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From Celox, QuikClot and Israeli Bandages to Suture Kits and our huge First Aid Kits Refill Section - you will find no better price or selection anywhere on the net! The SWAT-Tourniquet allows a more rapid means to control extremity bleeding and allows application higher into the groin and axilla than other tourniquets.
Intro: Altoids Survival KitI know most you all have your big 'ol first aid kits and I know most just throw them in their vehicle. Step 1: SuppliesThe best place to buy supplies for this first aid kit is the Dollar Tree and then Walmart.
Step 2: Getting Things ReadySo first I started off by putting the smallest things together.
All the components of the bee sting and wasp sting first aid kit are safe to take abroad, although as the kit includes tweezers and contains gel and sachets, we advise that when flying, the kit is packed into your main suitcase and not taken in hand luggage. For the majority of people, bee, wasp and hornet stings are painful but harmless, only affecting a localized area.
Bees and wasps sting humans as a means of defence, usually because we are trying to shoo them away from our food and drink. If you've got a wasp control or bee sting and wasp sting question, click here and we will answer you within 2 hours (Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm) if you send your question after 4pm we will get back to you first thing the next day. Its name provides a description for usage Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck, but also the communities for whom it was developed - military and civilian Special Weapons and Tactics teams. Its ease of application is one of its greatest benefits; individuals can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training.

And while some carry big backpacks, I like to carry just a small bag with me, with not a lot of room for medical supplies. The antiseptic wipes are alcohol free and the wasp bite gel and wasp bite patch contain natural plant extracts such as camomile which can be used on babies and children. However, a rare allergic reaction, such as anaphylactic shock, affects around 3 in 100 people. It can treat the sting of any bee such as honey bee or bumblebee and any wasp sting including the larger hornet. The best way to avoid stings is to cover up, wear long sleeves and trousers; however this is not always practical especially in the summer. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. These teams operate in an environment that has a high incidence of penetrating trauma, and most (two-thirds) of preventable deaths in the operational environment are from extremity bleeding. At a third of the cost and weight of other combat used tourniquets, this tourniquet should find its way forward with every tactical operator. Made of non-latex and can be used on any patient with extremity hemorrhaging or in need of a pressure dressing.
We do advise that when treating babies and small children it is done under adult supervision. People with this allergy can experience anything from large swelling which can last for several days to more severe symptoms which can be fatal.

If you are planning on spending time outdoors, the application of an insect repellent, such as Wasp and Bee Repellent Spray, is highly recommended.
If you experience any pain, swelling and itching anywhere else on your body other than the stung area, seek medical attention immediately.
Try to keep food and drink covered especially sweet things and never wave your arms about to try to bat the wasps or bees away.
If you have trouble breathing, headaches, sickness, feel faint and your heart races you need emergency treatment. It combines many useful and powerful functions for outdoor sports such as digging, cutting, chopping, self-defence, lighting and even for mobile phone battery charging etc. In these emergency situations the bee sting and wasp sting first aid kit should not be used.
Durable and strongThe shovel body is made of imported high carbon steel that is heat-resistant and wear-resistant. In the event of an injury it is important to rely on a product that will not cause further harm as well as properly treat it. Our medical supplies are ideal for replacing commonly used products in one of our first aid kits.

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