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While World War II pictures would dominate the screen for years, modern conflicts in the Middle East have resulted in a new wave of war movies which depict the often harrowing and upsetting realities of these conflicts. So, here are just 10 of our favourite modern war movies of the past twenty years or so, give or take a few years here and there.
Lone Survivor told the true story of a Navy SEAL who found himself hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned when his team were all killed around him following a botched mission to track a Taliban leader.
Though the title gave the game away in some respects, it was still hard to not hope they would find a way out of it, and it’s to the credit of the cast that they were able to get us to care about them (something director Peter Berg failed to achieve earlier in the movie with cliched and obligatory wife at home mentions and the like). The 10 best books about war culture the guardian Winston churchill covering the boer war as a war correspondent c bloemfontein south africa photograph bl singley corbis this was the best book churchill The 10 best books about war culture the guardian. Did you know thanksgiving outdoor decor is most likely the most popular topics in this category?
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In this highly praised autobiographical work, the author of "The Great War" and "Modern Memory" recounts his own experience of combat in World War II and how it became a determining force in his life. The prices for Doing Battle: The Making of a Skeptic is valid in all major cities of India including Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune. The first chapter of the Avengers’ resurrection as a brand in 2004 following the divisive Disassembled event (which made some readers wish failure on New Avengers) finally put Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine et al into the kind of star-studded superhero team that I dreamt up with crayons as a kid – seeing it happen, while bolstered by a great supervillain prison break storyline, was a highlight of reading comics in the past decade. A dark mirror image of the Marvel Universe, ex-Avenger Jessica Jones lives just on the fringe of superhero culture, a private detective who encounters various comic-book lowlifes in her line of work.
Joss Whedon’s X-Men got me back into comic-books after an extended absence, cutting away the continuity and getting down to the business of telling great stories with a smaller, iconic team of mutants.

A perfect contemporary Captain America story and a superb espionage thriller, this book deals with the return of a figure from Steve Rogers’ past, bearing a deadly new identity as well as casting doubt on his memories of World War II.
Brubaker and Matt Fraction confidently treated the lore of Iron Fist as if the character was Marvel’s biggest icon. A valuable addition to the Marvel Universe, Runaways follows a group of young kids who find out their parents are supervillains, leading to them going on the run as they discover their own superpowers.
Easily the most important event of the revamped Marvel, Civil War saw the heroes divided over a government act in which masked vigilantes would have to declare their identities to the public, with Iron Man leading the side supporting it and Cap leading those who oppose. Available in three parts and a person-sized Omnibus edition, this is the best post-Frank Miller run of Daredevil there is, putting Matt Murdock firmly back in the noir framework and dragging his life through the dirt in endlessly creative ways. Others might put the focus on action, but almost all have at least something to say about war. The lengthy sequence which shows us that makes for edge of your seat viewing, with the four men doing all they can to survive, and three ultimately failing.
With Bendis and Finch, this high-profile relaunch had the talent it needed to make the Avengers a smash hit for Marvel once more. Ed Brubaker manages to build something entirely new from Cap’s history without rewriting it, as well as portraying Steve Rogers as a positively-motivated patriot in the face of an increasingly cynical America.
Bendis imbues the newly spider-bitten Miles Morales with the defining benevolent and comedic aspects of Peter Parker, while giving him a whole new set of personal problems that puts a refreshing angle on the book’s characterisation.
Captain America is a depicted as an angry conservative soldier out-of-time, Tony Stark throws up in his suit and the Hulk is a psychologically terrifying menace rather than just a big green giant that lobs stuff around.
The one-off,  miniseries The Sentry is the type of self-contained Marvel story they should do more often.
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The original Ultimate Spider-Man by Bendis and Mark Bagley is excellent, but there’s so much of it to catch up on that new readers might as well get involved with the Miles Morales version instead. The high school-set Mary Jane series is underrated, since it demonstrates that Marvel publishes great stories that aren’t necessarily focused on superheroes (even though it obviously has Spider-Man in it).
Fraction and Aja’s new book, Hawkeye, is already showing signs of being just as strong. Strangely, the death of Peter Parker may well be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Ultimate Universe. Old Man Logan is an excellent Wolverine story set against the backdrop of a supervillain-ridden future, while on the other end of the scale, Origin was a key title in Marvel’s editorial resurrection during the last decade.
And, finally, Kieron Gillen’s fairytale-like Journey Into Mystery, reincarnating Loki as a child.
This should definitely be enough to get you started, or alternatively, give you some nice suggestions if you’re looking for what to read next.

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