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I did a little work and put together this list of 11 of the best selling novels set in New York City. A classic coming of age story set in turn of the century Williamsburg Brooklyn.  A tail about growing up poor, and survive in an unforgiving city. One of the most famous books ever written in the ‘second person.’  The story follows an early 20s yuppie writer as he struggles with his job, young fashion model wife and cocaine addiction.
The memoirs of a young ivy league educated bond trader who becomes disillusioned with Wall Street. Best selling story of Jordan Belfort- a young and ambitious Wall Street stock broker who hustled his way to the top—and investors out of over $200 million dollars. F Scott Fitzgerald famous story of 1920’s excess set in and around New York City.  Considered one of the greatest American novels ever written. Breakfast at Tiffany’s The story of a beautiful young seductress obsessed with wealth and status and her exploits in Manhattan’s social scene.

Sex  and the CityThe popular, and extravagant, tales of a group of single women living it up and making mistakes in Manhattan. 25th HourA dark and intense portrayal of the many iconic characters inhabiting New York City.  Later adapted into a movie with the same name. Catcher in the RyeA captivating tale of a misguided prepschool boy, lost and alone in Manhattan which is as popular today as when it was first written. Moving to New York Guide is an online resource dedicated to answering your questions about moving to and living in New York City.
We have information about finding apartments, picking a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle, finding a moving company and life in NYC. We DO have a female designer, the awesome Tanis O'Connor, on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Any unconscious biases anyone might have about your name or your school or your previous experience or whatever?

Hyde story— Patrick Bateman, a 1980’s banker has it all:  money, looks, an active social life—and also a horrible and dark secret. Then they outline the book, assign it to freelance writers, work with the art team to figure out what art is going to be in it, and develop the freelancer text to ensure it’s exciting, well-written, and sounds like Pathfinder.
You’ll have a great team around you, full of people who genuinely want to make great games and want to work with you instead of competing with you. You’ll get to work with awesome freelance writers like Amber Scott and Crystal Frasier.

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