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Arbroath Smokie: This is a wood-smoked haddock, produced in small family smoke-houses in the town of Arbroath, on the East Coast.
Bannocks (or Oatcakes): These are barley and oat-flour biscuits, which are baked on a gridle.
Scottish Beef: The Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle  breed is renowned for rich and tasty meat, which make excellent steaks. Scotch Broth or Hotch-Potch: This is a rich stock made by boiling mutton, beef, marrow-bone or chicken. Black Bun: This is a very rich fruit cake, made with raisins, currants, finely-chopped peel, chopped almonds and brown sugar with the addition of cinnamon and ginger.
Crowdie: Is a simple white cheese, made from the whey of slightly soured milk seasoned with salt and a touch of pepper.
Scottish Salmon: The Rivers Tay and Tweed are major salmon fisheries in Scotland and since Victorian times these and other rivers have hosted wealthy fishing parties on the estates of the aristocracy.
Bridies: This is an oval delicacy, similar to the Scotch Pie but unlike the pie, filling is crimped into the pastry case.
METAL plaques have been engraved with messages from fans of Scotland's national poet, which are displayed in the shadow of the Burns Monument in Alloway, Ayrshire. WITH Dundee Cake poised to join the exclusive club of Scottish food protected by European law, our gallery takes a look at Scotland's best food and drink. Katrina Tweedie is a Scottish-based journalist who worked for Media Scotland as a feature writer, then Commercial Editor, before moving to Scotland Now as Editor. She has also worked as a freelance journalist covering Southern Africa for a variety of national newspapers and magazines.
A STUDY by VisitBritain found that overseas visitors are more likely to purchase treats in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, with 40 per cent doing so last year.
SCOTTISH treats are proving a hit with tourists with four in ten of them buying food and drink to take home, a study has revealed. VisitBritain have found that overseas visitors are more likely to purchase food and drink in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, with 40 per cent doing so last year. This figure is ahead of the North East of England, which came in second place with 32 per cent.
Staff from VisitScotland information centres said that the most popular food and drink items for overseas tourists currently include whisky (including whisky fudge), Edinburgh Rock, shortbread, tablet, Irn-Bru, Scottish honey, jam and marmalade, Stornoway Black Pudding and tinned haggis.
The study, which was conducted in association with the Office of National Statistics (ONS) also found that Scotland is the most popular for memento hunters.
Almost a quarter (22 per cent) of overseas visitors bought holiday souvenirs while visiting Scotland - the highest proportion in the UK, with more than four in ten (43 per cent) buying clothes or shoes. VisitScotland said that food and drink is an integral part of the tourism experience, with the industry worth £13 billion a year.
The organisation said that in 2013, British residents taking overnight trips to Scotland spent £391 million on shopping as part of their trip.
Each country has their own traditional dishes like England’s roast dinner, Spain’s paella and Italy’s lasagne; however there are some countries that have more unusual delicacies. This Scottish dish contains the internal organs of a sheep, including the liver, heart, and lungs. A fried-brain sandwich is generally a sandwich with sliced calves’ brains on sliced bread.
Fugu is the Japanese word for the poisonous puffer fish, filled with enough of the poison tetrodotoxin to be lethal.

Balut seemes to be on every strong and bizarre foods list, One of the most popular dishes in the Philippines, where it is commonly sold as streetfood.
It is a well-known novelty dish in parts of the American West and Western Canada where cattle ranching is prevalent and castration of young animals is common.
Chicken cartilage no doubt one of the most bizarre foods, is commonly served in bars in Japan as a tasty snack.
As some of you may know from following me on social media, I’ve been road-tripping around the UK, from London all the way to North of Scotland and back (and just recently spent a week in Marrakech, Morocco but that’s a post for another day). So to start my UK road-trip posts, I present to you my top 5 Scottish foods to try when in Scotland.
Now Fish and Chips is not new to a Londoner like myself, but I guess eating fish that came from the Scottish waters made it a new experience? Incase you don’t know, Fish and Chips is either Cod or Haddock fish covered in a light, crisp batter, accompanied with deep fried chips. Subscribe to this blog via email and receive notifications of new posts, travel inspirations, travel advice and upcoming giveaways!
This little corner of the web is where I showcase my travel photography, share my personal travel experiences, recommendations and my love for home and beyond.
The seasoned whey is squeezed in a muslin bag to remove excess water, left aside for two days and then rolled in oats and served. In the centre is placed minced beef, a little suet and a sprinkling of very finely chopped onion.
It is most commonly served in the Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing which is famous for serving penis and testicle dishes, the yak penis dish is very popular as it is supposed to be very good for skin! Long before the era of Mad-Cow Disease, a sandwich made from fried calves’ brain, thinly sliced on white bread was a common item on the menus in St. Only specially-trained chefs, who undergo two to three years of training and have passed an official test, can prepare the fish. It consists of live nakji (a small octopus) that has been cut into small pieces and served immediately, usually lightly seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. A balut is a fertilized (mostly half fertilized) duck or chicken embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. In the Cambodian town of Skuon the vending of fried spiders as a specialty snack is a popular attraction for tourists passing through this town. Having seen so much of other parts of the world, shamefully I hadn’t seen much of my own country prior to this trip. The Scottish Breakfast that I had here was at The Hengler’s Circus, a JD Wetherspoon Pub in Glasgow. Having tried Argentinian Steak (which was the best steak I ever had), I was curious to try a Scottish Steak.
Just so you can avoid the mistake I made, in Scotland, they call Fish and Chips in batter, “Fish Supper”.
We were looking for other Scottish dishes to try at The Griffin Bar in Glasgow and this was recommended. For the past 7 years I've been living out of a suitcase, moving between my three homes in three different continents Europe, Asia and South America. You had probably never eat any of these top 10 bizarre foods, most of them are popular in their respective regions for pretty good reasons.
Mixed with stock and traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach and simmered for approximately three hours.

Some chefs will choose to leave a minute amount of poison in the fish to cause a tingling sensation on the tongue and lips as fugu can be quite bland.
The nakji pieces are usually still squirming on the plate when this dish is served and, if not chewed carefully, the tiny suction cups can stick to the mouth and throat.
As unappealing as half-developed ducklings are, balut is high in protein and also, an aphrodisiac. The texture is very chewy and sometimes can take quite a few mouthfuls to break it up properly. Also having a Japanese friend, who’d just became a British citizen, who has seen more of the UK than I had definitely spurred me on to exploring more of my home country! Haggis is mainly made up of Sheep’s offal (the bits which are often discarded) – lungs, hearts, and liver. It consisted of fried eggs, bacon, lorne sausages, black pudding, baked beans, potato bread and grilled tomato.
No offence to the Scots, but the Argentinian Steak still is in the lead on my Steak score board, but it was still good to try.
When I was in a Chippy (what we Brits like to call a Fish and Chip shop) in Mallaig, I noticed many out-of-towners, including myself, misreading the Fish Supper sign as “Fish Super”, thinking it was a larger size. Most modern commercial haggis is prepared in a sausage casing rather than an actual stomach.
The sandwich is still available in the Ohio River Valley, where the brains are now heavily battered and served on hamburger buns.
Perhaps the fuss of fugu is more in surviving the experience than the actual taste of the deadly fish.
These spiders are fried from a species of tarantula that is about the size of a human palm.
They are often deep-fried after being peeled, coated in flour, pepper and salt, and sometimes pounded flat.
Apparently it tastes a bit like squid and the eyeball comes surrounded by fish fat and severed muscles that are also meant to be quite tasty. Very similar to an English Breakfast which contains all of the above, but without lorne sausages, black pudding and potato bread, and instead with sausages in standard form, toasted bread (with butter), and fried mushrooms. I had my Aberdeen Angus Steak, which was served with chips, green peas, grilled tomato and mushroom, at The Foot of the Walk, a JD Wetherspoon Pub in Edinburgh. The Fish and Chips in the picture was from The Pier Restaurant in Uig, Isle of Skye, and it was definitely one of the best Fish and Chips I’ve ever had, then again, it probably was the most expensive fish and chips I’ve had too. The Mars Bars are cooked from chilled to prevent it from melting, and is fried in a type of batter commonly used for “fish” in fish and chips.
In El Salvador and Mexico beef brains, lovingly called sesos in Spanish, are used in tacos and burritos. Now I didn’t get the chance to try it so can’t exactly recommend it, nor add it officially to my numbered list of Scottish foods to try in Scotland, but doesn’t it make you curious to try one? Brains from cows over 30 months old at slaughter are no longer permitted in human food in the United States. I’m now going to be on a hunt for one of these in London, and will update this post and let you know what I think of it!

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