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Whether you are prepping for the zombie apocalypse or the aftermath of a hurricane, self-defense is an important aspect of surviving any disaster.  Everyone has their preference as to what qualifies as the best survival weapon. Though handguns and shotguns are also to be considered, a rifle will give you the most versatility for handling a variety of post-disaster needs from hunting to perimeter security.  However, the options and varieties when it comes to choosing a survival rifle are nearly endless and even the most avid shooters and preppers struggle to choose a favorite. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own personal preferences and needs, as there is no such thing as the perfect survival rifle. In addition to its sheer stopping power, the rifle classic employs a classic walnut and stainless steel design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical for battling against corrosion in rough weather.  The rifle starts at about $650, a reasonable price to pay for a rifle that’s guaranteed to put food on the table and stop enemies in their tracks when the going gets rough. The selections above were chosen for their popularity, versatility, affordability, and ability to be handled by shooters of all levels.  The choice comes down to you, but in the end the best survival rifle is the one you have with you, the one you have ammo for, and the one you’re trained to shoot effectively. This entry was posted in Survival and tagged caliber, carbine, disaster, enemy, need, one, power, rifles, self-defense, shooting, SHTF, stockpile, survival, territory, top 6, yourself by Cody Griffin. The rifle's caliber conversion and takedown procedure both look pretty quick and easy from what DefenseReview (DR) observed at SHOT Show 2011 and in various videos that have been posted on YouTube.
One of the most interesting aspects of the the Nemesis Vanquish rifle's design is the nifty bipod swivel mount that allows you to mount the gun just about anywhere and everywhere, including to walls while standing, since you can swivel the bipod completely to the side. On a side note, the Nemesis Arms booth was conveniently located right next to the Harpoint Equipment (formerly Personal Protective Systems, or "P2 Systems) booth, of whom DR is a big fan.
Marine Scout Snipers tested this weapon at the High Altitude Shooting Course in Hawthorne, NV and were able to hold 3 inch groups at 600 yards and 6.5 inch groups at 905 yards. I own one of these and hands down one of the best rifles I have ever shot…and I have shot quite a few.
So you've put together a survival kit, you probably have a knife, a fire kit, a first aid kit, and other necessities you may need to survive. The M6 survival rifle is no longer in production, but they do surface on the used market every now and then.
Air Force pilots generally just carry a side arm nowadays, with the advent of GPS and location devices such as EPIRBs, ELT's, and PLB's a survival rifle has become somewhat obsolete from a military perspective. A manual bolt hold-open lever is located on the right side, forward of the trigger guard, the hold-open also functions automatically when the last round is ejected.
A folding stock can be added to take an additional 12 inches or so off the total length, but make sure to always check local, state, and federal laws before shortening any firearm to make sure you are in compliance. Stock High-density polymer, black matte finish, thumbhole design, butt stock storage compartment, sling swivel studs and sling.

Stock: High-density polymer, black matte finish, thumbhole design, butt stock storage compartment, sling swivel studs and sling. Sights on the new rifle are identical to the earlier version--a nice, flat-faced steel bead front and a step adjustable "U" notch rear.
Conclusion: While you may not need a survival rifle to survive, like any tool, if a situation arises where you need it, you'll wish you had it. The Gun Nook: Guns, Gun shops, Gun Shows, Auctions, Reviews, Articles, FFL Dealers, and more. History has proven the rifle to be the best all-purpose firearm to face a variety of combat and self-defense scenarios. Below we will feature a handful of rifles that are commonly considered to be among the best all-purpose firearms to have on hand when SHTF. M1 Carbine – Though it hasn’t seen active duty in combat since Vietnam, the M1 Carbine was for years considered to be one of the best combat rifles in the world.  Designed as a more compact and lightweighted version of the M1 Garand, a WWII infantry staple, the M1 Carbine was an incredibly versatile rifle that had high effect and tremendous accuracy, especially at mid-range. From there you can customize and accessorize your Ruger to suit your specific survival needs.
Marlin 1985 GS – If you want a compact rifle with big stopping power that will take down nearly any type of game in any kind of whether, look no further than the lever-action Marlin 1985 GS.  Despite the appearance of a menacing big-game hunter, which is indeed, the 1985 GS only measures 37-inches overall and weighs just 7-pounds. The weapon is center-balanced at the magwell, so you can mount the rifle on a level flat surface with the bipod flipped up.
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These are truly beautiful little guns, and Taurus hand-fits each butt-stock and receiver for a nice "handcrafted" fit.
The added weight out front is perhaps only a couple ounces, but it does feel a bit steadier shooting offhand. Open and unload the action, turn out the take-down screw about a turn and a half, and then slide the barrel from the receiver. Of course with all the highly customizable rifles and add-on's available, you could put your own together, just be sure to check on your area's gun laws first.
The photos were shot with a Canon PowerShot S90 10-megapixel digital camera (still camera with video capability). Nemesis directed human affairs in such a way as to maintain equilibrium, with one hand on a sword and the other stabilizing the wheel of life.

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I think the design is awesome, I think the modularity is excellent and the value is good for the product. The take-down screw is of the 1894 pattern, with a nice wire bail to give a little additional leverage. When reinstalling, be sure to rock the barrel slightly and feel the take-down screw into its seat before tightening. Now set the rifle upright, press the stock release button, squeeze the bipod and swivel it back, hit the stock release pin to callapse the stock and you've now collapsed the remaing part of your rifle. Through her lessons, those who had wronged learned the errors of their ways and those that had been wronged could find divine retribution. The rifle is barely recognizable from Bill rifles, and it had to be as the original design required over 40 significant modifications including a new lower, new upper, new well just about everything before it would reliably do that which you seem to think has something to with lawyers. Fact is, a small, lightweight rifle could be just what you need in a wilderness survival situation. Once you break it down and collapse it, you shove the rifle in the specially-made handy-dandy backpack or briefcase, and off you go, lickety-split.
Whether it's for hunting game for food or personal protection, a good survival rifle can save time, effort, and maybe your life. DR will try to find out if any Vanquish rifles are currently being utilized by military operators downrange. The main features that make a great survival rifle are: small size, lightweight, reliability, and portability. No one wants to lug around a heavy, bulky monstrosity that gets in the way and won't fit in their pack.
I've compiled information on several survival rifles, from excellent sources, so you can see all the different options and choose the one that's right for you.

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