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TRAVEL TIPTom says, Don't leave San Francisco without walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. So the answer seems obvious: if you've just finished watching a 49ers game at the brand new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, the only choice for dinner is to head back to San Francisco, right?
Interested in tasting the cutting edge, California cuisine that basically started the whole "farm to table" movement? Like 99 Chicken, Goo Yi Goo Yi is an excellent example of the fantastic Korean food that can be found around Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium.
Both 99 chicken and Goo Yi Goo Yi offer "Dak Bul Go Gi," the crispy and tantalizing Korean friend chicken. If you're not quite ready for black cod or octopus, try a meat dish, such as Kal Bi Tang (Short ribs in a mild soup). If you're running late to the game but don't want to just scarf down burgers, La Fontana's close proximity to Levi's Stadium makes it a reasonable "last-minute" option. Specializing in California and Mediterranean cuisine, La Fontana is your classic hotel restaurant: charming, clean and dependable. Started by the Garcia family in 1959 and passed on to the Furiosi family in 1999, By-Th'-Bucket Bar and Grill is a family owned and operated institution by every measure. Although this restaurants is proud of its long traditions, the Furiosi's did add to the menu and ambiance in 1999. What's not as famous are the fantastic Korean food option all throughout the peninsula, just south of San Francisco and the area where Levi's Stadium is located.
99 chicken offers a "healthy version of fried chicken, " as well as a sizable salad bar with all the fixings. For those who believe waffles should be restricted to breakfast time, Butter and Zeus does offer some yummy salads, such as their Garden Salad or Barbacoa Pork Salad. For those that believe waffles should eaten at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert, you can end your meal with a Banana Pudding Waffle.
Not only is the location convenient, but it also offers a lovely view of one hundred and forty acres of a pristinely kept green golf course.
Known for its excellent hardwood grilled steaks, chops and seafood, Birk's became a South Bay institution the moment it opened its doors in 1989. The Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence has been awarded to Birk's for nine consecutive years, so it's definitely a great choice for those who love wine.
Opened as Mike's Subs all the way back in 1956, what turned this one east coast store into a national franchise is quality ingredients at affordable prices.
You can put together your own sub or just order the "Jersey Shore's Favorite," which comes with Provolone, ham and "cappacuolo," which is an Italian-style cold cut made from dry-cured whole pork. Even if the main reason you came to the Bay Area was to watch football or some other event at brand new Levis' Stadium, you can't really call your California vacation complete without having a meal of locally harvested and sustained California ingredients. If you've rushed to the game, but then decided you want a world-class San Francisco meal, don't fret.
When you start off a meal with something like Ahi Tuna Tartare (with Asian pears, Pine nuts, Scotch Bonnets, Mint, and Sesame), you know you're not having the usual football stadium snacks. The only thing that Tom Molanphy loves more than the food, art, music, and culture of San Francisco is sharing it with others. Whether you are watching a Blue Jay's game or participating in a tour with your Smartphone in hand, being a visitor to Toronto can be a hunger-inducing experience.
Admittedly, some of our choices are obvious, like the 360 revolving restaurant at the CN Tower, also known as the highest "cellar in the sky." Others are just as appetizing, but perhaps not as easy to stumble upon, such as the delightful housemade pasta at Tutti Matti. There are lengthy eating guides to Toronto available that you could pore over and scrutinize to your heart's delight. If you go to Toronto, and talk badly about Wayne Gretzky, it is about on par with going to London and bad-mouthing the Queen. It is rare to find a restaurant that will satisfy a craving for a hot dog and provide you with sommelier approved wine.
There are a million ways we can get pizza at home, whether it be homemade, delivered or fresh from the freezer. Le Select takes the meticulousness of French cooking and knocks it out of the park in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Located inside the Renaissance Hotel in the Roger's Centre, dining out at Arriba is the most upscale way to enjoy the game. It is not often that you can go to a restaurant in downtown Toronto and be as connected to your food as you are at Hush. Luckee Restaurant is worth every nickel to quell the dim sum craving you didn't realize you had. While most produce and meat sources dwindle in the wintertime, it is a happy truth that seafood, specifically oysters, thrive. Courtney Sunday has lived in England, Switzerland, Canada and the US, finding her way into the professions of freelance writing and yoga teaching in between travel opportunities.
Best restaurants near fenway park in boston ma yelp Reviews on restaurants near fenway park in boston ma boston beer works thorntons fenway grill tasty burger el pel n taquer a eastern standard kitchen and Best restaurants near fenway park in boston ma yelp. English Bay is a notorious waterfront in the 604 and often the place to be during the summer (especially during the Celebration of Light) The beach is one of the most scenic of its kind across Vancouver so you know there has to be great food nearby.
Legendary Noodle is located at 1074 Denman Street, and is a perfect way to end your evening after a day at the beach.
Bayside Lounge is located at 1755 Davie Street and a great place to stop by after your walk on the beach. Ginger Garlic Cuisine of India is situated at 1738 Davie St and is your answer to butter chicken on the beach.
Red Umbrella Cafe is located at 1707 Davie Street and is the top spot for breakfast for brunch at English Bay.

604 Now keeps you in the loop on what's new, what's now, and what's next in metro Vancouver. K3, located inside the JW Marriott Hotel Aerocity is one of the most splendid and grand restaurants near New Delhi Airport.
The restaurants serve North Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines and costs around Rs 3,200 for two people.
Viva – All Day Dining is located inside the Holiday Inn, a five star hotel in Aerocity, IGI Airport, New Delhi. The Viva restaurants has outdoor seating arrangements and serves Indian, Asian and European cuisines. Akira Back is another restaurant situated inside the JW Marriott Hotel Aerocity, IGI Airport, New Delhi.
Clever Fox Cafe is located inside the Red Fox Hotel, Aerocity Hospitality District-IGI Airport, New Delhi. The place serves North Indian, Continental, South Indian and Chinese cuisines at drop dead price, only Rs 1,000 for two people.
Republic of Noodles, situated in the Lemon Tree Premier hotel is one of the few places where you can get Burmese and Vietnamese cuisines. With time-tested classics like linguini in North Beach or dimsum in Chinatown, sampling San Francisco's many cuisines is the best way to get to know this diverse, extraordinary city.
Some of the country's most daring and inventive chefs are nestled in San Francisco's seven hills. Because Santa Clara and the Peninsula, the area south of San Francisco, have their own tradition and inventiveness to offer you.
Then head to Parcel 104, a quality restaurant that was heralding the importance of organic food well before many of the hip Mission start-ups. Although reservations are preferred, La Fontana is in the Hilton, right across from Levi's Stadium, so you can afford to wait a bit with that kind of short commute.
You'll immediately feel that warmth and the importance of good hospitality to guests as soon as you walk through their doors. The most significant changes were a larger selection of fine wines, specialty By-Th'-Bucket drinks, fresh fish specials, upgraded banquet options, By-Th'-Bucket Market (where you can purchase almost anything we make to take home and cook yourself) and new gelato selections. Everyone knows this downtown neighborhood specializes in some of the best Chinese food around. If you're football fan who wants to try something more exciting than beer and hot dogs, 99 Chicken is the place for you. Since this place is very popular, don't expect to rush in and rush out right before the game. If you like waffles so much you want to treat them as slices of bread, this is definitely the place for you. For those who need a meal before or after a 49ers football game, though, is location right across the street from the stadium is hard to beat.
The restaurant itself expertly blends the clean lines of modern California architecture with the charm of a Vermont inn.
If you happen to traveling with a large group, they have a banquet hall that can be reserved, as well. If you're interested in the Silicon Valley crowd, a little different than the average football fan, you should check out Birk's.
San Francisco 49er players even love Jersey Mike's, so it's definitely a good choice for fans either before or after a game at Levi's Stadium. Chef Bradley Ogden has created an American-themed menu showcasing the finest efforts of local Bay Area growers, ranchers, and dairies in a celebration of seasonal dining delights. You don't have to wait until after the game to head to San Francisco to get the best meal of your vacation.
He teaches writing, journalism and literature at the Academy of Art University in downtown San Francisco. Formerly known as the Skydome, this magnificent retractable dome is easy to spot from a distance, as it takes up 12.7 acres of city space.
E11even is located right near the Rogers Centre and has style without sacrificing friendliness. Dishes are diligently prepared with accents as pronounced as the one in the restaurant name.
The CN Tower's 360 restaurant is a splurge, but it offers a genuine reason to get dressed up for dinner.
There are menus that are designed for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, kids and more, so there is always time to get some food in your belly in between roaring with fellow baseball fans. Located at the base of the Metropolitan Soho, Luckee supplies the kind of meal that you dream about for days afterwards. Therefore, visiting or living in Canada during the colder months of the year can be seen as a happy circumstance.
This location has one of Vancouver’s most coveted views of English Bay, which guests can enjoy from an all year long heated deck. Central Bistro has a patio that lets you enjoy the warm sun while eating delicious food, and a fabulous view of English Bay.
A popular restaurant all over the lower mainland, this location is unique because of its amazing view of English Bay. The lounge offers great views of English Bay and is known to be a trendy martini bar with live DJ’s.
The casual dining atmosphere provides you the perfect sense to relax and enjoy the Indian cuisine.
Sushi by the beach is becoming a popular trend and Yummy to Go is the perfect spot to stop by before you enjoy your day in the sun.

Fresc Co, located at the Terminal 1D, IGI Airport, New Delhi serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. And, if you have no plans to visit the IGI Airport, New Delhi, you can try Fast Trax at 7 other locations across New Delhi.
The enormous 66" HDTV that dominates one end of the area will keep you up-to-date on game time, too. From the meat to the fruits to the veggies, everything is harvested locally and by season, so you'll be tasting California at her very best with every bite. Located right in Levi's Stadium, Bourbon Steak and Pub has the quality of service and fine ingredients that Chef Michael Minna demands of all of his restaurants. Get on board by getting your sports fix at Wayne Gretzky's in the heart of the entertainment district. The food classifies as gourmet comfort food, with choices like the aforementioned hot dog, which is all beef and arrives with devilled eggs and coleslaw. Pizza Rustica is great at thin crust pizzas, slightly blistered and smoky from hot oven temperatures and covered with toppings that range from gourmet to traditional.
Most ingredients are organic and local, making exquisite flavours like steak tartare made with grass fed beef even more lavish.
Floor to ceiling windows provide amazing views of the Roger's Centre and the menu items are often rich and hearty. In either case, going to Tutti Matti is a flavour experience that is rare in downtown Toronto.
The ambitious and inventive chef Susur Lee has taken on another restaurant and has again succeeded in surprising the palate. We had taken this image on the net that we feel would be one of the most representative images for 1 64th scale trucks.
We got this image on the internet that we think would be one of the most representative photos for 1966 mustangs for sale. We had taken this image on the net we consider would be one of the most representative images for 10 best site. Their burgers, fish dishes, and salads are absolutely delicious, as well as their signature cocktails!
The K3 restaurant has 3 different counters with live kitchen offering Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisines respectively. The place serves throughout the night and is reasonably priced, just Rs 600 for two people.
As a "must see" tourist attraction, it is pretty high up there (even though it may not be as physically high as its neighbour the CN Tower). Wayne's has 32 HD televisions that play "all sports, all the time." A great selection of beers, along with Martinis that sometimes use Wayne's personal ice wine as a flavour enhancer (who better to create ice wine than a hockey player?). Asparagus and goat cheese pizza guarantees vegetarian happiness, while meat lovers can revel in everything from scallops to hot organic sausage. Make your reservations online and check the weather a few days before, as having your view fogged out won't make it worth your while. Canadian specialties with a twist include the duck confit poutine and portobello flatbread which comes garnished with pesto and goat cheese. His deliciously modern take on nouvelle chinoise cuisine makes every dumpling, noodle dish and meat lip-smackingly rich. Although their international and domestic oysters are some of the best aphrodisiacs in town, they also specialize in fresh lobster and king crab. Plan ahead for anything from gourmet grub to comfort food classics and your stomach will thank you.
Food also serves as a tribute with "The Great One's Burger" with the number 99 (his jersey number) seared onto the bun.
Italian favourites such as pasta, salads and wine are also available if you would like to deviate from the norm. Menus are seasonal, with steakhouse favourites and vegetarian mains that are garnished with fancy touches like foraged wild mushrooms and truffled beurre blanc. The decor matches the mood, with the Luckee theme extending through red accents (which in the Chinese culture, usually stands for good luck). The oasis rooftop patio is quite popular in the summer months, with square couches dusted with pillows.
There is also a private dining room for special events and an enormous patio to soak in the fleeting summer rays. Should you wish to do food first, tourist attractions later, the Le Select Bistro brunch is definitely worth making reservations for.
Or splurge on some haddock and chips, with bacon and apple coleslaw complementing the Canadian flavours. Meals are robust, like wild boar ragu that may make you lose the ability to speak for a moment. Dark wood panelling and Chinese art takes you out of Toronto and into a memorable food experience.
The appetizers are equally luscious and well proportioned, like the toscano board that comes with gooey cheese, salumi and house made terrine. You may not want to stuff yourself, but it will be hard not to try to cram as much of this perfectly balanced food into your mouth.

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