of any of monsters. Taking on the role of either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood as they tried to escape the zombie-infested Derceto mansion, the game attempted to recreate many horror movie tropes, incorporating striking cinematic camera angles to complement its focus on quick wit and puzzle solving over combat.
It also featured the now-familiar assortment of notes and books as an expository device, later adopted by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Many point to Alone in the Dark as the game that created the 3D survival horror genre, establishing many of the conventions still in use today.
In 1992, SEGA unleashed its panty-fixated zombie title Night Trap while 1995 saw point-and-click games tackle horror in their own unique way.
Of these, Phantasmagoria is perhaps most notable for its shockingly brutal FMV cut scenes, still barely matched today. Meanwhile, Human Entertainment's Clock Tower on the Super Famicon introduced 'stalker' elements to horror games, players tasked with avoiding a relentless pursuant, solving puzzles to proceed while not succumbing to panic.
Despite technological advances, it was a return to Alone in the Dark's earlier formula that kick-started the genre in earnest as Capcom emerged on the scene with Resident Evil in 1996.
Taking the mansion and survival elements from its earlier Sweet Home - introducing zombies and some hilariously bad dialogue in the process - the game became a North American bestseller and was responsible for coining the phrase 'survival horror'. Resident Evil also pioneered the 3D control scheme which clunkily operated characters like a lift truck and introduced some of the genre's more sadistic, and frustratingly persistent, mechanics - cruelly rationing player resources to the point where even saving required one of a limited number of ink ribbons.
With Resident Evil's success indelibly marked in history, it was no surprise the franchise went on to spawn a number of sequels and spin-offs, the PlayStation era of horror also birthing imitators such as Dino Crisis and Nightmare Creatures. Where Resident Evil relied on B-movie schlock and jump scares to thrill the player, Konami's Silent Hill took survival horror in a far more psychologically unsettling direction.
A grotesque and gruesome journey into madness, the game placed protagonist Harry Mason in a derelict American lakeside town, besieged by intense fog and malformed apparitions as it slipped between warring realities.
The 1999 title was praised for its cerebral approach to survival horror and would see three more sequels on the PlayStation 2, most notably Silent Hill 2, still rightly seen as one of the finest examples of narrative construction in gaming to this day.
Though later titles would see the franchise slip in terms of quality and critical acclaim, Silent Hill remains one of the most significant and influential entries in the horror genre, its games counting among the scariest of all time.

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