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December 8, 2014 Pin1K Share72 +16 Tweet19 Stumble5I love sharing our favorite new children’s books. The Princess in Black is an early chapter book by the author or The Princess Academy (the two books are unrelated) and her husband.
The Storm Whale tells the story of a boy who brings home a baby whale he finds on the beach. Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters has gotten a lot of praise this year, and rightly so.
Naked was a super big hit at our house too…not least because we also have a streaker here! Here are the new hidden items cheats for the December 2014 issue of the Penguin Style catalog!
Of course when you come to the United States to learn to speak English, other things are bound to happen.
This part three in a year long series in which I share what my kids and I consider to be the best books of the year. Would you like to know more about our favorite new chapter books in my favorite books series?
I’ve been wanting to read it myself and I was wondering if my son would reject it out of hand because he is very into the idea that girl stuff is icky (insert eye roll here).
We also really enjoyed Once Upon an Alphabet and I’d better not share Naked with my son or else he might never want to put clothes on again! Both The Man Who Walked Between the Towers and How to Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers are favorites in our house, and they are both remarkably different books, topically and visually. Delivering the latest gaming news, cheats, and guides, our site has become a stable for Club Penguin players and their friends. My favorite books are sure to turn up elsewhere, though, so be sure to check the index of all our book lists.
He also re-enacts the book several times a day — whenever he finds himself without any clothes on, actually.

This is a gentle tale that focuses on the relationship between a boy and his working father, what it feels like to be lonely and how to make a connection with those we love. Spencer claims he is too busy, but the two children become enmeshed in imaginative play and very, very busy together. 11 year old Maggie decides, that as a future President of the United States, she should keep a journal of her life. With thousands of guides and posts, our team continues to run an awarded Club Penguin fansite with ultimate fun! It felt like a fitting way to spy on historical events that are impossible to look at but that must, nevertheless, always be kept in sight. You can also follow our facebook page, where I frequently share what my kids are currently reading. Fortunately, the tongue in cheek story telling and action-packed adventure about a princess and unicorn with secret identities, along with colorful illustrations easily won over my son. I must say, I love to see him getting so involved with transferring his love of a story to “real” life! My 5 year old asks for it repeatedly (see my comment in Druthers about his daddy-obsession) and I don’t mind reading it. What attracted my son to this book was the contrast between what was happening on the page and the words of the story. Her writing is filled with humor about everyday situations as well as more serious issues, like learning about her dad’s MS.
However, I found Jeffers’ droll and ultra-short tales for each letter in the alphabet very entertaining, as did both of my boys and the book quickly became a favorite. The text describes the grand adventure that is happening in the children’s imagination, but in the illustrations we see them joyfully playing with everyday items like cardboard boxes and kiddie pools. A year later, the duck has still not gotten his jelly beans back so he sets off to retrieve them. Tully Mystery series (see that on my list of Mystery Early Chapter Books) and is by the author of Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type.

When the fellows get into a heated argument, the farmer discovers a way to cease their fighting and make the most of both viewpoints.
The humorous stories are mostly unrelated to each other, although there are a few loose connectors that kids can pick up on. My 5 year old loved pointing out that contrast, which was an excellent exercise in reading comprehension! Along the way he meets a dog, a ladder, a babbling brook and hive of wasps who all want to travel with him.
It is a witty adventure starring 4 cheeky and bumbling chickens who solve mysteries on the farm. My older son has not read this book, I recommend it for the older end of middle grade readers, age 11 and up. By the way, have your boys gotten into Kate Klise’s Three Ring Rascals series (there are three out so far)?
The duck shrinks the dog and the ladder and puts them in his pocket, the babbling brook travels in the duck’s gullet and the wasps in his ear. Large type and loads of pictures make it a good choice for kids just starting out with chapter books. I have a hunch that they would love these early chapter books–sophisticated plot and humor enough for your oldest, but graphics and word-bubbles galore to keep your youngest entertained. Both the author and illustrated have perfectly captured the joy that comes with a cool breeze on one’s bare backside.
We cannot stop reading them (now if only I could find a minute to write about them, too…).

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