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My Best Pregnancy BooksHelping you have a simple, informative and life changing pregnancy and transition to parenthood. If you are currently in the first trimester, or not yet pregnant, these pregnancy books will get you off to a great start.
If you are in the second trimester, or are wanting to get a head start, these top pregnancy books for first time moms in the second trimester will be a great fit for you.
If you are nearing the end of pregnancy and are thinking about life after baby, these top rated pregnancy books books are especially for you. This book is conveniently divided into chapters that are based on each month of your pregnancy and the early postpartum phase. Overall, this book makes a case for incorporating meat and dairy into your diet during pregnancy. Despite the fact that the three books have differing philosophies on vegetarianism, they do all have one thing in common, and that is that quality, whole foods are ideal for pregnant women.
With regard to the growing dairy debate, I had come across an interesting note about dairy and nursing women.
Blueberries pack in many awesome nutrients, including an antioxidant punch to keep you healthy. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. It is likely that this book will be recommended to you at least once during your pregnancy. Expecting fathers also need some reading material to put them at easy when it comes to a new baby.
This 250+ page manual tells you all about the Bradley Method, a popular pain management solution for women as they experience labor and delivery.
This book provides a week-by-week guide so you can know what to expect as your pregnancy progresses.
I did a book review for this pregnancy book 2 years after having my Sawyer, but I really wish I had read it while I was still expecting. I read what to expect, but to someone that can’t keep calm or take it all in with a grain of salt, it can panic them. I actually don’t know of any pregnancy books to recommend, but your list looks like a great start.
When I was pregnant I just had the What to Expect Book and that pretty much covered everything! After 3 kids and having friends ask for suggestions, I agree with you that What to Expect When Your Expecting is a PERFECT book, especially for first time Moms (or Dads). My Best Pregnancy Books - Helping you have a simple, informative and life changing pregnancy and transition to parenthood. September 27, 2014 By Lindsey Morrow 4 Comments Remembering the details of a pregnancy is actually really difficult if you don’t write it down in a pregnancy journal.
August 13, 2014 By Lindsey Morrow  A Good Birth is one of the more inspiring birth books I have read in awhile.  It was challenging, thought provoking, annoying and amazing all at the same time.
When women get pregnant, they crave for any kind of information that they can gather about pregnancy.

I created this website so that your pregnancy research journey would be simple, informative and life changing.
Your body is changing, your belly is growing and soon you will be ready to welcome your little one into the world.
Any questions I had were answered in this books and I loved following our baby’s progression. Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. Hormone levels fluctuate during the 9 months of pregnancy, generating all sorts of interesting cravings, but crazy junk food binges are not the answer.
It discusses both yours and your growing baby’s nutritional needs, how your body changes during pregnancy, and preparation for labor and delivery.
Overall, it is a concise book for those who would like to incorporate or maintain a vegetarian diet while pregnant. Written in an in-your-face, sarcastic manner, the book aggressively takes a stand against the dairy industry and the corporate giants who pump sugar and other fillers into products.
There aren’t many suggestions for recipes and menu options.  For more recipe tips and ideas, I would keep an eye out for recipes and product reviews in magazines, healthy cookbooks, trusted media sources and holistic food consultants. While I am neither a certified nutritionist nor a pediatrician, I do think that a mother should eat an organic and local diet whenever possible. While certain gaseous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, onions and soy products were on this list of colic induction culprits, dairy products were listed as the main culprit. The nine months you spend baking your baby involves changes to your mood, body, and surroundings like you’ve never experiencing before.
It’s best to grab these pregnancy books as soon as you find out you are expecting – you will want plenty of time to absorb the information inside their covers! This paperback discusses more of what a man may be considering: the financial considerations of adding a third member of the family, dealing with the new emotions circulating your relationship, and how having a baby can affect several areas of your life and marriage. All medications make me paranoid of their side effects, so I turned to alternatives for dealing with the pain and exhaustion. Breathing techniques are paramount to this type of plan, and there are many helpful exercises and tips that will help promote a less painful birthing experience. Their website allows me to learn more about signs and symptoms me or my family may be experiencing. You will also get helpful advice on eating right, proper exercise, and what to avoid while carrying your little one. In traditional For Dummies style, this book makes your decisions regarding labor and delivery so much easier!
She's also a WAHM to 2 boys (5 years old & 2 years old), wife to an awesome husband named James, blogger, freelance writer, and self-proclaimed social media enthusiast.
I thought about What to Expect and read a bit in the book store and I worried it would make me too paranoid. This site was created for mothers everywhere, to inform, to guide and to prepare with the most accurate information we can find. If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter you may have already heard the news.

But whether ita€™s your first pregnancy or your fourth, you are sure to have questions, doubts and even fears. Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now! If you’d like to learn more about eating healthily and optimally during your pregnancy and beyond, here are three books to read that will guide your eating habits and choices during this joyful, miraculous stage of creating a new life! There are several magazine style Q&A’s throughout the book, which allows for easy skimming (it is 400 pages). There are a variety of produce items that should definitely be purchased from an organic source and others that are safe to be purchased without an organic certification. There are other books in the series that further your knowledge of raising a baby in the first and second years. I know my husband was thinking about the costs of having a baby as well as how he could support me emotionally and physically as I carried our child – and he found the answers in this book. When considering your own birthing plan, it’s highly recommend that you pluck this one of all pregnancy books off the shelf. So it’s only fitting that I enjoyed reading this pregnancy book before my kiddos arrived! Parents-t0-be may not realize all of their options for bringing their baby into the world, but this book helps you understand those choices. Momerish is her little spot on the web where she rambles about all things pregnancy, parenthood, family travel and entertainment, and more! There are so many pregnancy books out there it can be hard to determine what is worth reading, and what is not.
But for those who haven’t, I have written an amazing, extremely helpful and thorough eBook called Morning Sickness Remedies. It addresses a variety of questions and topics such as nutritional supplements and helping others support and honor your vegetarian lifestyle. Sears, suggests weaning off of, or completely eliminating cow’s milk if your baby is colicky during the breastfeeding stage. By eating right, the mother can avoid complications that are likely to occur during pregnancy.
There is an entire chapter devoted to comparing a vegetarian diet to a non-vegetarian diet, and it points out a tremendous amount of benefits for vegetarianism. There are several charts throughout that help mothers learn which foods provide essential nutrients to their unborn baby throughout their pregnancy. Some of the books I came across were better than others, so I decided I would share with you my absolute favorites. Planck recommends a variety of foods to introduce to your baby after at least 6 months of breastfeeding. If you are on a vegetarian diet or meat and dairy diet, it may be worth it to explore sheep’s milk and goat’s milk as other options during your breastfeeding stage.

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