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Cascio likes the Ruger New Model Blackhawk for much of his handgun hunting with a .44 Mag, load it up with some outstanding Black Hills Ammunition's 240-gr JHP or their heavier 300-gr JHP and you're good to go for a day of hunting pleasure. It took six shots to finally dispatch the badger, from a distance of only twenty five feet. I have used two loads from Black Hills Ammunition for a lot of years: their 240-gr JHP load, which has a velocity of about 1,260 FPS and a muzzle energy of about 848 foot-pounds at the muzzle, and their 300-gr JHP load, which clocks in at 1,150 FPS with about 848 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. For deer-sized game, and wild pigs, it’s hard to beat the Black Hills Ammunition 300-gr JHP load, their 24-gr JHP is almost as good, but Cascio likes the slightly heavier 300-gr JHP load for more penetration.
Next up, we have the 300-gr JFN (Jacketed Flat Nose) round with a velocity of 1,300-FPS and a muzzle energy of 1,126 foot pounds. Buffalo Bore also has a 305-gr LBT Lead Flat Nose round that’s hard cast with a gas check, and it moves at about 1,325 FPS with a muzzle energy of 1,189 foot pounds. Sadly, Hellboy's Samaritan revolver doesn't actually exist so I'll go with a simple .357 Magnum. This revolver is in excellent working condition has wear from use comes as seen in pictures. On another occasion, it took four shots to take down a 250-pound black bear, from about twenty five yards away. I happened upon the badger while riding around my brother-in-law’s ranch on an ATV, and I saw it run off into some bushes. I had just pulled off the main road to one of my favorite hunting spots, when I spotted the bruin sitting on the side of the road, just twenty five yards away. I probably spend half my time hunting with a handgun, and the other half with a high-powered rifle. Either one of these rounds is adequate for medium to larger deer, if you keep your shots at 50-yards or less.
It will penetrate very deeply when fired from a handgun, through about three feet of muscle and bone.

This load will also penetrate about 3-feet through muscle and bone when fired through a handgun. The less complex mechanisms of  traditional revolvers don't jam nearly so often as automatic pistols.
You're going to get completely filthy wandering around the nuclear-winter-wonderland and so is your gun. We'd all love to have a machine gun oiled and ready for Armageddon, but procuring a reasonably priced revolver prior to judgement day seems much more realistic. Self-defense is going to be a must after a major event or collapse that sends the nation into a tailspin.
The 125-gr JHP .357 Mag round supposedly stops an attacker in his tracks 96% of the time, with one shot.
I enjoy the challenge of getting up close to my game with a handgun, and none of my handguns have a scope on them — I use iron sights and limit my shots to seventy five yards or less, and whenever possible, fifty yards or less.
When shot through a rifle, it doesn’t penetrate as much, as the velocity is higher and the bullet will expand more and penetrate less. You won't break your wrist, but even the largest zombie will be stopped in its stump dragging tracks.
It's a gun that feels good in the hand and bad in the back of your enemy's head after you resort to pistol whipping. From gritty ash to acid rain to unknown substances encountered in the horror of a mutant lair, you better be able to clean your weapon in a jiffy. Consider grabbing a few speed loaders, nifty little bullet holders that make for super quick revolver reloading with a little practice and preparation.
Every shot hit the badger, and every shot should have put an end to his life — but it took six shots to do it.

So I stepped out of the car with my holstered S&W 686, and unlimbered on the black bear.
To tell the truth, I’ve never taken any big game or deer beyond 150-yards, and most game has been taken at less than one hundred yards with a high-powered rifle. If the kid has to guard while you investigate potential food sources, load up .38's for less kick. Plus, their classic style might distract from your terrible radiation burns when courting the opposite sex. It wasn’t until the 4th round that the bear took a tumble down the embankment into a creek, dead at last.
Sure, with the right rifle and load I have the ability to take game out to 500+ yards, but I’d rather stalk my game and get closer.
Only downside, if any, is that this one is slow to reload with the old style side gate mechanism. Very informative video, but I'm sorry, if you ask any gunsmith or military man, they're gonna tell ya "Never dry fire your gun".
It can damage the gun to the point where it won't matter how many caliber it can fire, cuz it won't fire. Liked the video, the info has helped me in learning more about what I'm looking for in a side arm.

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