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The Season by Sarah MacLean – Full of coming out parties and tons of frilly dresses, The Season is set in Regency England. The Diviners by Libba Bray – There is so much sass in this New York City set 20s book. Vixen by Jillian Larkin- Channeling The Great Gatsby to the max, Vixed follows three girls’ lives as they deftly navigate their way during the Roaring 20s.
The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan – This is a gorgeous tale of gargoyles and ancient vows, all set in the city of lights.
The Academie by Susanne Dunlap – Set with some real historical depth, this book is set in Paris around the time of the French Revolution.
Belle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross – This book combines intrigue and friendship amid the trappings of finery and danger of gossip in France.
Now that you have a new Kindle, Nook, tablet or smartphone, why not load it up with some wonderful things to read?
The Thorn: Six years after the Scot’s bloody defeat at the killing fields of Culloden, Rolf St. Julie Moffett is a bestselling and award-winning author who writes in the genres of historical romance, paranormal romance and mystery. A dedicated history and film buff, author Georgie Lee loves combining her passion for Hollywood, history and storytelling through romantic fiction. Read An Infamous Marriage if you like marriage of convenience stories, seeing a hero repent and even grovel a bit, or if you just like a lot of history along with the sexiness in your historical romance. This entry was posted in Romance, Visiting authors and tagged Georgie Lee, Historical Romance, Julie Moffett, Readers Guide, Romance, Susanna Fraser.

I really need to put The Princess Bride on my to read list, I LOVE the movie, absolutely adore it!! It’s probably the closest YA fans will get to reliving a Downton Abbey type time and period setting. The era-specific sayings and the spunk of the main character Evie will make you think you’ve accidentally slipped into a speakeasy. Harry Houdini, spooky seances and jazz music create a gorgeous backdrop for the mystery and magic in this YA historical fiction novel. Some reviews says this is more of a middle grade reading age, so make sure you’re ok with that before jumping in.
I didn’t realize how many YA historical fiction books were set in Paris, but I’m SO THANKFUL!
Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby. Throughout the month of January, I’ll be posting suggestions to help you choose a good book to cuddle up with on those cold winter nights! James was sent by the king to apprehend the Black Wolf, powerful leader of the Scottish resistance and laird of the MacLeod clan.
She has a string of hits and a passion for her latest project, the Civil War love story Storm of the South. She began writing professionally at a small TV station in San Diego before moving to Hollywood to work in the interesting but strange world of the entertainment industry. She lives in Seattle with her husband and 8-year-old daughter, and when not writing or at her day job can be found reading, watching cooking competition shows (favorites include Chopped, Worst Cooks in America, and The Next Iron Chef), going to Mariners games, or singing.

The historical landmarks in the city are fun to pick out…amongst all the eating of brains. I just finished the second Cinders & Sapphires book (Diamonds and Deceit) and it is AMAZING! When he captured a dark-haired beauty on one of his raids, he thought she would be the perfect weapon, his key to the Wolf’s secrets. Although he was a thorn in her side, with each passing day she felt her resistance melt from the honor and tenderness beneath his dark exterior. Weston Holmes is the handsome partner of Holmes International, the parent company of Lion Studios.
In addition to historical fiction, Georgie writes contemporary romance novels and novellas. In order to prove his intentions were noble, she would have to risk family, country, and her heart before peace could ever be restored to her beloved homeland. Averse to risk and focused on the bottom line, he’s worried that audiences won’t accept an epic war picture directed by a young woman. With Hollywood in the midst of the Great Depression and the Women’s Decency League railing against working women, Vivien struggles to convince Weston that she is the best director to make this movie.
When a publicity mishap results in their staged marriage, Vivien and Weston must learn to overcome their differences to finish the film and find their own classic Hollywood ending.

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