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Many years ago we did a lot with foam insulated sub-zero winter gear, a few years ago we re-booted the company and started off building a fire starter kit based on what I had refined over the years and now our FSK is a premium fire starting kit, one of the worlds finest and most dependable pieces of gear for starting fire. PST development – I spent the better part of a year studying shelter, the current offerings as well as scouring old books looking at what people used to use. I’ll have to do another blog or perhaps even better a podcast detailing more information than this. Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Being able to catch fish while you are doing other chores around your camp can be a great asset in a survival situation. The post Survival Fishing a€“ How to Make a Primitive Basket Fish Trap appeared first on Preparing For SHTF.

McDonalda€™s Website Tells Employees: Dona€™t Eat Our Food Must-Have Supplies To Get Before You Bring Your Chickens Home Hundreds Of Property Seizures Due To California Rail (That May Not Be Built) Ten ways to recycle and reuse empty prescription pill bottles Makeshift Toilet Paper Holder Honey Lemon Lollipops What do you think of this idea? We wanted to emphasize that this was intended to be sized for individual use in a survival situation to provide essential shelter.
Below is an excellent video by Sigma 3 Survival School that shows you how to weave a primitive basket fish trap that is very effective. It was altered to a cylindrical shape to accommodate a stainless steel cup and Nalgene bottle and the bag made to allow mounting to handle bars or roll bars in addition to being in a pack compartment. As I looked at all the different tent set ups, I made notes of the pluses and minuses of each, there were a number of them that I liked equally well. There are so many more things for me to say about the PST, but for now it’s a start at least. In the end I went in the direction of versatility, having always had a desire for multi-functional  gear, so I decided to make a tarp.

I see now that perhaps it has never been explained to people the value and versatility of this size. A rectangular shape is generally considered best for a tarp, but for what I was after I found the square shape could give me most of the configuration styles that I liked, and by using diagonal setups I could use a much smaller and lighter tarp.
We sell far more of the PSTL which is 10 x 10, probably because in normal thinking 7 x 7 is too small for most people, well I’ve never been called normal. With those items out of the way so to speak, taking care of fire and core survival needs, we turned our attention to shelter beyond clothing, and that meant a tent or tarp. For most people a tarp would be set up as an awning, a lean to, a cover, or ground cloth, and I grant that at 7 feet long it is minimally acceptable in these configurations.

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