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I have an Amazon store that I update weekly, full of the latest and greatest high-quality ebooks, from trusted authors and publishers. Here are my top picks this week. But the be sure to check out my amazon store for the others.
So I’m asking that you download this freebie and submit a review if you find this information to be useful. I freaking love my Kindle, but these days I probably do more reading on my iPhone 4 than I do on my Kindle. Thanks for the shout out to get the book for free right now and I will write a review on it very soon man. Yeah, I thought you were busy Steve, but you’ve not missed much on my site so don’t worry about it Great series you are currently doing on Kindle publishing Steve and I really enjoyed your eBook too by the way!
In addition to the top 10, Amazon recently announced that the Kindle Paperwhite is now available in South African retail stores, and will be demoed at the Cape Town International Book Fair from 13-15 June 2014.
Having attracted hundreds of local and global exhibitors, the event has become Sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest Book Fair with attendance including publishers, authors, exhibitors, speakers, book associations, book distributors, book stores, electronic book traders, libraries, literary agents, printers, repro agents, bibliophiles and the general public, and publishers.

Kindle Paperwhite will be available for attendees to sample; authors can also acquire information on how they can get their materials on Amazon. NewsletterWould you like to receive the latest African technology news and analysis delivered to your e-mail inbox every morning?
This week I have updated my free ebooks store on Amazon, with over 50 FREE ebooks for Kindle.
If you think you might be interested, I’d recommend grabbing it now, because the promotion can end at any time.
The price is subject to change whenever, and many of the promotions only last for a day or 2, so it’s easy to miss. I actually have a nonfiction ebook ideas Kindle book in the works, too, but mine will take a different approach. I’ve been selling some pretty useful books on my own website and have helped dozens of people.
The top ten best-selling books takes into account Kindle editions purchased by South African customers between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014.

Experts will also be at the exhibition stand assisting all those visiting the event and Kindle devices will be available for purchase. Also, if you’d like more info on how to find your own free books, you can see my post, 5 ways to Find Frugal Books. When I see one announced, it reminds me to check, so instead of going straight to the free stuff, I just go to the Kindle store, literature and fiction, then religious fiction, and the sort the results, lowest price to highest – then the free ones rise to the top!
I think that creating a nonfiction ebook idea is the easiest way for someone to create their first infoproduct.
All books were $0.00 when added, but the price is subject to change, so please double check before purchasing.

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