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The Russian language has a word for light blue and a word for dark or navy blue, but no word for a run-of-the-mill generic shade of blue. But David Bellos argues that translating sentences, not to mention books, is inherently complex. So when translators are tasked with converting "blue" from English to Russian, they're forced to choose a specific shade.
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And my big argument all the way through the book is no, no a€” a translation has to be like.
You know, time has passed and the mere fact of saying it a second time makes it not like saying it the first time.

You also have to accept that languages are all the same in that anything you can say in one language can be said in any other. So I think it's this ideology a€” not very explicit, not reformulated, but [a] quite powerful idea a€” that unless a translation is the same as the original, then it's no good. The output of any automatic translation device needs to be read and corrected by somebody who commands that language completely, because you can often see easily where the mistake is, or you can tell whether it's garbage or not. My experience is not directly commensurable with yours, and yet, for us to get on and to be human and to be in a society, we have to also make the assumption that in another dimension, we're all the same.
Google Translate has many perfectly sensible and viable uses, and it's a most impressive intellectual and technical achievement. Google itself wouldn't think of using Google Translate to produce its publicity literature in the languages in which it sells its services. It uses human translators to do that." On the flexibility of languages "Every human language can fulfill all the needs that its users want to make of it.

And if it really needs a word to articulate the wrist and distinguish the hand from the arm, well, they'll jolly well invent one so as to do so. And if they haven't invented one, it's because actually their [are] sort of other ways around it, because life is a very flexible thing. It may make it easier to talk about the world in some particular ways, but if you really need to make a distinction, well, you invent a word.

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