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If the resulting stories are, in fact, new, fun, and not convoluted, then this relaunch business will all be worth it. I’d simply love to know if DC has done any actual market research to discover who the most likely new readers are. Personally (and as the father of a comic-hungry eight-year-old) I think kids (and their parents) need to be a huge focus of communicating the “READ COMICS!” message. Massacre continues to be one of the best and most fascinating newly-created villains in the new DC Universe. The art in this book remains some of the most lifelike and unique within The New 52, and really brings the story to life as something more gritty and realistic than we’re used to with Batman in Gotham. Batman himself still appears sparingly within this book, and yet his few words leave an indelible mark on Batwing that we see throughout the story. This entry was posted in Comic Books, Reviews and tagged Batwing, Comic Book Review, Comic Books, DC Comics, The New 52.
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When the New 52 started almost three Septembers ago, many of us longtime DC Fans went into it with a degree of fear in our hearts.
Full disclosure: Wonder Woman was not a title that I followed religiously before the New 52. This book has been a constant performer and was so well written that the creative team got the call up to the big leagues and given the reins of Detective Comics. While USA Today, with a circulation of 1.8 million the second-largest newspaper in the United States, looks to be the hub for coverage, DC has also reached out to publications like the New York Daily News, the New York Post and the Boston Herald. The article is accompanied by a preview of Batgirl #1, which includes a flashback to the events of The Killing Joke.
It’s do-or-die  this month for the books I bashed last month, and time to see if the titles I loved last month are as good as I thought!

No single facet of the book excels beyond the others or is anything earth-shatteringly amazing, but the pieces of this book are all very good.
Africa is a darker and more corrupt place than even Gotham, and the artwork perfectly conveys this dark atmosphere.
This is different from Batman training a kid to be his sidekick in Gotham–this is Batman training a man to protect an entire country by himself. They stock a crazy huge number of comic books, and the prices on new releases and graphic novels are always 10-30% below cover price. For those of us that are fans of the “Dark” books of DC, this type of team book was something that I never thought we would ever get to see.
Not only did we get an amazing wrap up to the Geoff Johns era, but we have had the introduction of maybe the single most interesting Green Lantern in the form of Simon Baz since Stewart was introduced in 1971.
As a devoted Justice League fan, I have seen enough of her over the years to like the character, so when the New 52 came along I jumped at the chance to start reading her monthly title. I love this book for a lot of reasons but the fact that it has never lost its all ages appeal resonates with me the most.
I hate losing the books I love and having my favorite characters changed or de-aged or otherwise made unrecognizable.
After reading DC for 5 decades, it’s time for me to focus on what other publishers are doing.
Are any of the new 52 going to be appropriate to share with my son, or are they all still aimed squarely at the current — shrinking — fanbase? I’ll be reviewing all 52 #2 issues released this month, and you can find all of the reviews on the Comic Book Reviews index page. That Batman has that kind of faith in David imparts a great deal of credibility and intrigue to the Batwing character. I’ve been buying from TFAW for close to a decade now and never had a bad experience, so I have total confidence in their speed, value and quality.

It comes out in a tough week, surrounded by stellar books of their own right like Animal Man and Swamp Thing, but Batwing has a consistent strength and flavor all its own that’s going to keep me (and hopefully other readers) buying it.
Although there have been a few creative changes, the quality of the book has remained very high for me overall, and is still something that I look forward to every month. Every Green Lantern fan in sector 2814 was terrified at the idea of Johns leaving the book, but new writer Robert Venditti has not missed a beat. After reading “The Court of Owls” storyline, I was absolutely sure that there was no way the title could get any better.
This is the sort of thing that it’s essential we learn about Batwing in order to become really invested in him as a person as well as a superhero. The answer to those questions is something that really depends on what your personal pick for favorite character and or title.
The art in the book has been amazing and the storyline has been both complex and enjoyable. Outside of press and media releases what is their motivating message to get non-readers to buy a new DC book? I heaped tons of praise on the Batman of Africa in my Batwing #1 review, and even named the issue one of my Top 5 New 52 #1 Issues in my New 52 1st Month Review Round-Up & Report Card. Like just about anything in life, we got some good and some bad in the massive DC relaunch. Was that just a fluke, or does the second issue maintain the same high standard of quality?
I’m not certain that new comic book readers are going to have the patience to wait for a proper origin story for this character.

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