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Back in a college creative writing class, I was told everything we write about is potentially an autobiography, even if it’s intentionally fictional. This natural auto-literary drive, however, doesn’t take away the fact that personal memoirs straight from the pens of willing souls don’t sell as much as fiction or as much as probing (auto)biographies of controversial celebrities. But experience, either our own or other people’s, is indeed the best teacher, and a few autobiographies have been published that moved souls to action and refined their will to succeed.
Published posthumously in 1947 by the author’s father, The Diary of a Young Girl, about Frank’s Jewish-Dutch family that went into hiding during World War II, has sold about 30 million copies and is the top-selling autobiography of all time. Churchill, the greatest Briton of all, won a 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature for his memoirs, which exhibit his “mastery of historical and biographical description [and are a] brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values.” His books combine a first-person view of a stunning period of history with an account of the life of an important figure. Mandela will always be known as a figure of peace and just principles, who fought for sound democracy and won the sentiments and freedom of his people. Tennis star Blake’s Breaking Back is the only autobiography I keep on my bookshelf besides Frank’s Diary. Camille Diola I graduated in 2009 from the best journalism program in the Philippines, and I now work for a university where I interact daily with Gen Y-ers and those who help them become wiser.

Obama may not be the one-and-done solution many of us same-sex marriage supporters wish for, but he is an instrumental piece to the movement. Before hitting the local thrift store or a swap meet, here’s how you can use Pinterest to thrift shop like a pro. About The Next Great GenerationTNGG is an online lifestyle magazine about growing up in the information age.
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The Steve Jobs biography has become one of the fastest selling books of all-time, and has topped several best seller lists across the board. We just can’t help writing about ourselves, or at least referring to ourselves in our writing. Not everyone’s life is worth reading about in this manner, and fewer still are those whose lives are worth emulating. For decades, Gift from the Sea has served as an inspiration to women, encouraging them to set aside time for solitude and reflection amid life’s tragedies.

He went on to become the oldest elected president of South Africa, though failed to keep his family life intact. Even after contracting a series of injuries and a disease that could ruin his life and career, Blake’s infectious optimism and perseverance led to an astounding tennis comeback. In my spare time, I engage in non-profit work and advocate for responsible journalism and meaningful digital engagement.
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