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IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! My dream for lever guns is for Ruger to buy the Marlin name and start making the entire line in blue and stainless with round and octogon barrels. I've heard stories of how some shooters used lever actions in the local 100 yard HP match when the rifle club was new. Working the lever in Prone Rapid and reloading ain't easy by my guess, so picture a Winchester Model 94 combined with an Eliseo R5 or T2K. I absolutely love my hot 10mm loads form my custom G20L with it's 6" barrel and have chrono'd very close to 1,600fps out of my G20L with a 165grn Speer Gold Dot bullet and my 'nuclear' handload. However, I also know that a light-for-diameter bullet like a 155grn doesn't do well at distances usually associated with leverguns because of their low ballistic coefficient (a HP version has a BC of 0.138) which causes the bullet to rapidly lose velocity and energy in flight.
The two charts above show that the heavier, smaller diameter 357mag bullet retains considerably more velocity, drops less, retains higher energy, and has less drift at all ranges than the 10mm bullet because of it's better BC. The 1873 Competition Rifle was created to provide competition shooters with a higher level of performance in a lever-action package. This is a Winchester 1873 replica, incorporating several features thatA make it competition-ready right out of the box. The 20-inch octagonal barrel allows for greater maneuverability and yetA still provides the accuracy that is required in fast-action competition.A A shotgun-style buttstock provides for quick shouldering and a gold front sight bead aids in quick target acquisition.

The fit, feel and finish of the 1873 Competition Rifle is similar to the old west models, but with improvements that make the gun stronger and easier to handle. Benelii USA Brands Offered in Realtree MAX-5 Camo Stoegera€™s Reliable Double Defense Side-by-Side Shotgun Now in Synthetic Thrifty Vac Vacuum Sealer Natural Alternatives for Common Meds after SHTF Howa with Zeiss Scopes Package Rifles Now at Legacy Sports International Making a Living on the Doomstead Precision Rifle Podcast 018 – DIY SHOT Feedback Fighting Load Contest Entry #4 Don in East Texas What’s Killing You? For the past year or two, with an NM A2, carbine, Garand, or M70 Target, I usually win by 20 points, so as a semi-serious joke, the guys think of ways to handicap me, and the comeback of a lever action was mentioned.
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women; For they believed the superiority of the shotgun. I also understand that the lighter weight 10mm bullets can be pushed very fast out of a 16" rifle barrel.
An action job slicks up the trigger and shortens the levera€™s stroke for accurate andA rapid fire duties. These features provide modern advances and variations that make the 1873 Competition Rifle one of the best lever-action rifles on the market today. THE RIFLE IS MISSING THE FORESTOCK BAND AND THE BUTTPLATE IS MISSING A SCREW AND IS NOT THE CORRECT ONE. If I were already reloading 10mm I'd probably have a different opinion, but even then for a single carbine owner or an "ideal" lever gun - definitely not my choice.
It is unlikely that anyone will ever make one because it is, as you mention, a niche of a niche.

THE GUN SEEMS TO FUNCTION LIKE IT SHOULD BUT NEEDS SOME SLIGHT BIT OF TLC TO BE A GOOD HUNTER. Jacketed Hollow Point = 2298 fps Sure, and you get a lot more from .30-06 but the point is that 10mm can make substantial velocity gains from a rifle barrel. Unfortunately, it is a rimless cartridge, which makes less adaptable to a lever action design.
Certainly not a typical auto pistol cartridge. You had a point until you threw in the rifle cartridge. Let's just compare a 155 gr bullet from a 16" barrel to a 158 gr bullet from a 16" barrel: Federal 158 gr. I believe you are incorrect in the assertion that there is a profound difference in the external ballistic capabilities of the two cartridges.

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