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DC Comics has released its solicitations for July 2013, and there are definitely a few things worth noting for your next trip down to your comic book store.
Highlights for the month include a big launch to the Trinity War across the Justice League titles, several director’s cuts being released in the Batman and Superman universe, a whole slew of annuals with some mighty awesome covers and the return of Tom Strong from Vertigo. We also note that the end is nigh as Batman Incorporated #13 brings the epic Grant Morrison run to a close, but not before blood was shed. No longer a thing of the past, some of the big launches of June will get Director’s Cuts in July, and Scott Snyder is the man in the chair for both cases.
Vertigo announced that original Tom Strong co-creator and artist Chris Sprouse and British writer Peter Hogan will return with the brand new miniseries, Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors making the same and do not state or reflect the views of PEx Online Community Corp. May script na kasi nun si Direk Joyce Bernal at may scenes na rin silang nashoot nang bigla ba namang sabihan sila ng Star Cinema na i-adapt ang book ni Sir Ramon.
Ramon Bautista sa movie at may dalang aral sa mga brokenhearted na kung wala ang movie at book ni Mr.
Ang ending, tinuloy ni Direk Joyce ang original plot tas hinaluan na lang ng konting sipa at prankahan courtesy of the book.
Ramon saan ang punta nila kung hindi sa suicide, nababaliw,, hindi maganda ang pinupuntahan,, hope maraming ganitong movie na may matutunan,, dahil sa galing ni Bb.

Highlights from the image obviously include Pandora, The Question and The Phantom Stranger (who form the Trinity of Sin), Zatanna’s new costume, Constantine vs Wonder Woman (yes, look!), Superman punching Green Arrow in the gut, a female version of The Atom (just next to Pandora) and the return of Doctor Light.
Plus, we think we might already have one our favourites lined up for July’s Cover Story, as Jock delivers the cover for that special. Joyce Bernal, sobrang ganda, gaan ng feeling paglabas ng movie house,, kaya pinatok ng madla,, at wow ang yaman eh P100M plus plus,, KUDOS SA LAHAT ,, SOBRANG GALING NG KIMXI ni MR.

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