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When heading on a camping or a hiking trip, you cannot do without a solid, dependable knife at your side. While there have been significant developments in folding knives over the years, there is nothing better than a fixed blade knife for serious work in the outdoors. There are fixed blade knives that are equipped with a serrated or a partially serrated edge. Here is a list of 5 knives that are each considered to be the best fixed blade knife in their own ways in the market today. Of the knives on this list, the best fixed blade knife has to be the Ka-Bar USMC Utility Knife. Some time ago, we introduced you to our list of the best tactical folding knives for carrying in your pocket everyday. While not usually conducive to everyday carry, fixed blade knives are instead designed to defend against bigger threats and tackle bigger cutting tasks than their folding knife counterparts and should be with you anywhere that survival is paramount.
Ka-Bar’s USMC fighting knife has a long history of use by both military personnel and civilians for self defense and survival applications. Walk into most any firehouse, especially in the county where this author lives, and at least one of the firefighters employed there will have a cold steel knife in their pocket or with their firefighting gear. This particular fixed blade knife by the company, the Recon Scout, features a durable Kray-Ex handle and a 7.5 inch long high carbon steel blade that has been heat-treated and tempered to mimic the strength and sharp edge retention of a Japanese sword.
Of all of the knives featured on this list, Gerber’s Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife is the most suitable for self defense applications. The fine edge drop point blade itself measures in at a bit over 3 inches, is crafted from 420HC steel, and boasts a rubber over-mold handle with a diamond texture that ensures a secure grip when the time comes to use it.
Gerber’s LMF II is another highly versatile fixed blade knife designed to perform a variety of different functions in the field.
While Gerber worked hard designing the LMF II to be the right survival knife for any situation, they also didn’t want you to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dull knife during extended use.
Although lighter and smaller than many of its other fixed-blade counterparts, this Rick Hinderer-inspired Fieldtac Knife will undoubtedly tackle heavy duty cutting tasks without fail thanks to a tungsten diamond like coated blade made from chip and crack resistant Vanadis 4 Extra powder metallurgical cold work steel. Benchmade arguably produces some of the best folding knives on the market, and that craftsmanship generously carries over into their stock of fixed blade knives as well. A polished, S30V stainless steel drop-point blade leaves nothing to be desired during cuts, while a contoured G-10 handle offers the superior grip you would expect in a survival knife. The Leatherneck-SF, which is short for Semper-Fi, is a military-inspired bayonet fixed blade similar to KA-BAR’s USMC Fighting Knife designed for both close quarters combat and utility cutting tasks encountered in the field. While it may not be the right knife for everyday carry in your pocket, the Tops Hoffman Harpoon Knife ($58) will definitely add some nautical flavor to your current knife collection. Designed by survival expert Karen Hood, CRKT’s HoodWork Survival Knife features a well though-out construction that is adaptable to a variety of survival situations. The second fixed blade from Benchmade to land on this list is the Contego Knife, a blacked-out all purpose tactical knife large enough to tackle demanding cutting and self defense tasks. The Schrade Extreme Survival Special Forces Fixed Blade is a pro hunter knife with hidden tactical functionality.
The Tops Screaming Eagle Hunter is another military-inspired survival knife originally developed for the soldiers in the U.S. If you’re here looking for a worthy outdoor, survival, or hunting knife, this is not it.
Knives succumb to personal taste the majority of times when thinking about a product to help you out in camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. A good survival knife should be ready to help you build shelter, prepare food, start a fire, hunt, clear paths and so on.
This is an important aspect as it gives you survival knife the power and durability to resist during extreme use. Length – A good guideline is to look for knives that have a blade that is between 6 and 12 inches.
Thickness – Blade thickness is something that people who are not professionals tend to neglect.

These guidelines should make your decision about which survival knife to purchase much more easier. You can strap a fixed blade knife in your sheath and carry it around with you to use whenever you require it. While these blades do have their uses in sawing through saplings or fur, a straight edged blade will serve you better. The knife has been tested for optimum sharpness, salt water and extreme heat resistance, torsion while at the same time put through thorough durability tests to ensure it serves as a cutting, chopping and penetration knife. The blade is crafted from top quality AUS8 steel which is retains an edge for a very long time and is easily sharpened. The A1 is a solid survival knife featuring a 6.5” VG10 steel blade that is very durable and weather-resistant.
Durable and designed to be an absolute workhorse, this is a knife that you will carry with you for a long time. Stash one in your bug-out bag, on your belt, or in your survival vehicle before you head out into the wilderness this spring. The knife dates back to World War II, where it became standard issue to United States Marines as a hand-to-hand combat knife versatile enough for utility use as well. You’ll definitely find your way out of the brush with this knife, or at least do some damage trying. Although any knife here could easily fend off an attacker, the Ghostrike kit was specifically designed for concealed carry thanks to the accompanying low profile modular sheath system that allows you to carry the knife discreetly on your belt, ankle, or anywhere else you can conceal it. The second reason is the use of the full-tang blade at the butt of the handle to incorporate a heavy duty pry bar. The Knife also boasts integrated lashing holes that allow you to convert it into a spear for hunting food or defending yourself with a greater reach.
The full tang design further strengthens the knife, while a lightweight G-10 scaled handle and a contoured spine provide a secure grip when putting it to work. Among the many worthy of this list is the 162 Bushcrafter, a durable survival knife that boasts Benchmade’s proven reliability in outdoor settings where surviving the elements is paramount. A leather sheath outfitted with both a D-ring and retention strap includes an integrated flint rod loop that adds to the knife’s overall outdoor functionality. The knife boasts a stealthy, blacked-out appearance, a thick, full tang steel blade, heavy duty double guillons that protect your hands, and a checkered Kraton handle that provides a solid grip during use. Perfect for use in situations where both survival and heavy-duty cutting tasks are warranted, the Harpoon Fixed Blade measures in at 8 inches, boasts a full tang construction with a high carbon steel blade, a black traction coating, and a handle wrapped in multi-purpose paracord.
The partially serrated high carbon steel drop point blade is coated with clear Cerakote and stays sharper for longer in less than ideal conditions. The 5 inch reverse tanto S30V steel blade is a workhorse and boasts a fine edge for more versatility and a black protective coating. Much like it’s bigger, much older USMC Fighting Knife brother listed first on this list, the Becker 22 is simple yet well thought-out, and extremely tough in heavy duty applications thanks to a rock solid Zytel handle and a moderately-sized full tang, 1095 Cro-Van steel plain edge blade that makes cutting, slashing, and splitting seem as easy as slicing butter. Together with it’s tough as nails blade construction, the drop point design boasts a plain edge for versatility that renders it one of the most capable outdoor knives on the list.
The Schrade Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife is, however, perfect for urban carry, everyday carry, law enforcement, or general tactical uses.
But survival situations demand a professional and reliable tool, the best survival knife that money can buy, and so we’re here to guide you to an informed decision that you will not regret.
The tang is the portion of the blade that goes straight into the handle and connects with it. A straight edge survival knife can be sharpened very easily even using a stone, whereas serrated knives need a special sharpener.
Whether it is shaving wood or chopping through thick grass or cutting rope, nothing beats a fixed blade knife. As they do not need to be short or compact, the blades of fixed blade knives are wider and longer than those found in folding knives. The 5” blade has been put through some of the most rigorous stress tests possible to be one of the most durable knives in the market today.

The handle is crafted from Kraton, a rubber polymer that allows for a comfortable grip while also holding its own against wear and tear. To help you find the one that best fits your needs, we’ve waded through the countless knives on the market today to bring you this all-inclusive list of the 21 best fixed blade knives, in no particular order. It boasts a comfortable, handsome leather grip, and a straight edge steel blade that consistently holds a sharp edge. The butt cap of the Leatherneck SF is also made of thick machined steel perfect for hammering or delivering quick blows to your opponent during combat. The blade’s black traction coating also protects it while also minimizing reflectivity during tactical use. A multiple position G10 handle rounds out the knife’s modest yet highly effective design. A tanto combo edged blade, while less practical for intricate cutting and slicing tasks, is both thicker and stronger than other blade shapes, especially at the tip, making it an ideal pick for self defense carry.
Else, a capable 5.5 inch stainless steel blade and a ballistic nylon sheath render the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife a worthy tool both in the wilderness and around the house. Chances are a good knife will make the difference between happily ever after and the last outdoor adventure of your life. You should choose a knife that has a full tang as it is much more resistant and less likely to break off than a partial tang knife. It is probably far easier to remember what features to avoid when choosing a survival knife.
This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. It is an indispensable handy tool and is one of the best options for a survival knife in the market. The knife comes with a variety of options for its handle material from leather to durable Kraton. It features a Zytel handle that is extremely durable and has a finger guard at its tip for protection. Cold Steel is known for manufacturing some of the best knives in the market and they do not disappoint with the SRK. It boasts a lightweight, compact design with a Wharncliffe-style full tang stainless steel blade similar to the previously mentioned Tops Harpoon Neck Knife, along with a bead blasted finish. You would probably be happy having any knife on your side, but, because you chose to read this article, you probably are a person that likes to plan ahead, and is not content with anything but the best survival knife available.
The best fixed blade knife will make your life a lot easier in the outdoors and stay with you for a long time. Some knives are equipped with finger guards to keep you from accidentally cutting or skinning yourself while using the knives. Finally, fixed blade knives are capable of sporting a longer and thicker blade than their folded or multipurpose alternatives. The knife is shipped with a kydex sheath that is designed to protect it against the elements.
Some fixed blade knives also feature a bulge or a protrusion from the butt end of the handle that will keep the knife from slipping from your grasp.
The third thing you should avoid is knives that have built-in bonuses, so to say, in their handles, like compasses.
From cutting through undergrowth to sharpening staves for tents, they are better at these tasks than shorter knives.
It may seem an interesting feature as well, but it actually makes the grip and usability of the knife much worse.

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