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The winner will be announced after the end of the competition and will be informed with personal email. Than referring books you can improve your English by communicating in English more than using other languages as means of communication. You can read few classics then even hear to broadcasters, they are really excellent speakers by which you can improve the pronunciation. NOTE: For learning good English, reading is not enough and you have to practice your english by regularly speaking and watching english movies.

3.Speak in English with your friends and if you are alone you can practice in front of mirror too . I will tell you the best books for it but before that I just wanted to give you some good tips which I followed to emerge my english skills. Try to implement them, then you will surely notice a great change in your efficiency in english.
If you don't have anyone to talk to, a second best would be to hire English language films on DVD and watch them with the English subtitles.

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