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The IndieTron is an aggregate news feed focusing on the upcoming and recent release dates of games and crowdfunding projects.
You can use The IndieTron to stay up-to-date on the upcoming releases of your favorite platforms.
We have so much planned for this widget that it will likely be delegated to its own section of the site eventually. If the thought of swimming with blood-thirsty sharks terrifies you, then stay away from Stranded Deep.
In The Forest you are a passenger on a downed airplane who finds himself on an island among mutant cannibals.
If you’re looking for a highly mature survival MMO with a large focus on clans, Rust is your game. The Long Dark stands apart from the pack with its emphasis on managing your stats and supplies rather than the sandbox aspects that most the others focus on.

Currently it features feeds for Kickstarter, "Consoles" and Steam (indie category only), with Kickstarter being broken into the "video game" and "mobile game" categories, and "Consoles" being broken into sections for PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U and 3DS. The ultimate goal for The Indietron is to provide a hub of interactivity and information within the community.
But considering you can craft things like rocket launchers with wood, metal and cloth, don’t play Rust looking for the most realistic survival experience. Look forward to the ability to save and track games you're interested in, share custom lists and release timelines and so much more!
But wouldn't you rather see some banners from great new indie games than this boring message?
But now it’s gotten to the point where there seems to be a new Early Access survival game on Steam every week. Play Stranded Deep if you like the idea of diving into sunken wreckage for treasure and don’t mind highly-aggressive sharks tearing you to shreds.

Play The Forest if you want to survive against a group of humanoids that want to eat your brain, but that are a bit more cautious than zombies. Salt has the simplest graphics of the bunch, but has all the great crafting and building gameplay of the others. But something about the mix of clan-style MMO play and the ability to tame and ride awesome-looking dinosaurs has made this super early access title a huge hit.
Play The Long Dark if you like the realism of having to boil your own potable water, and the fact that fires take time to light and sometimes fail. It’s currently ranking in the top 5 games being played on Steam ahead of Team Fortress 2, which is a little nuts.

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