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LOVE and loss, family ties and secret passions are explored in Eithne Farry’s pick of the month’s best literary fiction. In this post, I am going to talk about the top ten books that stayed lodged in my brains – either for the wonderful writing, or the world-building, or the plotting.
Oryx and Crake – Margaret Atwood hits a double whammy on my top ten list with this book. Solo by William Boyd – At the time I read the book, I rated it a tad harshly for the cliched ending, without giving enough credit for the excellent writing, and taut plotting of the first three-quarters of the book. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King was my reading pick for Halloween and I thoroughly enjoyed it rating it even higher than Under the Dome that I read in March. And ending this post, with a heartfelt thank you for a great 2014, and wishing you all a great 2015 filled with Love, laughter, and happiness. Voracious reader, vegetarian foodie, mostly armchair traveler, and frequent online shopper.
A great selection of books on your Top 10 and I have Washington Square on my TBR for 2015 so good to see it featured here.
Hello!Welcome to this little space on the nets where I ramble about all things books, the places I go to, the food I eat, and the things I shop. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. HERE are five more treats for literary fiction fans, as our writer chooses the month’s best books. Information for these popular literary fiction books is included as well, such as the author's name and the book's publication date.
His world then falls apart and is remade in the harsh environs of the newly colonised Canadian Prairies.In the English section of the story, Harry marries, has a child and is happy enough, but a theatre visit sets him on the path to disaster. Crooked Heart is set during the Second World War with 10-year-old orphan, misfit and intellectual Noel shipped off to St Albans and placed under the care of unscrupulous chancer Vee.
She is about to go up to university when she meets fellow aspiring author Nancy and their friendship forms the backbone of the novel.We follow them to Oxford where a chance encounter with a famous critic leads Freya to a job in journalism.
I just don’t know where it flew by and now I have to answer tough questions such as which were the best books of the year, the best posts, and all that jazz.
I think in general I tend to be picky when I know a book is an award-winner, or something like that. Again, I had some issues with the book, but I liked it overall, and I can’t wait to tackle the remaining two books in the series. I re-read this book recently after reading The Blood Telegram, which briefly talks about the genocide in Biafra. Frankly, Stephen King is always good, but I think his earlier books are better than what comes out nowadays. I love to talk about all these passions (and other things happening in my life) in this blog.

I liked it very much, totally addictive, but I never felt like I wanted to continue the series. The setting is a magical little island adrift in the Mediterranean where three generations of story-loving Espositos run the local bar, the crumbling House at the Edge of Night. This list includes the best literary fiction novels, textbooks, and stories, so use it to find books you haven't already read and add them to your reading list. But these books stayed in my mind for a long time, and I find that I appreciate them a lot more after some little time has passed. I remembered that Solo was also loosely based on that genocide, and when I read the book again, I appreciated how Boyd has used the book to highlight that episode. Either I should choose review copies with more discretion, or I like books more when I read according to my mood.
There are several here that I consider favorites, and there are many I have on my own TBR for the new year. When danger appears in the unlikely shape of middle-aged Samuel, Yasmin dreams obsessively of rescuing Alice from peril. This list should answer the questions, "What are the best literary fiction books?" and "What are the most famous literary fiction books?" Note that some books on this list might be currently out of print, but you can purchase most of these notable literary fiction titles on Amazon with just one click. Technically, it should fit into the literary fiction category, but since I was unwilling to remove any book from that list, I just slotted this one here. So does Jeannie when she becomes involved, politically and romantically, with unreliable firebrand Lee, who’s an agitator in the anti-draft movement.
His father James strives to cultivate apple trees in the inhospitable ground but as far as his terrifying alcoholic mother Sadie is concerned, the trees are good for nothing but cider and applejack.But what catastrophe drove Robert to run away aged nine and flee to the furthest reaches of the country?
As we leap 15 years into the future, we learn that Robert has led an itinerant life that included a spell behind bars. The fluid in our inner ear is an inheritance from our primeval ancestors, whose balance organs were simply tubes open to seawater. However, while her characters live and breathe on the page, they never quite got under my skin. Chevalier might wear her research a little more lightly as I learned more about seeds, seedlings and trees than I ever needed to know.
With Julia is Julian, who cycled in a mad panic to meet her after falling head over heels in love with the woman of his dreams. Clever George Clare and his beautiful wife Catherine move into a creepy foreclosed farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Summer weather turns the small American town of Macedonia, West Virginia into a hothouse and the perfect setting for the revelation of long-held dangerous secrets and rousing of repressed passions.At the heart of this Depression-era tale are the eccentric, charming Romeyns, once a prominent local family but now down on their luck.
There are frequent trips along arteries into the literature, history and art of the human body as well as into Francis’s Edinburgh surgery and his medical training. The Thames has frozen, it is snowing in the Middle East and an iceberg is approaching Scotland.

Rita recalls her days as a high-class prostitute over many a glass of sweet sherry while managing to keep a weather eye on Annetta whose history is lost to Alzheimer’s.
The novel centres on bohemian Londoner Dylan who moves to Clachan Fells, a Scottish caravan park, for a new start. There he meets Constance, a furniture restorer, and her transgender daughter Stella.Although he is in mourning for his recently deceased mother and grandmother, Dylan falls for Constance. Twelve-year-old Stella spends her time worrying about puberty, what it means to be born a girl in a boy’s body and being a pre-teen during an environmental catastrophe. Jenni Fagan’s follow-up to her award-winning The Panopticon may be seen by some as a case of the difficult second novel. Vanessa’s chief carer was her Italian grandmother but on her death, Vanessa was sent to school in England. However, teenage servant Jane Fairchild is an orphan so she seizes her chance to visit a nearby house, Upleigh, for an illicit tryst with Paul Sheringham. These secret meetings have been taking place for years despite Paul and Jane being abundantly aware of the gulf in social status that divides them. Her family’s copious diaries and letters have provided her with the wherewithal for this book, which is never less than bracing in its honesty. Mothering Sunday is a captivating study of a bygone age and gives voice to the victims of a hidebound class system.
Newly released from a 10-year prison sentence for an initially unspecified crime, Tara sticks a pin in a map and moves to Workington in Cumbria. Given a new, mousy identity as Sarah Scott, this university educated woman takes a factory job where her solitariness raises suspicion and antagonises fellow workers.However, she is a source of fascination to elderly neighbour Nancy Armstrong and a strange, uneven friendship develops. As a long-time admirer of the recently deceased Margaret Forster, I am sad not to give this posthumously published novel a more ringing endorsement.
She quickly finds herself at the centre of bitter town rivalries which are further sharpened by war as the women compete to demonstrate their patriotism and old and new values clash.
This is PG Wodehouse and Mapp And Lucia territory, sending up hypocrisy and snobbery with a cast of indulged nephews and even an eccentric Aunt Agatha, a stock character of early 20th-century comic novels.
Simonson’s control of tone is remarkable as she manages to confront serious issues with a gentle satire that never becomes mordant or facetious. It is a remarkable portrait of post-war British society, the changing role of women and the barriers faced by female writers.

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