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Award-winning novelist Jesmyn Ward tells the stories of five young African-American men – her brother included – and their lost opportunities. On December 7th, 2011, YALSA announced five books as finalists for the 2012 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction, which honors the best nonfiction book published for young adults (ages 12-18) during a November 1 a€“ October 31 publishing year. Congratulations on Wheels of Change being selected as a finalist for the 2012 YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction! I was fascinated by the idea of the humble bicycle as a catalyst for so much change.  You posit that many of the major social shifts in American history during this time were a direct result of the increasing popularity of bicycles.  What if the bicycle as we know it had never come to be? Would we be wearing hoop skirts right now? You have published many books exploring the ways in which women, sports and history intersect.
As a feminist and a sports fan, I also find the interrelationship of sports and women’s history fascinating.
I’m sure our readers would be interested in hearing about your writing process as a nonfiction author.
More often than not, I’ll get the glimmer of an idea while working on something else and then do a lot of research to try and lock it down. In the book’s introduction, you talk about the freedom you felt your bicycle offered you as a child.  Do you find yourself tapping into those feelings when you get on a bike now? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A couple of new comments have been added to that thread, so please head over to the above link to read the whole chain, but I wanted to post separately about a new development in the conversation, which is a fascinating comment on Goodreads by First Second, the publishers of many fabulous nonfiction graphic novels, including one of our Best Adult Books for Teens of 2011, Jim Ottaviani’s Feynman.
Graphic novels are one of those things that it’s hard to fit in the nonfiction category – because everything is so described that it’s just about impossible to be 100% accurate. In any case, I thought our readers might be interested to see another side to the conversation. The Adult Books 4 Teens blog was created to help librarians who work with teenagers find the best books published for the adult market that have appeal to teen readers. With very few exceptions, only positive reviews will be published, so the appearance of a review should be considered a recommendation.
Books: A Timeless Way to Enjoy YourselfDespite all of the advancements in modern technology, few sources of entertainment can beat a book when it comes to personal enjoyment.
Join our monthly GalleyChats, to find out which new galleys should be at the top of your TBR pile. It was inevitable that the movie Everest would renew the controversy surrounding the various accounts of the 1996 fatal climb.
As we wrote earlier, there are several books on the disaster. Jon Krakauer wrote the most successful and well-known version, his blockbuster Into Thin Air.

Krakauer’s book is not the basis for this film (it was adapted as a TV movie in 1997, which he also disliked intensely) and no one connected to the script consulted him. After a strong box office at IMAX theaters, Everest slipped when it opened last week in regular theaters. Reviews have not been stellar.
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Working on Wheels was an unusual experience for me because everything just seemed to click.
She lived in Colorado, where many of the roads were unpaved, yet in 1896 she rode 17,196 miles through mud and snow and everything else imaginable.
I once heard Betty Friedan say that she had no use for sports and the only thing she used the sports pages of her newspaper for was to line her bird cage. Do the ideas come first, or do you tend to discover your next subject while doing other research? There was a long period of time, almost 25 years, when I stopped riding, but then I decided to enter a sprint triathlon. We provide recommendations and reviews, commentary and news about titles in all genres and formats: narrative nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels, thrillers and mysteries, memoirs, fantasy and science fiction, contemporary realism, arts and crafts and more. No matter how impressive computer graphics get, no machine can replicate the powerful and immersive experience created through your mind's eye when you read a book. Email me with information on books getting an unexpected number of holds and the titles you enjoy recommending.
He is a character in the Everest film, played by House of Card’s Michael Kelly and is far from happy about how he is represented, telling the L.A.
He tells the paper that he considers the film a personal affront from director Kormakur and is particularly unhappy with a scene in which he refuses to help in a rescue attempt, “I never had that conversation … I’m not saying I could have, or would have. I found great anecdotes, wonderful collections of memorabilia, terrific news clips, and very relevant quotes from prominent feminists attesting to the impact of cycling on women. During this time of social upheaval, the bicycle helped empower women both physically and emotionally across all classes of society. He reviews for a variety of library journals and blogs and recently contributed a chapter to The Complete Summer Reading Program Manual: From Planning to Evaluation (YALSA, 2012). No video game can truly transport you into a different world in the same way that a book allows you to travel through space and time and experience new things, epic tales, and unforgettable journeys.Whether you want to experience an epic space odyssey or read a romance novel about two vampires falling in love, nothing can beat a great work of fiction.

Plus the folks at National Geographic were as excited about the book as I was, and that shows in the wonderful design and production values.
If the bicycle hadn’t provided this push for change, the forces already in motion would have reached their goals eventually. Plus she had one of the best quotes in the book, explaining why she didn’t like to ride with her husband.
When you run or jump or hit a ball, you’re marshalling control of your body and displaying your strength for all to see. I loved how strong I felt, traveling under my own power, and I was amazed at how different it was to interact with my environment from the seat of a bicycle. Feynman, we had to have a whole big discussion about the depiction of Richard Feynman as a person who rolled up his sleeves.
If you are a student, there are textbooks, educational books, magazine back issues, and even children's books for new students. Exploring an oft-overlooked subject, Frank has crafted an honest and raw true-to-life narrative—and one laced with the barest sliver of hope.
The fact that YALSA chose Wheels as a finalist is a tribute to everyone’s efforts, and on a personal level, I really appreciate it as a validation of my work. As girls became more educated, the balance of power between males and females slowly started to shift. I keep researching even after I start writing, fleshing out the story on a chapter-by-chapter basis. It also helps that I do my own photo research, because often the images I find inform the story. But in the book, he had his sleeves rolled up all the time – and the depiction of him as a person who was always getting down to work was emblematically portrayed in those rolled sleeves.
And if you are just pressed for time, there are many audiobooks too.Your Favorite Authors are HereNo matter your favorite genre, you will find all of the authors you are looking for on eBay's digital shelves. In Wheels of Change, I decided to include features on cycling songs, the cycling press, and the use of bicycles in advertisements because I found such great visuals. Rowling's Harry Potter books, delve into some spooky Stephen King books, cuddle with a steamy Stephanie Mayer novel, solve a crime with a Steig Larsson, or accomplish a mission with Tom Clancy, you can find your favorite authors here.Boast Your AllegiancesDr. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." If you want to learn interesting things and go exciting places, stop procrastinating and get around to your reading list.

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