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Gun(s) and ammo - handgun or rifle (Preferably both - with either the handgun or the rifle being of .22 caliber for shooting small game and because of the ease of carrying a large amount of relatively light ammo. Many of these surival items, gear and equipment can be purchased online through such fine websites as the one operated by BackCountry. Remember, ita€™s always better to travel in a group, whether ita€™s a family group or a group of neighbors.A  Ita€™s safer and bulkier optional items can be distributed among your fellow travelers.
If initially you are traveling by car, then the optional items above should certainly be taken in addition to your Go bag and along with jumper cables, a tow rope, cans of sterno, and a basic tool kit for car repairs.

Finally, it's important to remember that the items in your survival Go bag have multiple uses which I will explain in detail later as some of the outdoor and medical uses are not readily apparent.
General survival preparedness rule #1 - if possible buy a cabin away from urban areas where survival will be easier!
These basic outdoor survival items, gear and supplies, are frequently carried by hunters and other outdoorsmen, and are perfect for your Bug Out or Go bag (backpack) in a disaster survival situation. In particular, I like their extensive selection of camping and backpacking stoves (of all major brands) which can be used for both cooking and heat.

These optional and additional items could of course be stored in an action packer or cooler and kept in your garage next to your car. In a worse case scenario, many of the survival items can of course also be used at home if you are unable to leave.

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