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Here is one of the sweetest little guns that I have seen in a long while, the Chiappa Little Badger.
In any true survival scenario stealth would be a key factor, giving away your bug-out location would be a big time no-no. After Garcia shut down making the odd little rifle, the Bauer Company up in Fraser, MI offered it as the BAUER RABBIT.
UBU, about the only new thing I've learned about this group since I wrote all the info in the various threads here on SOL, is that it wasn't called BRONCO by FIE. The Zombie Air Rifle will go the distance for 1000’s of rounds at hunting and target shooting in any weather. BUYER AND USER SHOULD CONFORM TO ALL LAWS GOVERNING THE USE AND OWNERSHIP OF THEIR AIRGUN.
Le staff d’Airsoft Entretien est heureux de vous presenter les nouveaux GBBR disponibles!
Airsoft Entretien : M4 Magpul GBBr Custom Depuis quelques mois, la mode est aux GBBr et aux pieces Magpul.
Merci pour tous ces retours, positifs comme negatifs, toutes les remarques sont bonnes a prendre! Le probleme des SPR sur base WOC est le prix de base de la replique, compare par exemple a un WE, ca passe du simple au double!
Petite MAJ concernant les prix de ces customs, avec comme bonne nouvelle la baisse des prix des versions GBBR.
The 10 round Ruger rotary mag is a bomb-proof piece of hardware, but cleaning is a bear, and loading it is slow. Often a better question to ask when comparing factory triggers is not which one is nicer, but rather which one sucks less. Aftermarket triggers for the Ruger are available, but enter a financial rabbit hole I managed to avoid thus far. The durability of a fixed stock over a folding or sliding one is the same consideration as comparing fixed and folding knives. The handguard on the M&P 15-22 is a non-easily (if at all)  interchangeable polymer quad-rail. Probably the most intoxicating feature of the M&P 15-22 is its weight, or rather lack of compared to an AR15. Given all the weight variables, and that both rifles are lightweight by any standard, this is a tie.
If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Subscribe to the FREE Survival Cache Newsletter and we'll send you a monthly email with new gear reviews, site news, survival tips, and more. 7 from Hamilton Rifle Co., marketed back at the turn of the century, the FIREARMS INTERNATIONAL CORP.
I may not have listed the last one obtained which was a MOUNTAIN ARMS marked Wildcat - which now gives me all three names connected that particular gun.

With the power plant able to yield a sizzling 1250fps and match grade accuracy with PBA® ammunition. Retrouvez dans la suite la composition et le prix de ces repliques pas forcement a la portee de toutes les bourses mais d’excellente qualite ! Pour le moment, on les commande au meme endroit que vous(un certain loup), mais on est en train de voir pour trouver un fournisseur moins cher. Now this is not a shooting match since neither gun is known as a tack driver so their performance papers would be the same and likely more of a test of shooter skill or optics power than gun performance.
Needless to say that the histories of these two rifle styles have had plenty of time to sort out their personal lives. Well, they do not quite say that outright, but read between the lines of “NOTE:  Pull the charging handle by both sides uniformly.” What do you think? So trading out the M&P 15-22’s plastic plunger for a Plinker Tactical ambidextrous aluminum one seemed obvious.
But again, since neither rifle is designed for ultimate accuracy, both triggers are close enough but if I had to choose a winner out of the box it would be the M&P 15-22. In fact, the main differences between the various M&P 15-22 models mostly involves the stock, whether by color or brand. While it looks and acts just like its metal counterparts, the plastic feel and potential durability (or lack of) makes me think twice about attaching any major-stress appliances like a QD adapter.
The M&P 15-22 is specifically designed to mirror the AR15’s operation, but not the AR’s weight.
Of course if an AR15 is not on your list today, then the choice between the two will be based upon other variables which might include the inverse decision of avoiding the M&P 15-22 at all costs specifically because it does look like an AR15. Whenever you have to convert something into something else, you will suffer design problems by having to conquer the shortcomings of the starting point. But the benefits of such a beast are weighted heavily towards the AR-side over the .22 side which might be a highly desirable standardization on its own.
Celui ci est toutefois plus classique, c’est un MK12 Mod1, et est toujours base sur le M4A1 WOC.
Car, en effet, chez redwolf les expeditions ne se font qu’avec EMS, ce qui fait des fdp assez chers, avec des frais de douanes tout aussi eleves, ce qui explique ces prix eleves. And there are those of the modern design with composite stocks, detachable box magazines, and aftermarket accessories. I will admit, however, that the M&P 15-22 is still a kindergartener in its current AR iteration.
Unfortunately the Plinker Tactical charging handle weighs 1.75 ounces or over half an ounce more than a real AR charging handle. Plus, for those of you who like to squirrel away supplies in any available nook or cranny of your rifle stock, the M&P 15-22 has no buffer spring but does have a buffer tube.
There is a subtle but noticeable flex in the handguard when you add an accessory that gives you a longer lever arm like a vertical grip or bipod.
The mission in life for the Smith, on the other hand, is to look, feel, and behave like a real AR15.

To make the M&P 15-22 feel more like an full-grown AR15, you would need to add a couple or three pounds to the Smith. So having a quad of rails handy is a distinct advantage that should not be considered part of the tie. In addition to a fake forward assist, and dysfunctional dust cover, the pistol grip, stock and trigger are proprietary, the barrel is a shrouded pencil like the HK, and the bolt is a total one-off that is not to be removed or serviced by the user.
Stayed at a gun show too long and by time I got home the No.7 had already sold for about half what I would have been willing to pay for it!!! Giving the nod to one gun over the other is a tough call since there is a 50 year history of reliability on Ruger’s side, but the AR simplicity for access and cleaning is on Smith’s side. So I guess if you consider being stuck in the world of adjustable AR stocks as a good thing, the M&P 15-22 might win this. But if you are going to carry the gun for miles on end, in all weather, with little concern for anything gentle, then a composite or polymer stock is the best. Instead of wasting the space, Smith and Wesson offer it up to the user through a rubber cap countersunk into the rifle butt. But remember the upper receiver, the lower receiver, the stock, and the handguard are all plastic (or polymer or composite or high-tech or whatever you want to call it) so being lightweight is the positive tradeoff. Either way, the nod has to go to the M&P 15-22 because the Ruger has no real options to compare except that it keeps your palm off the barrel.
In addition to leaving the heavy sights in place, and bolting on a little bling, some have suggested adding lead shot to the pistol grip. In this case, I am leaning towards the M&P 15-22 just because tear down and cleaning of the Ruger action is not fun, nor something you ever enjoy doing in the field. However, the exposed spring on the Smith is vastly more likely to muddy-up than the heavily enclosed BX-25 spring. But if you want to completely change the stock design from adjustable, to target, to conventional, to folding, then Ruger wins. For my use, I chose the lighter side of the coin and dumped the factory sights replacing them with Magpul Gen2 MBUS polymer sights, an FDE rear and a black front.
But if we carry this further, you save about $360 per thousand rounds shot meaning that that the M&P 15-22 would pay for itself in AR training experience by about your 1400th trigger pull. In fact, in the non-zombie world, the only advantage wood has over synthetic, in my opinion, is that you are always carrying around a chunk of firewood. About the only way to combat this conversion conundrum is to go with an expensive dedicated AR .22 upper with its own sights or optic.
You could make quite a few feather sticks from your wood stock before it snaps in half when the gun is fired, but it will likely break under it’s own weight before the recoil of a .22 would make a difference.
And either way, the .22 LR is a notoriously filthy cartridge so your precious AR15 will get all dirtied up when enjoying the benefits of the smaller cheaper round.

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