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In this article we are going to discuss an unfortunate byproduct of the huge worldwide interest in our anatomical advancement: Male enhancement scams.
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Force factor volcano review - supplements watch, Volcano is new pre-workout supplement designed by force factor, an award-winning company. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Choosing the Best Penis Enlargement Pill is like getting a license to sleep with hot women your entire life. I am a fucking mad man when it comes to my cock and I know my shit better than any doctor or so-called "expert" out there. It was created by a team of researchers and doctor's lead by a famous Ivy League educated doctor named Dr. If you have never taken a highly concentrated nutraceutical pill, it will feel a little weird at first. The key ingredients in SizeGenix are: Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, Long Jack, Vitis Vinifera and Long Pepper Extract. Butea Superba 528 (528) - Finishing in second place is this outstanding product from Dartford Kent Laboratories of London, England. In addition to their large amount of Butea Superba, it is also driven by a very sophisticated and precise extended-release nitric oxide delivery process called Rapid Expansion Technology – but that’s just a fancy name for “delayed” or “extended release technology.” This is a way for them to get L-Arginine into you system without dissolving in your stomach. Sure there are many products on the market that use L-Arginine as the focal point of their formula, but 528 is very different. Before I tell you a bit about the rest of the formula – let me remind you no matter what pill to take – remember my number one trick or secret or whatever you want to call it – it is to TAKE YOUR PILLS WITH GRAPEFRUIT JUICE!!!
It’s my choice as the “best of the rest” behind SizeGenix, and can certainly do a great job making your penis bigger and giving you more powerful erections – hard as a lead pipe!
Penatropin is and always has been a high-quality, scientifically advanced male enhancement pill from PHYTO HEALTH USA. Penatropin’s formula has consistently exceeded expectation for the past 5 years – that’s the reason why the guys over at PHYTO HEALTH refuse to make any changes to it. SizeGenix is clearly the most advanced pill I have EVER seen and has earned the right to be called the best pill (I think ever).
That being said, I have tried and used some really amazing products and Penatropin is definitely one of the best. As the purveyor of pussy pounding and the connoisseur of big dicks it doesn’t get any better than SizeGenix – but Penatropin is still a very good pill.
In summary, Penatropin is a superbly-engineered male enhancement formula based on sound scientific principles and delivery technology that works wonders. Flynt Dominick has gone from nobody to porn star in less than one year and credits Xantho Rx.
While SizeGenix is clearly king of the hill and has earned the right to be called the best pill (I think ever), Vaso Ultra might just be the best product when it comes to recovery time. In summary, Vaso Ultra is a superbly-engineered male enhancement formula based on sound scientific principles and delivery technology that works wonders.
What in the world is a muscle building product doing as the number four rated “Get Bigger” male enhancement pill?
Enzyte MRC – This a new product from the new owner of the Enzyte brand and guess what – this shit is good! The company that bought the Enzyte brand is called Vianda, and they are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. ArginMax is an all-natural male enhancement product that helps reduce erection problems caused by erectile dysfunction (ED), which affects nearly 30 million American men each year. Ingredients: ArginMax contains l-arginine, ginseng, ginkgo, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B, selenium, zinc and niacin. According to LovetoKnow expert Mike Johnson, vitamins A, C, and E also increase sex hormone production, improving a man's sex drive and penile strength by strengthening the veins leading to the penis. Is it Safe?: Yes—but be careful if you have a pre-existing heart condition, liver or kidney disease.
Vigorexin - A new product put out by a marketing company trying to cash in on the success of Wal Marts mega seller Zy -rexin.
Stimulin - This is an interesting product whose main compound is the patented nutrient and potent amino acid L-Citrulline. Prelox Blue - Network marketing giant Herbalife has put together this well-formulated and effective product. EXTENDACAL – Pretty decent product that has a solid group of ingredients, which over time can help enlarge your penis. Argionic's male enhancement capsules don't promise to make your penis larger—instead, they claim to make it harder, stronger and more rigid, making sex more pleasurable. Ingredients: Argionic Capsules contain l-arginine, ginkgo bioloba, maca extract, yohimbe and tribulus terrestris.
There isn't much evidence it can increase hardness and rigidity, however, although increased nitric oxidation may increase penile hardness. Maxativa – Designed to release bound up testosterone over time, is this better than an average combination of herbs and vitamins?
AVELA - Avela is a natural male enhancement supplement that claims to improve sexual performance with its synergistic, proprietary blend of herbs and extracts, including eurycoma longifolia, ginkgo biloba and maca root extract.
Ingredients: Avela contains l-arginine, eurycoma longifolia, cniddium monnier 50% extract, xanthoparmelia scabrosa extract, GABA, epimedium sagittatum, butea superba extract, avena sativa extract, mucuna pruriens extract, ginkgo biloba, maca root extract, tribulus terrestris extract, muira puama extract and bioperine. Brought to you by the same company behind InVigra, Elexia is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that claims to improve sexual stamina, performance and desire naturally, without the use of harsh stimulants, drugs or chemically-based ingredients. Although it contains other sex-boosting ingredients, such as l-arginine and ginseng, it's either a low grade form or spread out thinly throughout its proprietary blend, minimizing its effects on ED. Whenever there is a popular product you will always see knock-offs trying to cash in on the success of the original. This product Longevex is clearly an attempt to confuse men into thinking it is Longinexx - one of the top five male enhancement pills in the world for over three years. Ingredients: Provigro contains barrenwort, maca, velvet bean, tongkat ali, panax ginseng and l-arginine.
Tenaga XX is a proprietary male enhancement formula based on ancient Mayalsian medicine, which they claim instantly revives male vitality.
Ingredients: Tenaga XX contains a proprietary blend of eurycoma longifolia root extract (tongkat ali), cosmos caudatus leaf extract, lemon and safflower extract. Triverex is a male enhancement supplement used to enhance the size--and the performance--of the penis, which helps reduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Ingredients: Triverex contains a proprietary blend of Korean red ginseng, l-citrulline, maca and epimedium.
Ingredients: Enzyte contains ginkgo biloba, horny goat weed extract, Korean ginseng, tribulus terrestris extract and L-arginine. But these ingredients don't play a role in Enzyte's supposed ability to increase the penis's length and girth. Its very easy to get caught in a scam when choosing a male enhancement or penis enlargement product…especially male enlargement pills. It seems to me as though they are supposed to increase the size of Russel the Love Muscle to impress the lady folk, but I was wondering if that's all it's good for. British sailors of the third rate, 74-gun ship Wellington had docked in the Sandwich Islands, on the island of Maui. A lot of you guys reading this just want to have a bigger dick thinking it will get you laid more. If you want to read all the science and technical shit – you will find it here on my website in other sections. If you have ever tried another male enhancement, or "dick pill" as I call them that didn't work, you know what I mean. After analyzing and putting this product to the test, the bottom, bottom line is SizeGenix is the real deal. It's already as smash hit in LA and in pro sports, and in the next 18 to 24 months I believe it will be talked about more than Viagra and Cialis.
I was first exposed to this product in 2009 when I was doing a show in Amsterdam and the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidal turned me on to it. This allows more of the “good stuff” in the pills to be more effective and get down to the area they need to get to – the two chambers of your penis! It’s the same thing with SizeGenix and that because of the Butea Superba – smells like crap. The cost is middle of the road with a one-month supply costing about $49 - $59 depending upon the time of the year when you order. This unique formulation combines highly effective ingredients like Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to deliver maximum nitric oxide production.
Unfortunately, failing to keep up with the advances in the Male Enhancement Pill industry has finally caught up to Penatropin. It is so extremely advanced in terms of ingredients and research that no pill can even come close to how well it performs. Other products have made me bigger and harder, but there’s no question that this pill has helped thousands of men get a huge dick and turned back the clock on their libido. You can get Penatropin all over the place - Amazon, eBay, GNC franchisees, VitaminShoppe and in many adult novelty stores around the USA. Remember, in a get bigger pill we are looking for a pill that is going to first and foremost make your dick bigger. Many have tried to knock them off, and there was a scam a few years ago with counterfeit Xantho RX, but it only lasted about 9 months. A very high percentage of survey responses also note much harder erections with these pills.
Men seem to be able to have sex, and then be ready again more quickly with Vaso Ultra than any other product.
Other products have made me bigger and harder, but this pill has an energizer bunny type kick to it that I really like. By the way don’t be scared because there are some countries where some of their ingredients are illegal. Real good.  If you are a fan of my penis pill ratings then you know that I have bashed Enzyte for years as being a massive scam.

It works by increasing blood circulation to the corpus cavernosum, the spongy material inside of the penis that creates an erection. The effectiveness of l-arginine on male sexual health is paramount—according to a study reported in the British Journal of Urology, 31% of men who took l-arginine supplements doubled their nitric oxide levels, significantly reducing erectile dysfunction.
L-arginine can cause low blood pressure or affect the blood's electrolytes, causing heart or blood pressure problems.
ArginMax contains safe, effective ingredients that help reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, increasing penile hardness and rigidity. Citrulline, like Arginine helps increase the production of Nitric Oxide, which in turn helps boost erections.
Like Vigorexin this is actually a good product, something that is quite unusual for marketing companies. This seven compound formula provides most of its benefits in the form of L-Arginine which has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow helping to expand the capillary matrix of the penis. Its synergistic blend of active compounds can provide a big boost in helping you add size to your penis. It enables this through l-arginine, an amino acid they claim increases blood flow to the corpus cavernosum, the spongy material inside of the penis that makes it erect.
Our lab tests reveal it contains average amounts of l-arginine and yohimbe, ingredients that may reduce the complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that makes it difficult to maintain (and sometimes produce) an erection. Yohimbe is associated with an increased risk for insomnia, panic attacks and hallucinations. Popping an occasional capsule isn't likely to improve your reproductive health, but daily supplementation will—its ingredients are proven to reduce the complications of erectile dysfunction (ED), making it easier to maintain an erection.
The special Maxative herbal blend the company touts is comprised of Smilax Root Powder, Korean Ginseng and Damiana. Taken daily, it supposedly preps the reproductive system to produce harder, easy-to-maintain erections, eliminating erectile dysfunction (ED).
John's wort, horny goat weed, l-arginine, Siberian ginseng, oat straw extract, sodium bicarbonate and niacin. Sure, it contains all the markers of a quality supplement—yohimbe bark and l-arginine are its key ingredients—but the issue here is the quality of its ingredients. Yohimbe use is linked to an increased risk of hallucinations and panic attacks, and should not be used by men with a history of panic attacks, schizophrenia or depression.
Elexia isn't a bad product—it does contain effective ingredients such as yohimbe bark and l-arginine—but there's simply not enough in their formula. Stamina Rx when it first came out was the most popular Viagra alternative I had ever seen, and sure enough with one year there was: Stamina RXL, Stamina Pro, Super Stamina Plus, Stamina Max, Staminex - there where like 20 of them, and they where all dog shit compared to the original Stamina Rx.
A company called Nutraphase, out of Ontario, Canada is the brain trust behind this "me too" product.
But they believe the true key to reproductive health isn't the use of pharmaceutical drugs--they believe using all-natural ingredients helps ensure efficacy and safety.
Barrenwort may help reduce ED because researchers believe it's chemically similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. According to a couple of national studies, velvet bean increased dopamine production, one of the main factors that increases sexual function.
Panax ginseng and l-arginine are known to cause a variety of side effects, and cause worsen blood pressure and asthma.
L-arginine can cause lung inflammation and can worsen asthma due to its effects on the lungs. Although many of Provigro's ingredients are beneficial for men with ED, its not completely free of side effects.
Tenaga XX credits most of its efficacy to tonkgkat ali, a patented extract that may promote testosterone production--a key component of libido, or a man's sex drive. According to a study conducted by National Product Communications (NPC), tongkat ali increased plasma testosterone in male rats, which indirectly improved their sexual performance. Tenaga XX has been shown to increase testosterone levels, and may be a suitable treatment for poor sexual function. For example, Korean red ginseng has been clinically shown to improve erectile function--according to a study conducted by Sao Paulo University, it facilitated more frequent erections in male participants. They have been traditionally used as aphrodisiacs, but they have not been shown to improve sexual function by any studies.
Korean red ginseng can cause some blood pressure irregularities, nosebleeds, nausea, stomach upset and mild insomnia. There is evidence Triverex can improve erectile function, but none of these ingredients have been shown to increase penis length or girth.
The sprinkling of sexual innuendos in each Enzyte commercial alludes to its biggest supposed benefit—its ability to increase penis length and girth. Both ginkgo biloba and Korean ginseng increase blood flow to the penis, making it easier to get an erection. Although increased libido may strengthen the hardness of an erection, which may increase length, this isn't a permanent fix. They call me the Hedge Hog, I’m not handsome, I’m heavy and yet I can basically fuck whoever I want – just because I have a giant penis. The advancements this company has made, the strength of their pill has changed the landscape for all other pills on the market.
Prior to this invention his claim to fame was he has been the personal doctor for Hef – Hugh Hefner for over 30 years.
I can tell you from personal experience this pill will change your life – just like it has changed my life and the life of many of my friends. Everyone in the adult business in Europe was talking about it – and for good reason – this stuff is top notch! I have received countless review sheets from not only men – but industry executives and storeowners were saying something is going on with 528, and my own personal experience with 528 has been great. The formula also consists of such compounds as DHEA, Long Pepper, Long Jack, Cnidium Monnier and Yohimbe. They are known to have sales around the holidays and other times throughout the year and the price dips – but expect to pay about $50 a bottle. I mean it was just a few years ago that Penatropin topped our list as the #1 pill but nothing can compare to SizeGenix. It’s like … take some Vaso Ultra – fuck, bust a nut, fuck again, bust another nut, fuck again, bust another nut and fuck again. The superior grade ingredients coupled with their delivery system activates transporters necessary to deliver these compounds into your penis chambers for the results most men will like.
Most pills are priced around $39 - $49 for a one-month supply, so $69.95 is on the steep side of things. I first heard about it about five years ago when a few new guys to the biz were using it in an orgy movie and said it worked great keeping them hard. According to a similar study conducted on lab rats, consumption of water laced with l-arginine increased penile hardness by up to 148%, with an increase in nitric oxide levels by 100%.
Overuse of l-arginine—which won't happen if you use ArginMax as directed—may also cause cramping, nausea or stomach discomfort. The marketing company is based in Santa Monica, California and they have actually put together a pretty good formula.
Normally they are great at making big promises and claims, but spend very little time, money or effort on the actual product development.
Avena Sativa and Saw Palmetto are herbs that help target the penis for growth, while Ginko Biloba also aids in circulation and Vitamin E helps increase sperm production. It also supposedly revs up the male libido, making it easier to get erections without needing pharmaceutical drugs or supplements.
According to a 2002 study reported in the Journal of European Urology, patients who took l-arginine and yohimbe noticed a significant decrease in erectile difficulty, enabling them to maintain an erection without needing additional stimulation. It may have some unwanted side effects, however, including insomnia, abnormal heart rate and skin flushing. If you have a panic or mental disorder, you shouldn't take Elexia either because of an increased risk of hallucinogenic side effects.
The 90 capsule bottles cost $54.99, which is a little pricey, for a product that contains 350mg of L-Arginine and then very small amounts of herbs. They recommend using their supplement every day to naturally improve erectile rigidity and function.
According to the Journal of Urology, barrenwort also inhibited PDE-5, which sildenafil also inhibits. It also may improve erectile function, although this hasn't been proven in any scientific studies.
Panax ginseng can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches, nosebleeds, sudden or rapid changes in blood pressure and insomnia.
Both l-arginine and panax ginseng can cause serious complications, which can affect people on antidepressants or who suffer from asthma. Although they hesitate to say what it specifically treats, they emphasize it is a extremely effective supplement for treating all types of sexual problems. It can also weaken the immune system, and should not be used by men with weak immune systems, diabetes, or who are taking immunosuppressant drugs. But Tenaga XX is not completely safe--tongkat ali can cause numerous health issues, especially for people with a weakened immune system.
A 2002 study published in the New York Academy of Sciences also shows it contains significant aphrodisiac qualities, and may increase libido levels. Scientists recently discovered epimedium contains a natural compound called icariin, which is chemically similar to sildenafil, the active compound found in Viagra. Many researchers also believe supplements cannot increase penis length--this can only be achieved through surgery or jelquing techniques. Korean ginseng also increase nitric oxide levels, having a positive effect on the pleasure centers in the brain. Almost every advertisement claims 3 inch gains only because they want to grab your attention. A lot of you have average sized dicks and you hear about dick pills and figure why not try them, or check them out, what's the harm? I don't see how any other company or any other product is going to beat SizeGenix for many, many years to come. I'm getting more compliments about my cock than I was getting when I was making 15 movies a week! If you read my "Six Secrets" you know that whether you take SizeGenix or any of the other pills I have recommended you should take them with a glass of grapefruit juice since it increase the absorption – trust me it works!
Confidence not just in the bedroom when you're fucking broads, but also in your daily life.
It is well designed and it’s very impressive the way it pumps your penis up, and makes it harder. Long Pepper is pretty interesting and I am seeing it more and more in some of the better products.

With it’s ‘A- grade’, it has always hovered near the top of our Worlds Best Penis Pills list. There are several studies out of a university in Australia that first put this natural ingredient on the map as a beneficial sexual compound, and it has proven to be legitimate.
Other top products can make and sell their pills for like $20 less a bottle – so I’m sure these guys could too. In fact it was the biggest scam of all time at one point.  But, that was way back in the day when it was owned and operated by a guy who is now sitting in federal prison for a $250 million dollar credit card fraud he ran on Enzytecustomers. A stronger, longer-lasting erection, which stays erect even without additional physical stimulation. Normally these marketing companies just toss together a bunch of herbs from India or China that are reported to boost libido that are big on folklore and small on effectiveness. Pycnogenol is an extract of French Maritime Pine trees, and there exists a body of solid scientific research that indicates it can boost your immune system. Sears has several good products and provides excellent health advice for men through his writings. The ratios and amounts of these ingredients are too low to rank Extendacal in the upper echelon. Further studies also show both ingredients, when used together, increase nitric oxide production leading into the penis, quickening the time between flaccidity and full erection. Yohimbe may also increase the risk for high blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, dizziness, skin flushing, and in severe instances, seizures and renal failure. But this formula can produce minor results for some men if taken over long periods of time. Overall, Elexia is pretty average compared to other male enhancement supplements, earning it a C.
The L--Arginine is a good choice, but the supporting herbs are in such small mg amounts that you will not be too excited about the results this product will provide. This suggests it may be a viable treatment for ED, although it's not as effective as sildenafil. Although efficacy is important in a male enhancement supplement, so is safety--and Provigro doesn't score well in this area. People with diabetes, a weakened immune system or who suffer from anxiety disorders should seek medical advice before considering this supplement to avoid further complications. Triverex works by using a triple-action formula that targets the three most common parts of male sexuality, called mood, blood flow and stamina. Triverex isn't completely ineffective, but it probably won't work the way it's intended to.
With over 10 million boxes sold worldwide, it's hard to argue the popularity of this all-natural male enhancement product.
Hypothetically, this should improve sexual satisfaction and libido, making sex more pleasurable.
You see the ugly shithead with the hot chock and you wonder what he has – the answer is he has a BIG DICK.
I know which pills are over-rated, what a good pill should do, what to look for in a lab report and how to "stack" pills to get the best results. My "Top 5 Pills" listed here on my website are all good, all from different companies all slightly different in their formulations and the way they approach penis enhancement, but none of them are in the same league as SizeGenix.
This intelligently engineered product works better than any other product in the world right now other than SizeGenix.
At one time a few years back in 2011 & 2012 there where actually rumors that it must be secretly laced with some drug because it almost worked so well. What it does is it increases the circulation to the smallest capillaries and veins in your body, like the tiny little ones at the end of your penis. Remember, like I tell guys all the time – don’t think of how much these pills cost, (unless it’s a real financial hardship for you – if it is skip them) think of what it will do to your penis. In fact, I’m pretty sure when Arnold was talking about “the pump” he wasn’t talking about lifting weights.
I think they spend too much money on their marketing and fancy videos and pass that cost along to the consumer. It won’t make you bigger, but it will give you a boner in less than 30 minutes – not bad for $3.
The sensitivity of tissue in your penis chambers makes it easier to manipulate the size of your penis with strong compounds.
It is not as nearly as effective as either Arginine or butea superba, but I think it definitely has a role to play in improving erectile function in some men by facilitating smoother blood flow.
Cnidium monnier was first introduced in the United States in Stamina Rx, the 100 million selling Viagra alternative that you see at just about every gas station and 7-11 in the country. New research has now revealed that it also improves blood flow and circulation, which can lead to improved erectile function.
It definitely has the ability to help you increase the size of your penis, but probably not as dramatically as you would like.
Its most unique ingredient is Lepidium, a hearty rooty plant that grows in the high Andean plateau of Peru. Both cosmos caudatus and safflower have not been tested for its sexual efficacy, and are not considered effective sexual aids by any reputable health or medical organization.
The doctors making the dick pills for the second most famous dick in the world created this product. Men were getting so big, so much faster compared to other leading products that there was speculation some sort of “steroid” or other chemical was in the pills. There is a study on Long Pepper that shows its ability to increase circulation even when a body part is frozen in ice.
You could get hammered on all the booze you want there – but get arrested if you had a Red Bull. The hard part is figuring out how to get good ingredients to the penis past the stomach, and what the best combination of ingredients is to make your dick unstoppable! Specifically, Tribulus Terrestris yielding 80% saponins, 500mg of L-Citruline which helps with blood flow and a strong 100:1 extract of Long Jack.
In human studies, Prelox has been shown to be effective and the fact that this product is endorsed by Dr.
The 5-ingredient formula is a little bland and light of key compounds - with only 25mg of Arginine, 100mg Maca, and 100mg Horny Goat Weed. Produced by Futurebiotics, a well-respected company with a history of using quality ingredients. The company names is a little suspect but their claims and advertising was very straight forward and honest.
Moyad believes this is the most effective way to treat sexual dysfunction naturally, although many physicians debate this isn't a factual assessment.
I know what works and what doesn’t – so checkout my ratings and find out what penis enlargement pills work and what sucks. As you may have gathered from the name of the product – Butea Superba is their main ingredient. At the time, 528 represented the latest technology and at one point was the number one sex pill in the world, so there are always “rumors” about the product at the top of the mountain. So the idea with penis pills is to increase blood flow – which it seems to do especially when compared to Ginkgo Biloba, the ingredient of choice for improved circulation for over ten years in the male enhancement industry. Also, they don’t work that well if you have been drinking alcohol – so take them in the morning. Say you get three months of 528 for about $150 – that’s a nice dinner with a hot chick – not too big a deal in the grand scheme of things.
You won't find any bogus claims made by this company, just a good product that might do the trick for you. The formula also has 50mg of Long Jack (their other product Vigorexin has 100mg), Tribulus Terrestris. Lou Ignaro, a 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and huge proponent of L-Arginine supplementation, is a strong endorsement. I still like the fact that he focuses on some of the key compounds and doesn't put unnecessary fillers in his formula. So when I say something is shit or something is fucking awesome - you can take it to the bank. But the point is – this doctor is not some clown herbalist or some regular doctor – this guy is the "man" next to the "man!" He is the "Guru" of the industry.
But unlike SizeGenix they do not have the patented technology to process the ingredient and as a result they can not make their pill as strong. But it’s an excellent product I enjoyed using and saw great results – bigger, harder, and just felt better. The product earns a spot on my list as one of the five-best sexual supplements on the market. So are celebrities like singers, rappers, and TONS of pro athletes take this stuff because they know they it will make them last longer and their cock bigger. What I'm saying is they use the best grade ingredients and they have a way of getting it into your system so it bypasses your large intestine and hits your penis area – where it can do the most work. We have sent them to the lab on three different occasions and it always passes the test with flying colors. The rest of the formula includes Arginine AKG, maca root, avena sativa, grape seed extract and 45mg of niacin. This shit is so strong it's almost like you are taking it intravenously – that's how strong it is. It can help revitalize sexual responsiveness, promote vitality and desire, as well as protect and support circulatory health. So profound are the effects of Nitric Oxide on increasing blood flow and the diameter of blood vessels, prestigious Science Magazine named Nitric Oxide as its Molecule of the Year. So a bottle could last one month or might only last 15 days depending upon how much you take.
This is all good stuff with Butea Superba being backed by published clinical trials for its effectiveness. The suggested serving size is two capsules a day with 60 capsules in the bottle.Viagen XL claims to be able to increase your size, intensify your orgasms and enhance your performance – and it does live up to all three of these claims. I don’t know if it helped him more, I think this guy was just extreme about everything and was trying to get a fast reputation as a gonzo fuck machine.

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