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Patti Smith, who rose to fame as a punk rocker in the 1970’s, released this memoir in 2010. Change happens so quickly in New York City, and as a result, many buildings are easily forgotten. Perhaps the best known book on this list, McBride’s memoir The Color of Water is only partially set in New York City. I intend Stevereads to be the ongoing autobiography of my reading - but I still love interaction! Stevereads Staples!I have a weakness for regular features - and I've indulged that weakness here at Stevereads! In the second of a two-part series, our judges and former winners choose their all-time favourite non-fiction books that explore medicine. Ranging from memoirs to guidebooks, we should have a selection that fits every kind of reading experience that you’d ever want! We source Kate Ascher on many of our Cities 101 pieces, as the book is a great reference for finding out how the different parts of the city come together. As such, Waterfront bends many genres: marketed as a non-academic nonfiction book, it is sometimes a guidebook, occasionally a memoir, but also very academically detailed in some parts. Just Kids, which discusses her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe during young adulthood, was a New York Times Bestseller and won the National Book Award for Non-Fiction. Hamboussi’s book of over two hundred photos (that took five years to collect) captures some wonderful moments and scenes.
With Automats, Taxi Dances, and Vaudeville, writer David Freeland sought to resurrect stories of places of leisure and nighttime enjoyment.
However, it is arguably the best modern rags-to-riches, dream-realization story that New York is known for.
I am heading to NY in the Spring and I have never been there so trying to get as much literature on the subject as I can. The New York Times Best Seller list is widely considered the preeminent list of best-selling books in the United States.

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The Creation of Anne Boleyn by Susan Bordo – I admit I groaned a little, Tudor fan though I am, at the prospect of reading yet another biography of Anne Boleyn, having read all the previous ones and having formed the strong impression that no new life of this woman will ever again be necessary.
This brilliant historian was stricken with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and though it paralysed his body and brought his early death, it made him hungry to communicate his insights into history and politics in our time, to say the huge things which were most urgent.
A moving companion piece to Marion Coutts's Wellcome Book Prize-winning memoir of her husband Tom Lubbock's illness and death, 'The Iceberg'. An engrossing, original, important and moving story that combines science, ethics and social history. Another side of the 'The Double Helix' story and also a fascinating insight into the life of a female scientist in the 1950s.
In this eccentric essay the bookish physician meditates on the relationship between 'science' and religion in his virtuoso English baroque prose style. Exhaustive but never exhausting, detailed but never dense, scholarly but never specialist, this is a textbook that can also be read as a compelling story and as living, relevant history. Ostensibly a medical treatise, this vast tome is in fact an encyclopedic and kaleidoscopic discussion of everything under the sun, conducted in Burton's bewitching serious-facetious style. Because of the beautiful writing, the thoughtfulness and the uncluttered way she shows us that cancer is just a malady, a body gone-wrong thing that can be put right.
Because when I was a teenage reader the section describing the visceral shock of going from the safe middle-class world of a 21-year-old at the University of Oxford to being a nursing volunteer (here and also on the Western Front) made a huge impact on me. This illustrated book clearly explains many complex urban processes, such as harbor dredging, traffic lights, and water tanks.
If you are looking to gain a lot of city knowledge from a lifelong New Yorker, Waterfront is the book for you!
Some of the book’s best maps are those submitted by celebrities, including Yoko Ono, Malcolm Gladwell, and Matt Green.

What caused the book’s success was likely its emotional and personal story of friendship, combined with the truthful depiction of New York City in an era that is all too easily glossed over or forgotten.
The images usually contain no humans but often feature vibrantly green flora of some sort–a sharp addition to the otherwise bleak color palate.
McBride writes about his childhood growing up in the Red Hook housing projects with a devout Christian mother (who was very secretive about her own childhood), an African American father, and many siblings and step-siblings. It is published weekly in The New York Times Book Review magazine, which is published in the Sunday edition of The New York Times and as a stand-alone publication. Norton) –  Happy the year when there’s a first-rate work of Biblical exegesis on my year-end list, so how much happier when there are two! In these pages, Lasdun has the courage to doubt his own certainties about identity and accountability, and his prose is chillingly understated, implicitly underlining the fact that everything happening to the author in this book could happen to any of us. Lopate isn’t just a shrewd and insightful editor (whose big 1994 anthology The Art of the Personal Essay is one of the truly indispensable books of the 20th century), he’s also our single best living practitioner of the personal essay, but what use does the hyper-distracted universally-blogging modern age have for a pensive, meandering form perfected by the likes of Emerson and Hazlitt? Tom Lubbock was an art critic, luminously intelligent about paintings and about everything.
His memoir examining of race, faith, perseverance, and family is perfectly complemented by the New York setting.
I will keep hers as my little travelling companion for sure and recommend it to anyone looking to plane a trip there!
Anne has always been a particularly plastic figure, shaped to suit the times, and Bordo traces those many shapings with tremendously readable skill.
In this thick, immensely satisfying volume with the hideously dull title (once again, all your publishing houses: my services are available at very reasonable rates), Alter continues his amazing work re-invigorating the entire Bible with fresh translations and thrilling analysis.
The book ends up being a kind of hilarious interpretative food-fight that had me re-thinking old assumptions about the play – and yearning to see it on the stage again.

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