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At last count there were already 774 items in Brownells’ ESG section, which might be a bit overwhelming to the casual shopper. While folding pocket knives are nice, if you’re picking out a single knife for an emergency situation — and personal defense sure counts — it should be big enough, small enough, and strong enough to do anything you might need done. The steel has been Cerakoted, and the grips with integrated scales are made of G-10 laminate. Not all predators you might encounter in emergency situations walk on two legs, and I’ve found that OC works as well on dogs as it does people, which is why a lot of mail carriers carry a can or two. A flashlight with a 100-lumen output is considered the minimum when it comes to lighting up most rooms indoors and identifying threats. Not wanting to be left defenseless, it was very common to see Detroit residents out walking around with canes or walking sticks, even if they had no infirmity.
As the coming collapse approaches, violence and crime will skyrocket throughout society, regardless of how affluent your community may be.
Conclusion: these self defense techniques are incredibly brutal, but also incredibly effective.
Spring is finally revving up, and with it, thoughts of how best to use the following months for prepping and tightening up survival plans in case SHTF.
Let me begin my review by saying that advances in polymer and titanium alloy technologies are leading to some exciting changes in the firearms market.
On the other hand, it is not practical for the average consumer to spend thousands of dollars on relatively untested weapons when other good weapons and ammo are available.  Nor does it make much sense to buy newer, more expensive, untested models of older style weapons just because they have a few minor changes to relatively cosmetic features. Therefore, as I made my way through over 876 tables at the gun show, I found myself thinking that the following 7 weapons are still the best, and should be in every survival defense kit. My Opinion: This is a well-built AR-15 that will give you years of good service, is built to GI specs, and any AR-15 part kit may be used to repair. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Fred TyrellFred Tyrrell is an Eagle Scout and retired police officer that loves to hunt, fish, hike, and camp with good friends and family. Similarly, I'd have something inexpensive to shoot 9mm, another round which is not the best for anything except finding more ammo for it. The Mossberg 500 is a decent shotgun, but if 2 shotguns is "too much" in your opinion, why replace the Stoeger and keep the Remington? Nice article I used to keep large inventories as I tried different guns to find what I wanted to do. The only add I would do since I still have to make 7 would be a Bretta A300 because it doesn't kick and would be great for defense if the barrel is shortened.
I didn't list an AR or AK type firearm because I believe there will be a bunch out there if the SHTF, that people will drop.
All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. They have in excess of 100,000 different items for sale on their website, and they recently started an Emergency and Survival Gear section. While most of them squarely address prepping and survival in natural disasters, many of the same tools are also useful for personal defense, which only makes sense as personal defense is all about survival. Knives are the most useful tools ever invented by man, and no matter what else you have in your kit, a knife should be in there as well. I have owned one of these knives for several years, and it is perhaps the best value on the market. It can also harden spear points, illuminate danger and keep dangerous predators at bay, and because of that, I’m including a fire starter on this list. The head has a cutting edge on one side, a hammer head on the other and is hollow with finger grooves so you can use the handle as a pry bar.
The strong liquid causes stinging and tearing so bad it usually disorients the subject, so you can get away or more easily defend yourself. If you can’t see it, however, you can’t avoid it, so I always recommend having a quality flashlight available whenever possible. That amount of light will be more than enough to help you avoid obstacles when moving around at night.
Use the 500 lumen high-output mode to identify and disorient assailants, or use the 15-lumen low mode to read or carry out chores without burning out the battery.

Basically they are motion-activated cameras secured in weather-proof boxes that turn on and take several still photos a second or video(depending on settings) whenever something walks by. If that emergency happens to be a human threat, often the worry of someone coming to help because of the whistle is enough to scare off a predator.
And Wayne County (Detroit) didn’t issue them — even though the city had the highest crime rate in the state. These canes were usually wood or metal and very sturdy….and because a cane isn’t considered a weapon, this was all perfectly legal. It is a walking stick, nothing more or less…but it is constructed of 7075 aluminum, the same alloy as AR-15 receivers.
This lesson is drilled into military recruits, and it has been very common over the years for soldiers to be taught how to use their E-tools (Entrenching tools, or folding shovels) as weapons. It takes up very little space when folded, and even when extended and locked, it is very flat — not to mention inexpensive.
As people become more and more desperate they’ll go to further lengths to acquire what they need to survive, even if that means hurting others. Biting: Using biting as a self defense technique is incredibly brutal and will strike immediate fear and shock into the opponent. Understand that when survival is on the line that anything goes, not just your own survival but also the survival of your families. And no survival plan is complete without a suitable survival defense kit that includes sensible firearm choices. This is a quarterly gun show that draws only the best gun and knife traders in Virginia and surrounding states.  The complex used for the shows takes up about 2 football fields end to end.
Not recommended for large game hunting, but can be used for small game, and is also excellent for house defense.
He believes a man's word is his bond, and looks forward to teaching others what he has learned over the years. That is the same argument a Revolver is better than a simi auto,,,,Any gun can malfunction period. I don't see the need for TWO shotguns and since cost is a major consideration for most of us, I'd say go with a Mossberg 500; a well built, reliable shotgun at almost half the cost of a Stoeger.
Considering cost again I'd go with a good (Romainian WASR, et al) AK-47 at HALF the cost of the SGL-21.
After years of trying different guns, my present inventory is a t-bolt type rifle in 22 , it is Russia made tri-eithalon rife that cost around 3 bills new but will make one ragged hole if I can hold it that steady, fun to shoot and great for teaching unexperanced shooter. The folks who don't know better will burn through their ammo stock pile doing spray and pray. We believe in charity but a line needs to be drawn when your own families survival comes at stake. In addition to a fixed 4.8-inch partially serrated stainless drop-point blade with a high-visibility rubber handle with orange highlights, it comes with an emergency whistle, a fire starter, a diamond sharpener and Priorities of Survival, a little pocket guide written by Bear Grylls himself. Fixed-blade knives can be strapped to poles and used as spears, and a 4.8-inch blade is more than long enough to be viewed as a serious weapon. It’s just like rubbing two sticks together, only in this instance, it's flint and steel, and they generate a rich shower of sparks with very little effort. It was soon found to work even better on humans, and now it’s hard to find a police officer who doesn’t have a small can of “pepper spray” on his belt for subduing unruly subjects. Instead of punching with your fist closed, keep your fingers out, spread apart (to increase your chances of hitting the eyes) and jab as fast as you can at the enemies face. It has excellent interstate and road access, tons of free parking, and plenty of outlying food and lodging accommodations. May be used for small deer sized animals, but too large for small game.  Excellent for house defense. My primary survival rifle would have to be an M14 in .308, due to available ammo, and good all around performance. Second is a rem 600 in 308, great round,rifle is very shot and easy to handle, good for how ever far I want to practice shooting it at. American Indians fought with tomahawks, and they have been used by American servicemen in several conflicts.

Streams also tend to reach further than sprays and are rather easy to direct into the face of attackers. That’s what you’ll need to get a good look at anyone approaching within threat distance and spotting any weapons in their hands. Even if they don’t send real-time video to a screen in your house, they can be very useful to determine if you are having unwanted visitors either at your house or other properties. One thing we can do though to better survive in the coming violent world is too become proficient in combat which includes: knife fighting, firearms proficiency, unarmed combat, primitive weapon use and basic squad tactics. If you even graze their eye, it will be their automatic reaction to move back which will give you the opportunity to either go for their ears (to rip them off), grab their fingers (to break them), or to run away (if it’s safe to do so).
Slapping the ears is extremely uncomfortable and will knock any enemy off his focus and balance (which will allow you to follow up with another attack).
If you do actually hit someone in the neck with enough force, you can potentially (and likely) crush his windpipe which will cause him to die unless he gets immediate help. If you manage to get a hold of their fingers, focus all your effort on bending their fingers as far back as possible, and do it fast! Third is a 22 hornet, great round and an easy round to reload or teach reloading, I can pull any 22 caliber bullet from and ar type round and reload it to almost as fast. The gear listed below are pricey, but we feel you should never cheap out on gear when it comes to urban survival because the quality of your gear could mean the difference between life and death. 500 lumens, on the other hand, is enough to temporarily blind someone, exactly what you want when someone’s heading your way to cause trouble.
Unlike a punch to someones face, an eye gouge can permanently disable them for the rest of their lives with very little effort. If you bite someone with full force, you can easily rip out their flesh, take of a finger, ear (think Mike Tyson) and strike absolute panic and fear into the enemy, allowing you to survive for another day.
Breaking an enemies fingers will effectively prevent them from using their hand for anything, you’ll only have one hand to worry about after that. When survival is on the line you have to revert to your animal instincts and fight with the FEROCITY OF A CORNERED BEAST! This also allows me to use a Thompson with 30 round clips, with the common ammo, for self defense. Keep in mind that this kit is a work in progress and we would greatly appreciate any input you could give us. Once you break a finger, you can follow up with eye gouging, ear tearing or any other violent action you feel will be most efficient. Add an AR7 survival rifle in 22LR with the afore mentioned 12 Ga pump, and you have a potent combo. If you want to contribute to this site and the prepping community at large, offer your feedback below.
Also keep in mind that you don’t only have to punch the throat, you can: step on it, kick it, choke it, sit on it, lean on it with your knee, or bite it! Also keep in mind that your saliva is extremely effective at killing many types of bacteria and the enemy is more likely to get an infection then you are if you’re the one biting. If I could add one more, it would be a large bolt with a good scope (300 Win Mag with a 24 power scope) for long range work, although a 30-06 would work in a pinch. Fifth 12 gauge 870, they run around $299.00 at academy and last a 45 cal pistol in what ever your favorite brand is. Start with your hands down or above your head (in a non aggressive manner) and as fast as you can, jab at the reflection of your eyes in the mirror.
Since the original allowed seven, I would add a S&W 357 Magnum with a 6" barrel in case I hurt a hand or arm, because it also allows me to use common 38 Spl ammo. My thoughts are more on what would fit my needs if the world went to heck in a hand basket.

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