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Due to the limitations of the strip-mall where it is located, this is NOT a chair-friendly location. We used to go to Chipotle all the time and this location was always solid and never wavered on service but ever since the food contamination outbreaks I haven't touched a chipotle this side of the Mississippi.
Though the parking spaces are rated high, they are over 100 feet and downhill from the front entrance. I was at this location back in 2012 when I was in a chair and it was VERY difficult going to the restroom.

There is an access hallway between the waiting area and the dining room but it is just wide enough for a chair with maybe a few inches clearance on either side.
Which can be a problem when there are other people in the hallway or sitting on the benches waiting on their To Go orders.
I should also mention that there IS one handicapped parking spot at the other end of the parking lot near the UCO Jazz Lab that has a sign and a cutout and is uphill from Hideaway, plus there are a couple spots across the street which are actually for Stephenson Park but could be used; however there is no curb cutout across from those spaces so someone would have to help you up over the curb in front of the front entrance or you'd have to access from one of the cutouts on that side of the street.
I have also been to the Hideaway Pizza location near downtown OKC and it is a lot more chair-friendly.

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