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In this episode, Amanda Latona demonstrates a different take on the traditional stiff-leg deadlift. Amanda Latona is an 8-Time IFBB Pro Bikini Champion, Team BSN Sponsored Athlete, TV Host, Spokesmodel, Personal Trainer, Posing Coach and Glute Guru. Many bodybuilding routines only work each muscle once a week, but to get your legs up to scratch, personal trainer and Mr. Aim to work each of the two bigger leg muscles -- your quads and hamstrings -- in roughly equal proportion.
To get bigger legs as a natural bodybuilder, you're going to have to put some serious graft in.
Revolutionary supplement blends 4 powerful weight-loss extracts--african mango, raspberry ketone, green coffee bean, and garcinia combogia--all in one advanced pound-shedding drop!
Aqua-Ra created a custom carton size to hold 30 stick packs of its Statin-Ease powder supplement. Manufacturing professionals—from companies large or small—know the impact packaging has on the overall success of a product. Using a cable creates constant tension in the muscles, so this exercise is a great burn for the lower body.
He graduated from Peter Symonds College in the UK with A Levels in law, business and sports science, and is a fully qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and corrective exercise specialist with accreditations from Premier Global International. Due to this lack of assistance, natural competitors can't handle the high-volume routines used by non-tested professional bodybuilders, as their recovery capacity is lower.

Universe competitor Hugo Rivera advises training your legs twice a week -- on Mondays and Thursdays, with extra calf work thrown in on Tuesdays. This doesn't just mean crushing it in the gym and striving to lift heavier each workout, but also eating enough to sustain growth.
Yet small companies are often at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to creating high-impact custom packaging because of their lower volume needs. When looking to bring up your legs as a natural bodybuilder, look at how often you train them and what exercises you perform. The key to a successful, natural bodybuilding leg routine is rotating exercises, notes pro bodybuilder Robbie Sardinia. No one single leg workout will ever be better than any other -- the key is the effort and intensity you train with. It was this significant hurdle that Ken Colley, CEO of California nutraceutical company Aqua-Ra, was able to overcome.Aqua-Ra’s flagship product, Statin-Ease, is a proprietary nutraceutical supplement that helps counteract muscle pains, leg cramps, weakness and fatigue often associated with cholesterol-reducing statin medications.
Layne Norton recommends making one session a low-rep, heavy workout and the other a high-rep, lighter workout.
An example would be performing back squats and leg extensions for your quads in your first session of the week, then front squats and lunges in the second.
Perform each exercise for four to six sets of three to eight repetitions and aim to lift heavier or get more reps each workout. Focus on gradually increasing your weights, bumping up your reps and training the leg muscles to the point of failure without using poor form.

Consumers can easily add the product, which comes in a daily unit dose stick-pack, to water or any other beverage and take it with or without food.To package Statin-Ease, Colley required a 2,500 custom-carton run with high-quality color and graphics that could each fit 30 individual stick-packs. Setting his sights on Pack Expo Las Vegas in 2013, Colley began his search by compiling a list of potential vendors based on the company’s needs.
After whittling it down to about a dozen candidates, he met all the potential suppliers on site and identified the best for his job.“Pack Expo provides a matchless opportunity to find packaging solutions,” says Colley. Trainer and competitor Brian Whitacre, winner of the WNBF world championship in 2011 and 2012, recommends back squats, leg curls, hack squats, leg extensions, stiff-legged deadlifts, Smith machine and Bulgarian split squats, walking lunges and seated or standing calf raises as the most effective leg moves. IFPA pro Doug Miller even recommends going as high as 30 reps per set to elicit muscle fatigue and growth.
They understood all the regulations and standards our packaging needed to meet.”With a supplier in place, Aqua-Ra was off to the races. Imperial will be there, too, exhibiting in The Brand Zone (Booth S-6925), the Pack Expo pavilion devoted to showcasing containers, materials, eye-catching designs and labeling applications.“Pack Expo provides access to so much information and innovation, and it’s all under one roof,” says Colley.

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