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Either way, we have decided to express our love for you by carefully choosing a list of the best sci-fi and fantasy books coming out in February. Remembrance is the seventh installment of the popular paranormal romance series Mediator by Meg Cabot, which apparently up until now has been a YA series; however, with this book, it moves into more adult territory.
Considering that The Life of Pi is one of our favorite books, and that Yann Martel has been relatively inactive since, we were overjoyed to hear of the upcoming publication of The High Mountains of Portugal.
Morning Star is the thrilling conclusion to the highly popular Red Rising Trilogy, from debut sci fi author Pierce Brown.
Sudden Death by Alvaro Enrigue was originally published in 2013, but has now been translated from Spanish to English by the talented Natasha Wimmer (best known for her translations of 2666 and The Savage Detectives). Calamity is the third and final installment in Brandon Sanderson‘s highly popular Reckoners series.
Quantum Night is a new standalone science fiction novel from Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Robert J. Celtic myth meets biblical lore meets fairy tale in The Last Days of Magic, the debut novel from fantasy writer Mark Tompkins. The Spider’s War is the highly anticipated conclusion to the five-part epic fantasy series The Dagger and the Coin by Daniel Abraham. In this first-ever special edition of the popular Wings of Fire: Legends series, readers will travel back to a time when powerfully dangerous dragons Clearsight, Fathom, and Darkstalker were just dragonets. Turtle power reigns supreme in this deluxe hardcover retelling of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. In Katy Birchall’s debut novel, super-shy 12-year-old Anna Huntley thinks she’s a total dork.
The author of Sidekicked and The Dungeoneers brings young readers a sweet and funny story about three sixth-grade boys and their devotion to their teacher.
The Wild Pack dogs are back in this thrilling second installment in the Survivors: The Gathering Darkness series. Some of the authors on our list are perennial bestselling authors, who have a track record of being well received by the public.
We consider what type of social media buzz is generating via Twitter, Facebook and GoodReads. Or maybe you are unattached and for you the 14th is just another Sunday to curl up on the couch with a book (there’s certainly no shame in that). We’re not sure exactly what this entails, only that this book will be the first in the series to be published by William Morrow, which is the adult division of HarperCollins. Martel’s writing style seems to be very polarizing, but we are fans of the fable-esque, abstract, almost poetic quality of his work.
They have the unique ability to literally reach into fantasy books and pull out magical objects and abilities, thereby bringing them to life. Fans of The Hunger Games will enjoy this dystopian series, which is set on Mars and follows a character named Darrow, who is identified as a Red; in other words, a member of the lowest tier of a color-coded, caste-based society. The basis for the series is an event known as the Calamity, which endowed ordinary humans with extraordinary powers; they subssequently became known as the Epics. This alternate history takes readers back to a time when magic still existed, as did magical beings. She is also a mechanic from the Tri-Cities area of Washington, surrounded by supernatural beings such as werewolves, vampires, and the fae. Although at times this genre seems to over-saturate the market, there are several authors that do it well, and Anne Bishop is one such author. While her other books seem to have met with lukewarm reviews, their are many readers who absolutely love them, and her latest book is receiving largely positive initial reviews.

Bestselling author Rachel Renee Russell’s new series, The Misadventures of Max Crumbly, kicks off with its first book. It’s a surprising story about the origins of evil in Pyrrhia long before the battle of the SandWing queens and the prophecy of the dragonets.
This time, the Brotherband bunch finds itself in unknown territory, having been caught in a major storm at sea. In order to save New York City from an evil menace, the masked turtle crew—Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo—may have to expose themselves for who they really are in this exciting adventure. She’s happiest hanging out at her home in London with her Labrador named Dog, recreating famous film scenes like the lift from The Lion King during that “Circle of Life” song. Larson’s Pennyroyal Academy finds Princess Cadet Evie returning to the Academy now as a second-class Cadet.
Well, you’re in luck, because Jamie Kelly is back with more observations about life at Mackerel Middle School, which, as you may have guessed, is still super-dumb. With Whisper now dead and Storm nursing wounds that could have only come from another dog, the pack is forced to face the truth—the danger they’re facing is coming from within their own group. We also take into consideration how much hype major online retailers are placing on pre-orders. His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more. It makes sense, as at this point in the series, main character Susannah Simon is becoming an adult herself.
This book is split into three sections, spanning almost a century, all connected by similar themes that will be familiar to The Life of Pi readers.
He works in the mines and dreams of a better future, unaware that he is basically a slave to the ruling class. Following their subjugation of humanity, a group known as the Reckoners emerged to fight back. This thought-provoking psychological thriller explores the dark recesses of the human mind, tackling concepts such as ethics, morality, consciousness, and human nature. Humans and Sidhe (also known as Nephilim) are ruled by twins Aisling and Anya, who are two of three parts of a Goddess responsible for keeping peace between the races and is periodically reborn among them. In this book, Mercy and her mate, Adam, take on a rampaging troll and come across a human child that had been stolen by the Fae.
It’s recommended that newcomers to the series start with the first book, Written in Red.
After being home-schooled by his grandmother for his entire life, Max is finally getting his wish of attending public middle school. Fans of the series will love the new background info and plot twists and turns in this adventurous tale.
Hal doesn’t recognize the area from any of his maps, and there are no locals anywhere in sight.
But her journalist dad just got engaged to a famous actress, unexpectedly thrusting Anna into the spotlight as Britain’s new It Girl.
Her triumph over the witches in the first book proved that Evie really did belong at the Academy, which is exactly what she wanted; however, Evie knows something is very wrong at Pennyroyal Academy when she witnesses three princesses—who are supposed to be upholders of truth and justice—attack an innocent woman.
Bixby has cancer and will be unable to finish out the school year, best friends Topher, Brand, and Steve come up with a plan to give their teacher the last day of fun she really deserves. But this time, Jamie, Isabella, and Angeline have cooked up a moneymaking scheme involving food—that is, if they can come up with something people actually want to eat. Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others. If you enjoy the distinctive writing style of this #1  internationally bestselling author, you definitely won’t want to miss his latest work. A terrorist organization arises, and fuels conflict between magic users and the governments of the world.

By now, he has figured things out and joins a revolutionary group, where he becomes a Gold and infiltrates their ranks to take them down from the inside. In this book, the main character David confronts the most powerful High Epic in a quest for redemption. It follows experimental psychologist Jim Marchuk, who has developed a tool for identifying psychopaths; then, while being questioned about his invention in court, discovers a six-year gap in his memory from twenty years prior.
They are also tasked with protecting their charges from the Vatican, who is intent on wiping magical beings from the face of the Earth.
Fans of paranormal romance should definitely check this series out; start with the first book, Moon Touched, though, because you might be lost if you jump in now. Meg Corbyn, the main character, is what’s known as a cassandra sangue, or blood prophet.
Rachel Renee Russell kicks off a new series, Wings of Fire: Legends gets its first-ever special edition, and Dear Dumb Diary is back with an all-new entry. After some funny blunders and truly absurd moments, Anna learns the importance of staying true to herself in this hilarious and endearing book. And Pennyroyal’s Headmistress General, Princess Beatrice, doesn’t even believe Evie’s account of what she witnessed. The story, which rotates between the three boys’ very distinct voices, manages to be both heartbreaking and hilarious. The book is accessible even if you haven’t read the first three books, but if you have time, we of course recommend it. While classified as a YA book, the spectacular world building and well-developed characters make this series a must-read for teens and adults alike.
This brief novel skillfully blends history with imagination, putting a fanciful, and often humorous, twist on historical events and figures. Sudden Death is refreshing in its inventiveness, and while it borders on bizarre, adventurous readers should definitely check it out. Sanderson has already proven himself to be a masterful storyteller, and this book is no exception; initial reviews are overwhelmingly positive. He then reconnects with his forgotten quantum physicist ex-girlfriend, and together the two discover a startling truth that has the power to shake the foundation of society. Plot-driven and action-packed, Fire Touched has the power to evoke both laughter and tears.
Her kind becomes allied with the Others (the collective name for all the supernatural beings), and in Marked in Flesh, face a series of attacks from radical humans intent on taking their land.
The characters are all complex and well-developed, the world building is spectacular, and the conclusion successfully ties together all the plot threads in a satisfactory manner. Elizabeth, the heroine and a witch, must find Tegan and protect her from Gideon, a dark warlock. The Return of the Witch is a captivating story set against an interesting historical backdrop.
Then Evie receives a threatening letter and knows she has to get to the bottom of the devious rumblings at the school. The concepts are well-researched, yet accessible, although some elements border on the ridiculous (it is science fiction, after all).
Max wishes he were as powerful as the comic-book superheroes he reads about—and even draws—so he could take down Tommy. While this series may be ending, we definitely hope to see more from this author in the future.
Unfortunately, though, Max’s only superpower is his ability to smell pizza from a block away, which won’t exactly save the day.

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