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You have already graduated from nursing school and are now ready and excited to take the NCLEX-RN exam. But here you are still clueless on how to choose which NCLEX-RN review books can best help you achieve the life-long dream of passing the NCLEX-RN Examination.
The Content Review means you need to focus on re-learning everything that you have learned (and forgotten) over the years.
The Q&A Review style, as the name implies, focuses more on answering practice test questions. This book presents Nursing topics in an outline form, and the facts stated here are really good and straight-to-the-point. Our Verdict: I will give this book two stars, as it is highly recommended for those who have confident test-taking abilities and those who prefer easy-to-read review books.
Our Verdict: This book gets three stars for having a good combination of content review and practice questions all in one quick and mobile study guide. Our Verdict: This review e-book provides a new approach to nursing review and deserves three golden stars!
Our Verdict: It deserves three stars as it also offers focused content review, case studies and challenging practice test questions.
Our Verdict: It gets four stars for having a lot of practice questions and for the really amazing and helpful strategies. Offering a lot of strategies on taking the NCLEX-RN exam, this book is excellent for those who prefer detailed explanations for all the answers to hundreds of practice questions. Our Verdict: It also includes tips for taking the test after previously failing it, a guide for international nurses and a quick guide on becoming licensed.
This is the book for you if you feel like you have forgotten everything you have learned in school and must re-learn everything. Our Verdict: This book gets five stars because it has all the nursing topics you need to know and has a lot of test questions for you to be able to practice.
Our Verdict: Definitely a five-star worthy complete package review book every future NCLEX-RN test-taker needs!
About the Author: Mary Elizabeth Velarmino Francisco earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines. Enter to win autographed copies of Rocket-Bye and Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?, written by award-winning author Carole P. The Children’s Book Review: Which five words best describe LETTING GO: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years?
Enter to win a complete autographed set of both IF YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN … series, written by author Carole P. Phyllis Perry discusses Stand Up and Whistle, an intelligently written work that young readers will certainly enjoy. This month’s best selling kids series from The Children’s Book Review’s affiliate store is Jennifer Chambliss Bertman’s The Book Scavenger series, an adventurous middle grade series filled with clues. This month Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare, and the The Unexpected Everything, by Morgan Matson, are in our hand-picked list from the Best Selling Young Adult HardCover books listed on The New York Times.
Enter to win a copy of Stand Up and Whistle, written by Phyllis Perry and illustrated by Agnieszka Grochalska. Caillou, everyone’s favorite preschooler, is back in this delightful collection of ten best-loved stories. Jeanne Birdsall is the author of The Penderwicks, which won the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. MAE AND THE MOON is a surprising and unique book that hits all the right notes for children and parents alike. Stand Up and Whistle is an intelligently written work that young readers will certainly enjoy.
MARK CRILLEY is the author of Mastering Manga, Mastering Manga 2, and The Realism Challenge, as well as several manga novels, including the Akiko, Miki Falls, Billy Clikk, and Brody’s Ghost series.

A Thousand Nights is the bold, feminist retelling of the classic Middle Eastern tale A Thousand and One Nights, this book is a lyrical, evocative masterpiece. Old MacDonald Had a Truck, written by Steve Goetz and illustrated by Eda Kaban, is all about putting a new twist on the beloved, playing with expectations to step things up a notch. Cole’s Perfect Puppy is the first book in the PERFECT PUPPIES series—a new series of Christian novels written by Frances Crossno. We’re celebrating the release of book 2 in the middle-grade mystery-thriller Serafina series by Robert Beatty! The hot books of June and our abundance of giveaways have been trending on The Children’s Book Review over the past month, as well as the article How Picture Books Play a Role in a Child’s Development.
Building Our House is a treasure trove of lessons for children, from the concrete (building a house takes time and work) to the abstract (cooperation and patience are invaluable when working toward a goal). This information for the best selling books was gathered from the New York Times Best Sellers list, which reflects the sales of books from books sold nationwide, including independent and chain stores. The Children’s Book Review, named one of the ALSC (Association for Library Service to Children) Great Web Sites for Kids, is powered by Bianca Schulze. Peter Brown’s The Wild Robot, a heartwarming and action packed middle grade novel, is at the top of our best selling middle grade books sold through our affiliate store. The best selling picture book from our affiliate store is Serge Bloch’s Reach for the Stars, an inspiring collection of idioms. This month’s best selling kids series from The Children’s Book Review’s affiliate store is Anthony Horowitz’s ALEX RIDER, a collection of spy novels for young adult readers. Acclaimed author Holly Schindler writes a compelling contemporary tale with a dash of magic. This month Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare, and the The Unexpected Everthing, by Morgan Matson, are in our hand-picked list from the Best Selling Young Adult HardCover books listed on The New York Times. Introducing mindfulness into the lives of our children and teenagers is perhaps the greatest gift we can offer.
Emily Winfield Martin’s delightful book, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, dreams of what children will someday grow to be. Mark Yoffe is a practicing internal medicine doctor who writes about medical books and education. I am aware of the very recently published new editon of NMS Surgery Casebook (which I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time).
I also really like OphthoBook which is available as a book on Amazon but at the same time is completely free online! I think that Mechanisms of Clinical Signs is an interesting and sometimes useful niche book.
This list does not even mention Family Medicine or Primary Care as categories for physician practitioners! If you have any family medicine or primary care books you’d like to recommend, please post as a comment. My criteria for inclusion are (1) conciseness, (2) usefulness, (3) accessibility to non-experts, (4) timelessness, or likelihood of the book to remain relevant for a long time. I think that the best internal medicine book overall is The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 9e (2014). Also, generally speaking, I think that almost anyone’s area of expertise could be condensed into a few hundred pages worth of material, and almost nobody specializes in something that takes more than 1,000 pages to articulate.
You have to review all the nursing topics one by one, and be able to remember them even whilst answering practice test questions. If you think you already know a lot of content on nursing topics, you can focus more on eliminating choices and answering test questions.
Although it does not offer a lot of tips and strategies, this book will still help you review essential information you might have forgotten over the years. This book will help you re-learn prioritization and management of care, which covers about a fifth of the NCLEX-RN exam.

This is a great book if you already know the content well and want to be able to practice answering test questions.
So, if you are confident enough to take the NCLEX, but just need a few more tips before you are ready to go, this book is definitely for you.
It comes with a CD-ROM that offers additional audio and video questions simulating the actual test format. The CD-ROM alone contains 1,300 questions of this guide’s total of 6,500 practice test questions. Roman has won numerous awards for her cultural series written for children ages 4 and up: IF YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN … AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD. It powerfully combines social protest, environmentalism, and some very effective education on ecosystems—especially as it pertains to the often-overlooked role of more modest creatures like prairie dogs.
This heartwarming tale is about a young boy, his love of dogs, and the importance of kindness. Enter to win copies of both Serafina and the Black Cloak (Book 1) and Serafina and the Twisted Staff (Book 2).
Rebecca Elliott (The Owl Diaries) approaches this potential minefield-of-a-subject with a novel combination of tenderness and candor in Missing Jack.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to convince myself that the new edition is superior to the previous one. However, I don’t think it is comprehensive enough to be useful as s physical examination book per se. I’d be happy to reply to you that way, since my reply will be off-topic for this blog post! I feel that it covers the pathophysiology behind signs and symptoms and lab findings in much more detail and more lucidly compared to either Harrison or Goldman Cecil. It looks like a pretty long book, though (more than 1,200 pages!), and I usually run out of gas way before reaching half that! Therefore, if a book is that long, it often suggests a multi-author publication of inconsistent quality. The Saunder’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination book is a really good content review book.
With coffee running through her veins, she enthusiastically battles each day, one article at a time. However, his drawings are not easy on my eyes and, due to no fault of his own, his work belongs mostly to the pre-computer era. This was a bit of a surprise to me because many books fall apart conceptually after they reach the third or fourth edition, especially when multiple authors are involved. For a beginner, this is much more important than debating the pros and cons of the latest modalities of treatment.
Combined with her love of books and experience as a children’s specialist bookseller, her goal is to grow readers by showcasing useful and inspiring books! Could I ask you please how you decided on a specialty and what made you interested in your current specialty? Sadly, very few textbooks truly help explain a subject, they would rather throw statistics at us and make us grope around for the significant bits that can actually make a difference. The grand prize winner will also win a totally cool OSMO Gaming System for iPad, Genius Kit. I like anesthesiology a lot, but also internal medicine (with a hope for pulmonary and critical care) but I’m not 100% sure about it. It’s probably most similar to Pathology for the Health Professions but more in-depth, clinical, and written as a team effort rather than single author.

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