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Black Book had to be on this list for the simple reason that it’s got a bad ass lady infiltrating the German ranks as a Jewish spy.
Oliver Stone‘s JFK managed to be one of the better (and overall best) political thrillers of its time.
Based on a novel by Frederick Forsyth, Fred Zinnemann‘s The Day of the Jackal expresses how careless a society can be to political conspiracy. The Parallax View is a dark and chilling account of a journalist named Joe Frady (Warren Beatty) who misses the assassination of a Kennedy-type presidential candidate, only to later realize that the killing is a lie and cover-up. Costa-Gavras’ Z tells the story of a political assassination in some vague European country.
Laura Frances writes about movies for sites like this one, and also works with Big Bird at PBS. Very few political thrillers feature a prominent female lead, and if they do, they tend to be a romantic interest. Like the best political thrillers, this one too stems from actual happenings that occurred in history. There’s a lot of parallels between Parallax and The Manchurian Candidate (also on this list), from the solemn military-style music by Michael Small to its satirical tone. The movie opens with the country’s political and military leaders who are gathered to plan the murder of Yves Montand, a leader of the opposition.
Gillo Pontecorvo recreated the guerrilla battle between native Algerians and the French forces that took up their land during their fight for independence in the late 1950s.

She enjoys going to Big Sur, watching David Fincher films, petting puppies, and the color green. Could this 21st century political thriller about smuggling Americans out of Iran join the greats like All The President’s Men, The Battle Of Algiers and The Manchurian Candidate? The film is set in East Germany, five years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, when the secret police was in full-force.
Despite enlisting an all-star cast that included Henry Fonda, Dan O’Herlihy, Walter Matthau and Frank Overton, Lumet made Fail-Safe on a shoestring budget. Jackal has a foreseeable ending, but Zinnemann’s attention to detail is gripping and exciting.
Thanks to a witty and sophisticated screenplay by George Axelrod, and a powerhouse cast that included Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury, Henry Silva and James Gregory, this movie is often regarded as the original and best political thriller in cinematic history. The Italian director peppered his movie with non-actors and used a cinema verite approach to give it an authentic feeling.
Directed by Basic Instinct‘s Paul Verhoeven, this film is based on true-life events that occurred during WWII involving the Dutch and the Germans. At the center of the story is famed playwright Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch) and his wife, actress Christa-Maria Sieland (Martina Gedeck), who are suspected of being disloyal to their government, and thus put under the surveillance of Captain Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Muhe).
Stone’s unique style of cinematography, cutting, sound, flashbacks and newsreel footage all contribute to the greatness of this film. The film was dubbed after a book that contained the names of traitors who worked with and for the Nazi government and against the resistance army.

The Lives Of Others is a carefully and delicately crafted film by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. The film was done in 1962, and based on a novel published by Richard Condon in 1959, but still feels like a timeless movie that came way ahead of its time. Through its dark humor, terrific acting and a documentary style approach, Z captures the scandal of what actually happened.
Black Book is a complicated film that follows a long timeline, but every minute of it is filled with suspense and great performances. Strangelove, but later was recognized as one of the best Cold War thrillers… with good reason. The whole movie is a thrilling tale of how two nobodies took down the most powerful man on earth – Richard Nixon. The Battle of Algiers is a work of art that genuinely captures the horrors of a revolution. The film is an experiment that spurred a lot of controversy in the media for being so open-ended.

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